Why Madonna Is NOT The Queen Of Reinvention

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I’ve noticed Madonna has been given the title “Queen of reinvention” by various media, celebs and fans. And although I will admit to liking a few songs of hers, She does NOT deserve this title anymore. The only thing that has always been original about her is her style, I’ll give her that. But, as far as music and dancing goes…please. When will Madge’s fans realize that she is fooling them? Madonna took credit for the vogue moves in her video for “Vogue”, but of course she ripped this off from the gay scene New York. She also samples music. In her latest single “Sorry” (not 2 sure if any of you have heard of it in the U.S. seeing as it gets ZERO airplay here) she samples the Jackson 5’s “Can You feel it”. And in her latest video, she even admitted that she stole the moves from the underground scene in LA, but now “wants to make it (the dance moves) her own”. Here is what Madonna does when she want to “reinvent” herself:

1) Look to the past for inspiration. Like watching “Saturday Night Fever” and making a video just like the movie. Wow, that has never been done before. 2)Hop onto a current trend or 3) Copy whatever is going on in the underground scene and claim it as her own.

Madonna has tricked the public into believing that she is original, esp. when it comes to using sex. She claims that she was “forcing” America to accept sex. She basically was cramming “Sex” down people’s throats with “Erotica” and “The Sex Book”. Come on, how is behaving like a tramp empowering? So now, she has decided to stop acting like a tramp (but still dresses like one) by settling down in merry ole England w/ the hubby and the kids. And people call that a reinvention? No, that is called being a responsible and mature Adult.

The Queen of Reinvention is not Madonna, but Cher, which is a woman who is much more deserving of the title. So basically when it comes to originality, Madonna is a NEVER WAS.

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6 thoughts on “Why Madonna Is NOT The Queen Of Reinvention

  1. texassoftballchick says:

    Actually, Mooriah is the queen of reinvention! Mooriah got her start as a cute chick with an average voice. She started screwing this record company CEO, married and suddenly became this huge star. She got so big that she dumped him. Now, Mooriah has reinvented herself as a psychotic fat loser with a lust for donuts and pizza. Too bad her dog can’t buy her airplay. You did hit on one good point. Madonna is a responsible and mature adult. Mooriah is not. Neither is Cher.

  2. hookedonmimi says:

    Madonna has been known to take things that were underground, pushing them up, and making them mainstream. She has NEVER claimed to be the originator of Vogueing, Electronic Music, etc. But it’s fascinating how she can take a little known craze such as Vogueing and push it to the mainstream. By the way, Sorry has received almost ZERO airplay in the U.S., but please don’t hold that against Madonna or the radio audience; it’s a couple people from ClearChannel that decide what people will hear.

  3. CELEBR8 says:

    WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Most of Mariahs #1’s used the ENTIRE beat to past hits! (Fantasy, Honey, Loverboy, Heartbreaker) but you’re gonna criticize Madonna for a SAMPLE? Is art not inspiration? Is being inspired by something or someone wrong? And how is wearing a leotard dressing like a tramp? It’s not like she is running around in a bra & panties, all she is really showing is LEG. I respect Cher and all but whether Madonna likes it or not, she IS the Queen of Re-Invention. Trying to explain to my nephew that the same woman on the Madonna album cover & the woman on the ROL or Music or AL album cover was no easy task. By the way, he was 11 when he heard Die another Day and has been a fan since. I have had NO influence on him due to the fact he lives in another state and it was during a visit he asked about her other CD’s. So when they say Madonna doesn’t connect with the younger generation, they are wrong. PS. @ 11 yrs old, my nephew LOVED the American Life album & he is NOT gay.

  4. MusicTodayBlows says:

    I take Cher any day over the Corpse. Now that’s a talented woman who can sing AND act. And she had her biggest selling song ever with “Believe” at 52 years old. Madonna how ever is 47 and hasn’t had a hit in years. And yes, Madonna is NOT the queen of re-invention. She’s been doing this horrible Euro disco/electronica crap since 1998 and she does rip off dances and claims them as her own. Vogueing came from the gay scene. Her crotch grabbing during the Blonde Ambition tour was a straight Michael Jackson rip-off. And this Krump dance is a ripoff of the LA underground scene. That’s not original, just copying.

  5. KAustin says:

    How lame can you get, Madonna is called Queen of Reinvention because she never stays the same, she continues to explore new things. She finds things that are underground and brings them mainstream with her own twist to it. She never claimed to invent “Vogue” or anything else she clearly stated where she picked it up and paid tribute to it. That is not ripping anyone off. You Madonna bashers are idiots. Do you think Mariah has ever done anything but copy everyone else in the business or feed off there popularity to boost her sales? No one in the entertainment industry is original, they all are inspired by the past. And the past found there inspiration the same way Madonna has, from the underground. At least Madonna makes it her own by adding to it. And she never claimed that she invented what your trashing her for, she has always been up front with where she found a style or a move. Something you can not say for the other 99% in the business.

  6. estephania says:

    There is a huge difference between being a sexually liberated woman and being a tramp. I respect Madonna’s former in your face sexuality because she owned her sexuality. She was a strong, confident, in control woman that was not afraid to say that she enjoys sex and was not afraid of being naked. One thing I really hate is how North Americans are such prudes when it comes to sex and sexuality. Being naked is considered taboo and yet, that’s how we entered this world. Sex is a great thing and all women should embrace it, not be ashamed of it or afraid of it. It’s “Human nature”. On the other hand, some artists don’t own their sexuality, they simply try to use it to be sexy and sell albums, an image etc. Britney and Christina are two good examples of that, although Xtina seems to have cleaned up a bit lately. Mariah is another one, she’s so obviously insecure that her attempts at being sexy such make her look like a tramp. there is a difference folks.

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