Why Jason Mraz Isn’t A Twitter User

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Jason Mraz’s latest blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) features the singer songwriter fielding questions from fans, including one asking why he doesn’t post his own Twitter (@jason_mraz) updates. Jason responded:

Two main reasons for not twittering myself are A) I’m a blogger and B) I don’t have a personal relationship with a handheld device.

But I do choose to use Twitter as a powerful medium to inspire people and connect, just as I do with music. Tricia Huffman, our resident Joyologist (Yoga Instructor, Raw Food Chef, Life Support, Etc) is at my side every step of the tour. I ask her to post affirmations, thought provoking questions, and clever insights. She is NOT pretending to be me. She is however, the ultimate tour insider and we are all grateful for her commitment to this circus and her fondness for Tweets. Without her, we may not have a Twitter account at all. Take this answer for example. 140 characters just don’t fit into my realm of typing.

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8 thoughts on “Why Jason Mraz Isn’t A Twitter User

  1. Anne Pham says:

    hey dude.
    I’ve had this crazy idea for I dunno.. It all came to me in a dream and momentary sparks through the spiritual process. I was estatic when I first came up with it and I put it aside as the awakenings were coming into effect. But, I believe I know what I want and need to do. =) All of it sounds all a bit over the moon. But I dunno I’m not fussy at all of the outcome. success after all is the effort not the outcome. =)
    Hair dressing and a cafe theatre restaurant all in one complex. salon upstairs promoting relaxation, self awareness, self love and self assertiveness. exfoliating, making sure all pivical points (ends of the body) are nurished (nails cut down to the skin, folicules are combed out) the basics of releasing tension and giving way to strengthening centre of gravity. down stairs a cafe theatre restaurant. on the walls displaying artwork from anyone who wants a shot. different panels and walls, diferent kinds focussing on different aspects of the human emotional soul. (a reflection of life) Music and comedy acts from anyone who wants to take part. auditions etc pre-arranged and organised. meh.. maybe not. =P depending on the profanity of the acts I suppose. Anyway! the food, seasonal. changing menus for all seasons of the year and the food it self will be trademarks around the world. promoting healthy eatting but also moderation.
    My main objective however is. not this. =) ok. keep up ay.
    once the place is set and a turnover is made, the money obtained is used to help other establishments on their ventures. To the point where the will be enough cash flow to eventually get shares in recycling companies and small manufacturing companies. Invention seminars will be attended and investments will be made on eco friendly products. once the manufacturing company shares are sufficient enough. There will be enough power to shutdown production on unneccessary commodities. having shares and a say in recycling plants will allow progress in construction, intention, and promotion.
    I thought about it inclusive of everything else. We see everything clearly right? Karma… the circle of life. The reason why the meat industry is so large is mainly from materialism. and the fear that people have thinking that it’s the things that they have or the position that they are in that justifies their importance to the world. Flesh on display. It’s just their karma… putting out things and causing grief to others via ignorance…for self gain. it’s sad…but that’s just the facts really. So I dunnoz… I came up with this because I wanna do everything I always wanted to do and goes with my true values and belief system. Promoting and helping finance other people who have passion and desire. Wanting to do what they love. The money? lol I don’t want money. I want globalisation. I wanna be able to one day close down coke. lol sounds so outragious I know. But hey! It doesn’t matter and it doesn’t bother me with I won’t be able to mortally live 3-4 life times to see this succeed. lol =) It’s as simple as where my heart is. =) I would like to have an endless amount of cash flow to do this one thing for the world. lol And all of this? it’s just stepping stones to my ultimate goal lol Call me ridiculous but here it is. I want an endless amount of capital so that I can travel around the world. going to communities and identifying problematic issues that face their soul’s progressing. I wouldn’t go searching for people to fund it or anything. I’d just invest my own towards it without making a fuss and a specticule. No mediocracy. I dunno.. very challenging. But I’d need a group of people who has all the foundations. And here’s where it’s crazy. If you exist. there must be others just like us around. =) ridiculous I know. But I dunno. it’d be amazing. Well!!! that’s what I gathered from my dreams and intuition.
    Money is a commodity. But it has great meaning and power to it. What it can do. what it can’t. what it does to people with or without it. negative and positive. I always believed that you can give a fool a million dollars and it will be of no use. But if you give them the will. Then you have done something priceless.
    if you stop learning, you stop growing. When you stop, all you end up doing is expanding. there are people who grow and there are people who just change. I wanna nurish growth. I understand how important it is for a balance of black and white. but I duno… I can’t help but feel sad when I see a white car…The person has chosen ignorance and has stopped growing… hmmz… I know that it entails the mentality to do good. obey rules etc… but under the white is just red… ignorant power… hmmm… reminds me of the saying “you can only go so far on bullsh**” very hard to get through to these people… all you can do is watch on and wait until they fall…and hope for the best that they find it within themselves to pick themselves up again and accept it all and harness growth… =)

    Anyway! I really wanted to share this with you. =)
    btw.. keep doing what you do ay. oh! something that will help you out. Tropic thunder. Grossman. The character itself is a Sage. =) Sounds funny. But! watch it very carefully. Showing love and progressing people also entails tough love too. =) because you know where they are stuck at in oposed to the lessons in life. I’m slowly getting the knack of it aswell. “how to release the brakes and shift their perceptions another way”. lol Philosophy… just using different metaphors to create the same meaning.

    Keep it up friend!!!

  2. Anne Pham says:

    oh oh! and about the restaurant cafe idea. dancing during later periods of the evening. the complex in itself is an open space. outdoor, indoors arthitecture. Ok! enough of this. lol doesn’t matter what ever happens in the future really. =) I’m just happy. Simply living is wonderful. The domino’s effect will occur anyway through doing whatever we do “rolemodeling”. =) without planning or putting any thought. =) it’s like the what’s in the mug question I skimmed over. Curiousity triggers thoughts. =) And? You didn’t plan it.

    ok! best be off. HI 5!

  3. Anne Pham says:


  4. Anne Pham says:

    That’s simple. Love =)

  5. Anne Pham says:

    Hey dude,

    how long has it been that you’ve been having throat problems? Since the awakenings started happening? Say? a year and a half??? Just about? Remember when I said that you have a lot of blue in you and me, orange?
    This is what I’ve figured. These were our prodominent original colours. But since this period, I haven’t been menstrating. Not what so ever when I read that you’ve been having throat problems.. Hmmz… When we went through all the colour transformations. We strengthened the other chakras. But our original ones we lost track of. Hmmz…Right now, you are able to do the orange. But lack the Blue. Me? Vis versa.
    The orange: sacral chakra.. relates to self respect. The ability to give ourselves the freedom to be ourselves and to respect our own boundaries and requirements and by the same token, having respect for the boundaries of others. colour of creativity and having the space and time to be creative. Just for our selves.
    Yours: blue, throat chakra. relates to self expression, speech, communication, the ability to communicate our needs and requirements. spirtit of truth and purpose. Hmmmz… Hence the blogging. You’re trying to figure out a way to releave yourself as am I. Very challenging ay? lol I’m in close proximities of all things I’m souly against… such a strain… and you’re constantly surrounded by people who you are unable to speak of what you really mean.
    I’m doing blue and you’re doing orange atm. lol
    I really can’t help but laugh.
    Lol now I get it… God is cheeky. The unconditional love brought by you will help me with relationships spleen chakra. and you being able to communicate yourself and be understood by me. lmao… the self-expression…
    This is indeed a trip and a half…what in the world…
    Here’s a reading for your part. hope it helps. =)
    Self expression: since true creativity is the expression of your ability to make real something which starts off as an idea- and therefore something rater nebulous- creative dreaming at this level of awarenes truly opens up all sorts of creative possibilities. Once of the biggest lessons to be learned is the ability to integrate the inner self with the demands of the external world, and to be able to communicate what one is ware of on the inside with what is appropriate o the outside.
    Many creative people have difficulty in translating what they perceive inwardly inot something tangible, yet through creative dreaming the process of translation can be refined and honed. Almost everybody has experienced the frustration which occurs when our creation is not as beautiful or as clear as it seemed to be at first. with dreaming lucidly and with full awareness, you will be aware not just of how to put it right, but also of how to experiment with your perception of it.
    …During the day, you might like to remind yourself that you will give your creative self its own expression or find new ways to do so. before you go to sleep, your affirmation might be something like “tonight I will dream lucidly in order to release my creativity”. the result may be that your dreaming self, which usually remembers dreams, may not be aware of any change, whilst in the waking world opportunities come to light which are highly creative in their outcome. ou have given yourself permission to succeed. =)

    I’m really wondering how you are going… Me? I’m still optimistic. But I really do not know for how long… I’m beginning to doubt myself. Are you alright there dude? Hmm all I know is, this all happened for a reason. Honestly? my true self believes there is more to it. Please do come and get me when you’re ready. I dunno what else really.

    But let’s keep doing the best we can. =)


  6. Anne Pham says:

    about the colours of that cup. yellow, red and blue. powerful wisdom in harmony. =) cool bananas

  7. Anne Pham says:

    I’ve been thinking so much. You can tell by my messages really that I’ve been on the fence. sceptical and hypocritical. hmm… I wanna share with you what I’m thinking. After all, you might really be the only other person alive who could ever get me. Well, to my knowledge.

    I’ve been going on and on trying to piece all of this up. I still do not know what on earth I’m meant to do. I do not know what all this is about and frankly? I have no clue why on earth I got your message and what on earth is happening. But I’ve come to a conclusion. One that may or may not be the wisest choice but the only one that stands solid… to me.
    All of this… the knowing. the circle of life. This planet has the same life force regardless of whatever happens. We will continue going through this cycle again and again and again, morphing from one creature, plant living organ to another. when one extincts. one fear is irradicated and another living creation will then appear. Another fear or… evolution. humans only use 10% of our brain. how much longer do you reckon it will take for us to evolve in order to use 100% of it? or will we? consider the movie wall-e for instance. all the life form re established itself once again as plant life. the ships capacity of humans never changed regarless of how many generations it continued to exist with the same amount. hmmm…you are what you eat. being a vegan. you’ll end up a plant. being a sage or a monk in a monestry, you’ll probably end up a reptile of some kind. or a crustasion of some sort. each animal depicts a certain strength and weakness as the same as fears and characteristics of a persons innate desires. hmmm pigs are on display on shelves. showing off flesh. but they organsm for 30 minutes. sexual fears? intimacy? self respect? and cows. they have four stomaches. materialism. greed? power? hmmmz…
    Our creator a.k.a God created all of this in his image. You know as well as I do that the one thing that got us here was lonliness. Knowing that we are born alone, die alone and everything is momentary. We know the theory. But the practice part. I bet you’re having trouble trying to figure it out as well. As much as we know that there is no right or wrong as such. Just what is good for us and we are able to do anything we want so as long as we want it. Not letting life happen to us, but making life happen for us… And it’s obvious I can’t seem to look at meat in the same regard. I can’t look at anything the same ever again. And as hard as I try to avoid so many things. the more boundaries I seem to be making. Eventually all I was doing all over again was looking for a right and a wrong. Justifying ways of doing things and not to. Making sure that whatever I do, it’s done properly. But isn’t that just silly? Isn’t that just living in idealism once again? And why? because we want to be close to God? because as alone as we both know we are, there’s still that part of us that just wants to be with our creator? lol and I couldn’t help but get so mad at myself… Crying my eyes out and physically whithering away…in total distress. What’s the point when it all goes around and around and around? What then is the point of us knowing any of this? We would of been happier not knowing… =) And then it hit me… As alone as we are. God is the most lonliest soul there is… He may be the strongest. But you and I know there are multiple forms of strength. If we all have an innate fear of lonliness then so does he. And the only reason why evolution is neccessary and why such a number of people are able to evolve to this state is due to purpose only. For him to be close to us as we draw closer to him. Although we know how logical it all is that love is all around us. The beauty of life it self and the wonders it holds upon this earth. People are animals. But they are also plants aswell. =) So devouring either one is still just doing the same thing. And this is where I couldn’t help but laugh. I used the Lion King to break it down. The circle of life. Giving thanks through acknowledgement of it all. Because what worse affect are we causing by taking supplements? really? the production of plastic and packaging. The amounts of resources to combine together in order to formulate a capsule or powder? Then… aren’t we not thankful for what is created before us? Are we just ungrateful then to what is? Living in the Now?
    hmmm… I’m going to stop the second guessing. stop the figuring it out. stop the whole trying to do what would please him. Because no matter what as our creator. like a mother or father. the only thing that would make him happy. really!? is just to see us happy. No parent want us miserable. No family doesn’t go on about its way without arguments and fights either. And no matter what all of us. 6 billion or so of us are in the same boat all together. regardless of anything.
    Jason… YOu do what ever you want ok? You’re really the only person I know I can share any of this with and I thank him for the fact that I was able to find you. =) And I’m glad I could share my thoughts with you. Very very glad.
    I’m just going to fcuk it to hell lol and just go with whatevers. Because whatevers makes me happy. He gave me this ability to see all for what it is. And I’m forever grateful. And I believe that he did it so that I can finally do it all. I can fight for my happiness. I can build my house now that I have these foundations. There is no right or wrong anymore in my mind. There is just Now. And I cried so much not knowing how on earth to go about it all. I’ve always been able to give unconditionally…even without the love for myself. It hurt greatly and God gave me this gift so that no matter what happens now. I can see everyones intentions. everyone’s struggles to assertively weave myself around. without just bearing on hope… I always had a sense of people around me. and Although I knew that they had bad intensions. I always submitted…smiled and allowed them to do whatever they wanted. as as long as I can forfill their happiness. smiling…in patience on that one hope that they might see me for me and acknowledge that I am too a human being. And they should know better…it’s like the saying treat others the way you would like to be treated… =) As much as I hoped…that was never the case. But I still smiled. Although my heart was tearing apart from the inside…and slowly but surely it all nearly fell apart and I was dangling from a piece of thread. =)
    God wants me to be happy. When you mentioned procastination I really laughed hard and for some reason couldn’t help but cry.. Because I found another similarity. Yours maybe completely different. But mine? I can’t ever do with make do. I want it all. If I were in love, I want the whole works. companionship not dependency via a fear. just the desire of companionship alone. not based on anything else but that. After all of this? lol I see before me…such primitive beings…it’s not to say I do not appreciate and value and love everyone. But this knowingness… made me even sadder just knowing and bearing witness that I no longer connect to anyone around me. I can no longer speak to anyone anymore. I can no longer express myself and release all of this anymore…just dumbing yourself down. and hey! I do enjoy and appreciate it too. I trully do. I’m apart of helping others progress in life by nurturing their qualities with love and support. and guidance whenever requested. it’s funny. all my life I’ve always said “I live to serve” cracks me up now. =) because that’s exactly it.. But as to my happiness? … my own selfish thing I want so badly… that everyone seems to have so easily and not appreciate. The simple romantic love…
    I was molested frequently during grade one and grade two. by the end of grade two I suffered psychosis and my grandmother thought I was possessed by the devil and I was sent to Sunday school afterwards. I always knew that this world was mystical and that there was just one creator. from a very young age I already came to terms with religion and believed that extremists were just transforming sheer progressive resources into a commodity. I didn’t know why or how I knew. I just knew. =)
    My dad was a herion addict for over a decade or so… I don’t know where he is atm either. And although I have forgiven him for all that’s occured.. =) I just hope he is able to forgive himself one day and I’m just patient awaiting his call. =)
    I’ve been homeless quite a number of times. I’ve moved around victoria like a gypsy you could say. hmmm let’s see. I’ve moved around 25 so times thus far. But there’s one thing I must say that has never changed. I adapt well with change. I’ve never been scared of the dark before. I have a frequent habit of venturing out during the night no matter what time it is. and I have no fear. not what so ever. =) I love dancing. when I hit a club. The moment I’m there and take the floor. I quite literally go into a bubble of some kind and nothing exists around me but sure bliss. =) Its obvious that others are all so self conscience of themselves that they forget what its all about. I’ve always loved that part of me most. I don’t care one bit of whats going around me. because I’m just having a blast.
    friend… I’m really happy that you exist and I’m glad I can get side tracked and just gibber about anything and everything. without any concern what so ever. =)

    Anyway! do whatever makes you happy hey Jason. =) Although I trully do hope that one day we do bump into one another and I will be able to give you a HI 5 =) but hey! fish gotta swim. birds gotta fly.

    it’s true that you have to go through all different colours in a combination of all shades as well as different shades of grey. I also have a collection of different kinds of hats. but also a collection of different kinds of bags and all the colours of the rainbow when it comes to clothes. =) And I know that you did the same thing. You also went through all the colours too I’m sure. Before I do let you get on with it. I wanna bring a churpy smile to your face.
    “Anne calmly walks directly to Jason and gently taps him on the shoulder and waits for him to turn around to face her. She looks at him in the eyes with a fully extended smile. And with a giggle she says, “Boo!””
    there’s an analogy for ya. =)

    Cheers buddy boo hahahahaha tis life. tis now. tis it. tis mine. =)

  8. Anne Pham says:

    Hey babe,

    I believe I have a break through. =) I’m so estatic I’d like to share it with you.
    Don’t search for an appropriate outlet to progress the world. Just do what we are best at. Whatever the situation is before you. Take a step back, out of the game and focus. =)
    Your strength are your lyrics right? well!!! use it dude.
    I mean. Ok… dah! you’re a song writing/ singer. But what I mean is.. you wanna hit base on the animal cruelty and bring about difference right? processed food. silly bad habits. =) Use your video clips to promote them. Even promote that the proceeds from shows or album sales will go towards certain projects you do believe in. And demonstrate by actually taking part. =) I know… you get me. Just believe. You know that simple exercise of closing your eyes and crossing your arms against your chest and just falling backwards. And someone behind you catches you? Jazzy, =P express yourself ay? YOur way. Stuff the compromise. Because everyone progresses around us through our likes and dislikes. our personalities. our behavioural patterns. When you’re angry. Be angry. sad, be sad. Happy, be happy. ok? rolemodeling isn’t a job. it’s a lifestyle. We are in a flesh. Hmmmz… like the movies I suggested. =) Their exactly like “I’m Yours” just in a different medium… hmmm… So what if the world doesn’t get what it means ay. =) But it doesn’t mean that just because that was your honest and ernest message to the world. You have now passed that stage. Funny enough. So have I and I only realised that awhile ago. =)
    Dude. You can do this. Man!!! We are pushing against a tide atm. =) Just go by you. YOu know the questions that come your way? Just keep on answering them. Because this? what it’s all about? It’s effortless. =) Just by living our lives. =) We have it all.

    =) I have my plan ready. And that is??? lol to just be me in whatever situation stands before me. lol sounds so simple. man… so silly. But you and I both know… that’s why this world is like this and progression is so slow. The world is making it complicated… so complicated that the truth is barely reachable and obtainable. =) But!!! There are many of us who are very close.. but once I hit the last stage. Although I was very very honored. I guess being human. I couldn’t help but feel alone…more alone then ever.
    ahahahhahha! but that’s before I found you!!! Buddy, let’s rock this earth. =D
    oh! And Jason, don’t hesitate to find me ok!? You are not alone. I believe if anything. Time will tell when it’s the right time.

    =D ok!!! “If the world was my canvas, I would paint the world with my fingertips, in all colours of the rainbow” This was something I wrote a few years ago. =) I didn’t know why. But lol now I do.


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