Why Jason Mraz Doesn’t Twitter

updated fans on his Freshness Factor Five Thousand blog, talking about why he lets his tour Joyologist Tricia handle the his Twitter updates (@jason_mraz). The singer songwriter tells readers:

I simply don’t use my phone or computer enough to have the steam for sending texts and comments into the great unknown. However, I understand the technology and it’s potential for sharing great ideas and humor, and would rather use this medium to share with you some of the things she shares with us, such as the affirmations and the quotes of the day. Not to mention, she’s an insider on the tour with all access. She gives each one of us a hug before we take the stage. She feeds us the world’s healthiest eats. She keeps our fats heads from floating away amidst all the hype. She leads us in pre-show yoga (also known as show-ga). And above all she brings positive vibe and joy to all instead of allowing the road to stick it’s dirty dick into anyone’s attitude.

Besides, if it were I twittering, I would have only twat this:
Farts are like snowflakes. Each one is so uniquely adored. They make you want to just throw your head back and hope one lands on your tongue.

Check out the entire post here.

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