Why Lindsay Lohan’s Assistant Tarin Graham Quit

The New York Daily News hears from a source that Tarin Graham quit as Lindsay Lohan’s assistant on Monday, leading to a disputed car chase followed by the 21-year-old’s DUI arrest, because “she couldn’t deal with Lindsay going out every night” and “Lindsay was flirting too much with Tarin’s boyfriend.” As for Lohan’s denials, a friend of the actress/singer said, “Lindsay’s not doing well. She’s facing some major denial. She’s still blaming other people.” Read more.

Lindsay’s Mom Not Happy With Rob Schneider’s ‘Tonight Show’ Impersonation

Lindsay Lohan’s mother Dina released the following statement exclusively to ‘Access Hollywood’: “We have a great respect for Jay Leno, but we are disappointed in the path he chose to allow a guest to make light of a very serious situation concerning Lindsay. Thank you to Craig Ferguson for not making a mockery of such a serious situation to which teens and young adults are facing across the country.”

Lindsay Lohan’s Little Sister Speaks Out

Lindsay Lohan’s sister Ali contacted 24/Sizzler’s David Caplan, lashing out at her father Michael’s frequent television appearances and claims. “He just wants everybody in the world knowing that he was a great dad,” Ali said. “He wasn’t, that is all a lie.” The 13-year-old added, “I just want my sister to stick through this okay, and my mother and brothers and I are there for my sister 100%, and have always been. I’ve wanted to say this for so long and get this out there and let everyone know that our family is like a normal family, but of course we are put under a microscope because of Lindsay’s fame. Lindsay will be fine she is just going through a rough time right now, but she will be fine.”

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