Why, Lynne Spears, Why?

Contributed Anonymously:

Hi, I am a fan. If all you fans don’t know this, Lynne confirmed on Britney’s official website about how the paparazzi is depicting a “trashy” image on Britney. As I was reading it, it was making me think, do you seriously have to go this far Lynne to make excuses for your daughter? She’s pretty much lying about the things that we already seen from pictures and such. For instance, like when she said that the doctor recommended her to wear Uggs or whatever for her knee, but because it was so hot to wear those Britney walked bare footed. Um, okay, if she wants to walk around bare footed, fine, but is it just common sense to just slip on some sandals or something when going to a public restroom of all places? I like to walk around barefooted too when it’s hot, but not in public restrooms, that’s just not sanitary. And it seems kind of ironic that Lynne is making excuses about her knee when it comes to health issues, yet she doesn’t seem to care that Britney walks around in high heeled shoes just fine, and walks bare footed in a public restroom.

This is a little upsetting, seriously. I mean, if Lynne wants to cover up her daughter’s mistakes, fine, but c’mon, she should talk to Brit about how she’s depicted as being trashy and such and tell her to be more careful about her appearance with paparazzi instead of lying to us fans about her actions and trying to cover them up by putting all the blame on the paparazzi. It’s not the paparazzo’s fault that people see her as being trashy, it’s Britney’s actions, and obviously she doesn’t seem to be shocked or have a bit of concern in how people see her as “trashy”. So it’s Britney that Lynne should talk to, not her fans.

She can confirm that Britney’s not trashy all she wants, but if Britney doesn’t do anything about her appearance and actions out in the public, then… what’s the point? I don’t think anybody seriously believes she’s “trashy”, it’s just how she represents herself is why people perceive her that way. So Lynne needs to stop with the excuses, and not even talk about this subject to us fans. We have the right to think what we want when it comes to Britney, confirming her actions and lying and making excuses is not going to change our minds and our opinions. She needs to accept the fact that her daughter doesn’t seem to care that much about her appearance and her actions. She seriously needs to talk to her about that and encourage her to care more about her image in the public eye.

Until then, if Britney still wants to walk barefooted in a bathroom, or walk barefooted in dog poop even, or wear skirts that sag down to her knees, and paparazzi takes pictures of that, then anybody, fan or not, will still perceive her as being “trashy”. That simple, how you depict yourself is how people will think of you for the time being, if Lynne cares that much than she needs to talk to Britney and let her decide to be a grown woman for once and do what’s right for herself.

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