Why Madonna Will Never Have A Number One Hit Again

Contributed anonymously:

Last week, Madonna’s latest single “Sorry” from her “Confessions on a Dance Floor” CD was officially released. Bad news for those waiting for it to hit #1: the single tanked on the Billboard charts. In a time when the Billboard charts — the ONLY charts that matter — are dominated by the likes of younger and fresher acts like Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Kanye West and Gwen Stefani, it would be very difficult for a figure from the 80s like Madonna to compete. Add to that the sheer dislike of the music-consuming public with anything related to one of the most irksome, tiresome and boring dinosaurs of the music industry. Radio hasn’t been playing — and will not likely play — “Sorry,” as it had refused to play anything by Madonna for the last five years. The younger generation, who knows nothing of her past glories (if ever there were such “glories”!), is definitely not interested in her or in any of her material, as evidenced by her lack of sales once the 00s started. Loyal fans have been patting themselves at the back with Madonna’s “success” at the so-called World Charts (which remains an UN-credible source –where did it come from anyway and what is its basis?), and with her little successes in Europe and the Third World, where she remains big (as all American has-beens are). Truth is, though, that these loyal fans are also secretly praying for her 13th #1 in Billboard, though outside they hypocritically sour-grape Billboard. They too know that only Billboard matters. But, sorry, there will never be a 13th #1. Everyone has had it with The Corpse.

Madonna’s Pimped Ride

February 21, 2006 – Madonna was the featured guest this week on the British version of MTV’s ‘Pimp My Ride’. Madonna’s Volkswagon van was transformed into a disco themed fun ride. The van was later used in Madonna’s latest video ‘Sorry’. To watch the show please visit and download at Madonna-TV.com.

Hung Up On Madonna

February 19, 2006 – Madonna is currently celebrating her 14th week on top of the World Charts with her disco-inspired song ‘Hung Up.’ The only track to better this feat is Cher’s ‘Believe’ with 15 weeks at #1.

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3 thoughts on “Why Madonna Will Never Have A Number One Hit Again

  1. Joey says:

    …and she just had her 13th #1 hit! So show how much your ass knows doesn’t it…

  2. DiBBS says:

    Gee! I wonder why “Hung Up” and “4 Minutes hit the top of the charts then.

  3. Fluffy says:

    This is just typed up by some jumped-up dick-head! It’s obvious that the author doesn’t like Madonna.

    His facts are TOTALLY WRONG – The reason why America wont play her songs is NOT because of the crap that this author typed, the truth is because Madonna stood up for herself in American Life – Madonna was making a statement and because her statements were true and way too close to the American so-called dream…..

    Anyway, the person who typed this article up is just some stupid prick that knows nothing about facts and truth

    Madonna is the biggest selling female artist of all time

    So a message the other of this….

    Please get your facts right before spouting sh** that you know nothing about……

    what a dick eh! LOL

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