Why Mariah Carey Is Better Than Whitney Houston

Contributed by monarc20:

To prove why Mariah is a better artist….

1. Who has more influence on today’s artists?
Mariah Carey wins. Mariah has been said by many artists, including Kelly Clarkson, Destiny’s Child star Beyonce Knowles, and Christina Aguilera, which you can see Mariah’s singing is more influential shown through other artists singing.

Mariah’s hip/hop has set the stage for other artists like Beyonce / J.Lo / Christina and anyone else who does the “singer/rapper” songs…because Mariah started it with “ODB on fantasy”, which started it all

She is one of the first to ever do a remix…which by the way was a success when she did it 11 years ago with her hit ‘Dreamlover’. Look it up. It says that that song was one of the first, and she was the first female artist to do a remix. So her making remixes is more influential.

2. Who has sold more albums?
Mariah definitely wins again. She has sold more than 160 million albums world wide. In albums and singles if not more. Although Whitney’s album which was a soundtrack ‘Bodyguard’ is one of the biggest selling albums. Mariah has had 2 big selling albums, which are ‘Music Box’ selling over 28 million worldwide and ‘Daydream’ selling over 25 million world wide. Now that is incredible to have 2 albums that big of selling, not to mention Mariah’s Christmas album is one of the best selling albums ever as well! Selling over 14 million albums worldwide. Umm and I’m sure Whitney Houston’s new Christmas album hasn’t sold past 500k….

3. Who has better vocals range?
Definitely not Whitney. Mariah’s voice is more versatile

4. Who is more involved with their music?
Definitely Mariah wins again. She writes/produces all her songs and music, as well as directing her videos! She is more involved with her music, from the beginning process of writing until the very ending process of how the video of the singles are to be. Mariah is just more involved. And does this BETTER

5. More number 1 singles?
Mariah! Yup she’s had 15! Number one singles, not sure how many Whitney has but definitely not more than 12.

6. Longer #1 hit singles?
Mariah! ‘One Sweet Day’ holds the record for 16 incredible consecutive weeks, and has surpassed the Beatles with 70 weeks altogether at number 1 for her songs! Most incredible. Her first 5 singles all went to #1 consecutively. (record)

7. Better international artist?
Definitely Mariah! In Japan 3 out of the 5 best selling albums belong to Mariah. Yup heard that right 3 out of 5 she is the best selling international artist in Australia as well. She has had countless number of #1 hit singles in many countries world wide. The people of China have recently voted her their favorite international female artist. Mariah is featured on the cover of the latest edition of the Chinese magazine, Crazy English Reader. The readers of the publication participated in an online poll, which asked who the best international diva was.

77% of the readers voted Mariah as their favorite diva. Whitney Houston and Celine Dion only received 23% combined.
She is just an all around better and more successful international artist.

8. Mariah wins…she is just a better artist.

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120 thoughts on “Why Mariah Carey Is Better Than Whitney Houston

  1. Thomas/ London/ UK says:

    WOW! Finally an article who gives MARIAH the credit she truly deserves. She is the “better” artist when it comes to all-round talent. I even put her in the same category as Prince in terms of influence of recording and producing music. Even when Mariah’s career will be over or she decides to step away from promoting herself as an artist, she has the ability to produce and write for others (just like Prince, George Michael, Cathy Dennis, Michael Jackson do)
    I love all the 3 most important divas of my generation: Mariah, Whitney and Celine.

    Mariah: singer, songwriter, producer, live performer, philanthropic networker, business woman (perfumes); underestimates her incredible song-writing and producing skills (her core competencies), incredible vocal organ and range, ability (and slight obsession) to please everyone, creative approach to big productions.
    Focuses too much on commercial aspect of work, sometimes guilty of plagiarism of her own work

    Whitney: singer, stage/ live performer, actress, D.I.V.A.
    Incredible thrust of voice, great range, great warmth, creative approach to vocal deliverance and arrangements of limited material, incredible stage presence, stamina;
    Lack of creativity in material and musical styles, afraid to say that her future in music might be over (unless she bedazzles us once more with her incredible warmth and glamor on her eagerly expected come-back album which seems to get postponed until further notice)

    Celine: singer, stage/ live performer, business woman (perfumes) focuses on her core competencies very well; not very versatile though, a bit too MOR and adult contemporary (tries to change her image and great last album “Taking Chances”)
    Has had an incredible career and her stamina and endurance is breathtaking! She is probably considered the most classy of the 3 ladies but also the most boring in terms of personality and gossip fun factor, lol

  2. Whitneyalltheway says:

    You got to be kidding, MARIAH no way, more versatile, the mark of a true singer is interpretation, have you ever heard Mariah sing live with someone and blow the roof off, never, WHITNEY can sing the yellow pages and it would sound great (quoted from Michael Jackson), her interpretation skills are the best in the game, her voice is like an angels harp, not one that squeaks and needs tuning, she has total phenomenal vocal control better that anyone, she is the greatest technical singer (quoted from Mary J, she is the eight wonder of the world (quoted by Patti, no one sings like Whitney (quoted by Natalie Cole), 411 awards a Guinness world record for the most awarded artist ever of which 23 AMA the most by a female artist Whitney and Mariah are tied for the longest running single get it right. Mariah 11 albums sold a total combined of 190 million, Whitney’s 7 albums sold over 150, come on Mariah better never, do your home work people, then talk.

  3. TheVoice says:

    Whitney Houston is in a league all of her own. Perhaps Mariah is involved with a lot of writing and producing and that’s great…but she CAN NOT sing nearly as good as Whitney. That high screeching annoying talent so many folks like to remind us of means nothing. Whitney’s voice used to send chills down your spine—check out so many of her live performances on YOUTUBE. She is truly the best female vocalist of my time. Mariah was actually a huge fan of Whitney’s—are you kidding? So, while her career may have generated more sales and money (not sure, don’t know the numbers), her voice and talent have never surpassed that of THE VOICE. Mariah is simply grateful to even be compared or to be placed in the same league with such a true vocalist. Needless to say, neither artist can do much vocally now. While I love Whitney and pray for a successful comeback, I, being a long time fan, has heard new tracks and seen recent year pitiful performances and unfortunately, the magic in her voice is no longer there for me. Her voice was like silk during her peak…now it’s raspy and harsh—and she can no longer hold those awesome/amazing notes and me tremble when she sings. But best wishes to them both.

  4. agustinus panurian says:

    Whitney is a legend … Mariah is following legend … both are great!!! I love them … both are GIFT!!! no doubt!!!

  5. Mariahh!!! says:

    Mariah has 18 number 1 hits. Whitney only has 13. Mariah is more successful which should be proof enough. On MTV’s greatest top greatest voices, Whitney was #3, Mariah was #1. Do your research people. Whitney lowest note was A2 highest C6…. pathetic. Mariah’s was G2 highest G#7. She has a better and lower vocal range. Whitney’s voice is overrated due tonger quick vibrato which, anyone with vocal teaching backgrounds, would know is a vocal no no. She has the gospel jaw which is something singers learn to cheat a diaphragmatic vibrato (Mariah). The gospel jaw is basically the same as shaking your head rapidly to produce a vibrato-LIKE sound, except it’s your jaw moving, not head. Mariah owns one of the two hardest songs to sing. Emotions and Without You. Mariah also appeals to a larger range of ages due to her incredible versatility. Her collaborations live with singers like Brian Mcknight, Boys ll Men and Stevie Wonder have reported to have given goosebumps to the entire world. As you can see I’m mainly focusing on vocals rather than success because we all know Mariah is way more successful. She has vocally proven to have a better voice for her versatility and yes, RANGE. Whitney fans have to stop living in a dream where Whitney is better because she’s not. However, I’m not denying her talent. Whitney has proven to have one of best voices ever as well, however it is less to Marian’s. Now check your FACTS because FACTS produce FACTS and in this case, the facts prove to be in Ms. Carey’s favor.

  6. abdul latif b abd jalil says:

    The best is not base on total album sales. But the quality. Of course, no doubt Whitney is the best in terms of quality and total album sales. Whitney only have 7 albums, Mariah 15 but total album sales worldwide for both artist is almost the same. So that it shows that Whitney is consistent not Mariah. Whitney is original but Mariah copy her voice actually. Whitney 1st album already reach 31 million worldwide, 2 album reach 24 million and the 4 album (bodyguard already reach 43 million). No other female artist has ever reach that highest point except Whitney. Their best is who can reach the highest point and consistent. Mariah seem every year produce one alum, so that it shows that she really want to be known as the biggest selling album, where ares Whitney only produce 1 album every 3-4 years. That is the legend and real diva. Not Mariah. the voice and recording only done when somebody who expert in computer help the recording. Whitney never use computer but her true voice, vocal natural, and never copy other artist, is her real technique.

  7. kenhi says:

    Mariah is nowhere near Whitney as far as vocally or artistically. Mariah has a nice voice, but has not stood the test of time. Every album since her second album, has the same sound. No versatility anywhere for Mariah, ever heard her try to sing a jazz tune, not even an attempt. Whitney is a vocal powerhouse, or I should say was.

  8. René says:

    Duh! Are you deaf!
    Whitney is so much better than Mariah! Better voice, better looking and Whitney has class!!!!
    Whitney’s getting all the attention these days; bye bye Mariah!

  9. Lawrence says:

    Let me clarify something here to whitneyalltheway. First off Mariah Carey has sold 225 million records and released 12 albums. So that is just about every album of hers sold 20 million copies. Now Whitney Houston has sold 140 million records worldwide and released 7 albums worldwide. So in theory there success is kinda the same. Cause she sold about 20 million copies per CD as well. The difference is though that Whitney’s career has not felt the backlash of the internet like Mariah’s has. Mariah’s albums “Glitter, Charmbracelet, TEOM, and E=MC2 were all released in the new millennium. and in the new era people stopped buying albums and just started illegally downloading them off the internet. Whitney has not released an album in the new millennium (as far as I know lol). So if you take off those albums and the sales from them then Mariah Carey has sold about 190-200 million records worldwide and released 8 albums. Which is subsequently different. So I just thought that I would clear that up. Well see how Whitney does with her new album in 2009, all you Whitney fans will see that regardless how much you love your idol, people are still gonna illegally download the music instead of paying the $10-$15 per cd. Cause that is obviously too much money to pay. (goofs)

  10. kay. says:

    Although I love each of these “divas” I have got to say that Mariah is my favorite. She gives you Pop, Gospel, Urban, RnB, Dance etc and although her voice may have deteriorated and changed over 20 YEARS she can still sing. She has reportedly sold 200M albums according to her record label which is clearly inflated! I would say around 170M-175M albums worldwide. And about 45M-55M singles worldwide. Which gives a total ranging from 215M-230M which is staggering. She has a 5 octave vocal range and she has preceded all the critics and has proven herself to be a legendary artist, influencing thousands of others. I’m not undermining Whitney or Celine, they are both amazing in their own right. I actually really like Celine, her powerful voice is amazing. Whitney, has been through troubles but in her prime, I’m sorry but I don’t think anyone alive could match her vocals. They were so powerful and gospel. However, Mariah wins it for me. Always has and always will.

  11. Karen says:

    You all have to realize, these women are getting older. Yes Whitney smoked cigarettes and what ever else, Mariah (as far as I know did not), and you can see that Mariah’s voice has changed just as much as Whitney’s. She can’t hit those high notes like she use to, she sounds raspy out of breath, and voice is low. Whitney also sounds raspy and breathless, but she can put on a stronger performance than Mariah. And lets not forget the sales, because Mariah shows half her A@@ to sell her records. I know who can bring it to the stage Whitney no doubt. She connects to the audience, she sweats and feels everything. Mariah so busy trying to be cute and keep her dress from rising, and can hardly walk in her heals, she can barely give a good performance. (She sounds good on cd) Whitney is close to 50 and Mariah a little younger. Mariah can’t touch Whitney, she never could. There voices have changed, I don’t expect Whitney or Mariah to sound like they did when they were 25 come on. The point is they are both singing and making music for us to enjoy. We need to embrace it …

  12. ry ry says:

    Though this is completely true Whitney is at her own level a success

  13. Agreed says:

    Oh God Whitney can’t compare to Mariah Carey vocally. Her range puts her on top vocally and successfully? Mariah wins that too. Whitney voice sucked on the today’s show. Omg I honestly get bad for her. But that’s what she gets for doing so much drugs. Mariah was voted number 1 on MTV’s 22 top voices as Whitney was number 3. I laughed when I read by a commenter on here that Mariah copied Whitney because they honestly exhibit no vocal similarities what-so-ever. Mariah obviously.

  14. Bella says:

    Mariah writes and produces her own music. Mariah gas higher album sales and still is on top. Vocally Mariah is the best. Her style is so unique and her riffs and runs are to die for. Mariah revolusionized music as we knew it. And she’s still goin strong. Go girl!!

  15. Harlem says:

    Have You Heard Whitney’s Voice Now 2009 Hahaha What A Joke I Thought Mariah Was Bad Live On Some Days But Whitney Woo Hoo Damn She Sucks Hard

  16. ryan says:

    did this really need to be said? it’s like writing an article about how a hundred dollar bill is worth more than a quarter we all already know!

  17. danny says:

    Mariah has had 18 number one hits on the billboard hot 100 lets not forget and she is still making music she has more than n e other solo artist out there and her comeback CD the emancipation of mimi had huge sales and was number one and won album of the year and won three Grammys so yea I love Mariah she is awesome aha aha and beautiful at 40 Whitney not so much

  18. Lecia says:

    What a bunch of BS! Mariah Carey is a wannabe Whitney Houston parrot! You ask her who HER influence was! The rest is irrelevant. Whitney Houston IS, and always will be, The Voice others can only try to emulate!

  19. Aundre says:

    Whitney is the greatest of all time and even the Mariah fans know this, but it’s difficult to agree that your favorite isn’t the best. Mariah does have more #1s on the Billboard charts, but in defense of Whitney’s success, she hasn’t put out as many albums as Mariah but sold almost as much. Mariah is a sex symbol and has used that to boost her career as in Whitney’s case she just used “The Voice” So before anyone else writes anything that compares the two, check your facts. And as far as diversity, Whitney’s range is undisputed. Last but not the least, Whitney paved the way for many up and coming artists, including Mariah Carey (she’s said it on more than one occasion)

  20. Sheridon says:

    I don’t think you can compare Whitney to Mariah or the other way around, because they both fall short if you compare them in their own categories. They are both very talented in their own ways pity Whitney had to go and mess her voice up both women are in their own leagues. Does anybody still remember how Mariah belted it out on Anytime you need a friend or how Whitney surpassed herself on I have nothing in these songs they both display their vocal abilities. Don’t you come here and tell me that one is better than the other because it’s just not so

  21. Jessica says:

    This must be a joke. First of all you like in the first paragraph of your article. Beyonce and Christina Aguilera both said every young girl who wanted to be a singer learned from Whitney “The Voice” Houston. Second of all, Mariah has sold more albums than Whitney because she’s released nearly double the albums Whitney has. The only reason she has more albums sold is because she releases them like hotcakes. Whitney on the other hand took a break from recording to successfully venture into film and television, unlike Mariah. Third, there would be no Mariah if there were no Whitney. Whitney is Mariah predecessor. The first female artist to have an album debut at number one. At the time, her debut album was the biggest selling debut album of all time (Alanis Morissette then broke the record) the only artist to have seven consecutive number one hits. The truth is Mariah has had more longevity than Whitney because she keeps herself in the spotlight. Whitney, however, has more talent and will always be remembered as “The Voice,” while Mariah is nothing more than a Britney Spears/Beyonce from the 90s. I suppose your next article will be why Britney Spears is better than Aretha Franklin. Give me a break.

  22. Tim says:

    Are you crazy? Whitney is much better than Mariah. All Mariah does is release the same old recycled music over and over again. She never tours, so she technically is nothing but a studio artist after 19 years. And she always uses that same old-tired formula of releasing an upbeat song immediately followed by a ballad. She throw rappers in every other single to increase the appeal to the younger market. Whitney could do this as well but smartly knows not to use them on practically eveything. Mariah does nothing in her videos but pose all the time, and frankly Whitney is a better looking woman, just not as slutty. Mariah has higher sales of albums with 160 million than Whitney, but that’s because Mariah has released like 18 overall albums. Whitney has released just 12 overall albums and has 140 million sold, so she is better than Mariah percentage-wise. And yes, Whitney’s Christmas album has been certified gold at 500,000 sold, but that’s actual more than Christmas albums usual sell; just ask any of the other hundreds of major artists who have released them and sold roughly half that. Now Mariah’s Christmas album did sell a couple of million which is very good, but Whitney’s Greatest Hits sold 10 million worldwide, while Mariah’s Greatest Hits struggled to go gold in the US. And this is an album with nothing but Mariah’s hit singles on it. That just goes to show Whitney is held in higher regard than Mariah and Whitney’s music stands the test of time. Also, Whitney didn’t release a commercial studio album in seven years and still remains popular. Mariah could never go seven years between albums. She would fade away and be forgotten about. Only a true and appreciated performer could do that. And just think, if Whitney had released the same amount of albums as Mariah, she would be way over her in sales. Luckily for Mariah, Whitney is not so vain.

  23. Maria says:

    Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey are actually two different style of artists, despite how people love to pit them against each other. Vocally, Whitney Houston is the superior vocalist. She has more versatility and has recorded FULL ALBUMS of Pop, R&B and Gospel. She commands the stage LIVE, something Mariah Carey struggles to do. In fact, often times Mariah doesn’t even sing live. Whitney is the better SINGER and PERFORMER.

    Mariah Carey is a different kind of artist. She writes and produces her own material. Musically, Mariah Carey has a lot more to offer than Whitney Houston. That is not to say her albums are better, but she has more skill than simply SINGING.

    Vocally, Whitney is better. Artistically, Mariah is probably better. Album-wise…to each their own! Sales-wise they are about equal because Mariah has released more albums. And Whitney’s latest debuted at over 300k and Mariah’s out a month later looks to debut at about 200k. Whitney is a living legend and Mariah is on her way.

  24. Maria says:

    As far as longevity, whoever said Mariah has more longevity doesn’t understand history. Whitney came out in 1985, 5 years prior to Mariah. When Mariah released Emancipation of Mimi, she was at the point in her career Whitney was when she released “My Love Is Your Love”. And Whitney just released a #1 album a month ago, lol. So Whitney is going on 25 years spanning her career and still getting #1s. Mariah is on her 19th year. Get it straight people!

  25. Josh V says:

    Vocally, CHECK YOUTUBE. Obviously most of the Mariah fanatics weren’t around for Whitney’s heyday. There are countless standing ovations and performances for Whitney’s performances. Mariah’s standing ovations can be counted on one hand, provided she actually sang live at the time.

    Compare them singing the “Star Spangled Banner”. Whitney is clearly the better singer. Her version of the national anthem charted on the Billboard Hot 100! Mariah’s version was forgotten within seconds.

    The only thing Mariah has on Whitney is more #1 singles. Whitney has more respect in the industry, more awards, more stage presence and a better voice. Just because Mariah can speak directly to Shamu’s family does not make her a better singer.

  26. Austin says:

    Mariah is definitely a better artist with a better range, Whitney tries too hard and is cocky, it is definitely Mariah. Whitney cannot go where Mariah can go with her voice at all. It is definitely Mariah and I always thought so, Whitney can sing Gospel but she cannot really sing pop. Hands down, Mariah is the better singer and artist.

  27. lindsay mays says:

    Mariah Carey has got Whitney Houston beat by MILESTONES! she’s the best selling female artist of ALL TIME with 18 number ones, second only to The Beatles. Whitney’s so called career doesn’t even come close to all of Mariah’s amazing success. nobody could ever top Mariah! her vocal acrobatics and incredible range are unbeatable! and she can still sing like a bird, I just saw her in Las Vegas and she blew everybody away! she has put out hit after hit for twenty years! can’t really say the same for Whitney, can ya?

  28. Manish says:

    Mariah is better than Whitney because she’s a great singer, that’s what Whitney never was and will never be. Crack is whack. ;-)

  29. Mariah THE QUEEN says:

    finally somebody smart… Mariah is way better… Whitney is a crack and annoying “diva”, and I never heard a song that Whitney wrote??? and the performance on x factor what was that “trying to be a singer” act… Mariah is a true diva that we all love, one of the most beautiful songs of all time “HERO” is from her and I think we all love that song… And the record sale tells everything… and Mariah did overcame Beatles…. that must mean something…. Whitney is trying her way back up, but the tours have been so far nothing special, eve I heard they were terrible… MARIAH WE LOVE YOU!!!!

  30. Mariah THE QUEEN says:

    and guys…. how can you say that Whitney is more versatile… are you all crazy? who has a better range??? please…. Mariah Carey has 5 octave range which Whitney can only dream of…. versatile my ass…. only thing she can do is belt all over the place and scream does notes, lower range non, whistle non, soft notes non….

  31. YEAHME says:

    Ya’ll a fool with it. Whitney vocally kills Mariah. This should not even be a conversation. Whitney Houston has one of the best voices ever.

  32. steve says:

    Whitney sold over 230 millions albums you fu**ing idiots and she sing better. Mariah whispery ass voice wow.

  33. AJ says:

    To AUNDRE; you said that she is a sex symbol. But my problem is that from 1990-95 she was not. If you knew anything about her, you would know that she was made to be very conservative by her then manager and later husband. So how did she use her “SEX SYMBOL” status to achieve her sales? She had sold about 45-50% of her albums during that time. So before you try to write her off like that, check the facts.

  34. Whitney all the way!! says:

    are you mad??!!! I’m only 13 and even I know Whitney Houston is WAY better than Mariah Carey. In case you haven’t noticed she has had 8 multi-platinum albums, Mariah has had more number ones, but it doesn’t mean to say she is the better singer!! there is hundreds of good singers out there and they don’t get number ones with every single they release!! Mariah is an O.K singer but she killed I wanna know what love is where as, Whitney Houston stayed at the top of the charts for 10 weeks with I will always love you. Whitney Houston is still one of the greatest artists on the planet there isn’t one of my friends who have never seen the bodyguard and we all have the same opinion Mariah is a wannabe Whitney but will never be half as good as her, if you ask me Leona Lewis is better than Mariah

  35. Mariahisbetteracceptit says:

    MC wins, Obsessed peaked at number 7 on Billboard Hot 100 I look to you or whatever the name is at 70 haha please

  36. ClaubieBaby says:





  37. Cody says:

    Vocally Mariah has more to offer than Whitney. More range and her runs are far more complex than Whitney’s. In both of their primes, in other words, both of them at the best they’ve ever been, Mariah has the best voice. Simon Cowell said “To sing a Whitney song is hard, to sing a Mariah song is vocal suicide.” Beyonce said the first time she heard vision of love by Mariah in 1990 she knew she wanted to be a singer from then on and Christina said she would love to have a voice like Mariah. Mariah has influenced so many artists and revolutionized music as we know it. Whitney fans are biased and will never admit that anyone has a better voice or success than Whitney even though they already know its a fact not an opinion, as the proof is recorded on albums. Mariah is simply better. Mariah has more platinum singles than any other female artist as well as more number 1 singles as we all know. She also has more platinum albums as well as 2 diamond albums (10 million+ album sales) whereas Whitney has one which is a soundtrack. Mariah has written and produced all of her songs with exceptions to 3 covers she’s done.
    Mariah is simply

    1. More vocally talented
    2. More Successful
    3. More Creative
    4. More RESPONSIBLE (as she hasn’t gotten into any drugs in her life)

    Mariah was named #1 on MTV’s top 22 greatest voices countdown, with Whitney placing in 3rd. The vast majority of the list was developed by professional music critics and vocal analysts. Fans were also given a part in the list on an online poll.

    If what I’ve said hasn’t convinced you that Mariah is the better than Whitney, than you are just simply the most biased person on the planet.

  38. Whitney all the way! (Lori) says:

    Yeah well maybe I am but Mariah fans are bias as well. Mariah, Beyonce, Leona Lewis (as much as I love the last 2) are all Whitney wannabes Million Dollar Bill got into the top 3 in the UK and I wanna know what love is barely reached the top 20 so maybe in never land Mariah is the best artist but in reality Whitney wins every time. love you Whitney always will :)

  39. kcity28 says:

    I think Mariah is talented, but she was inspired by the great Whitney herself. The student doesn’t surpass it’s master. Whitney has sheer power and unmatched vocal abilities. She makes any song her own. Whitney’s I will always love you is far more impressive Mariah’s I wanna know what love is or her I still believe. Their both icons, but Whitney is a true legend. She will always have a bigger impact on the world than Mariah.

  40. Lori says:

    I actually can’t believe your comparing them, yes Mariah can sing better than a lot of artists today but Whitney has achieved and over come so much and in my opinion the best in the business. She has sold over 140 million albums world wide, 6 Grammys, 14 gold singles, most consecutive number 1 singles, top selling female artist of the century, 21 American music awards, 15 Billboard Music Awards, 11 NAACP Image Awards, 7 “Soul Train” Music Awards, 5 World Music Awards, 2 Emmy Awards, MTV Music Video award and MTV Movie Award, a Cable ACE Award, the Dove (Gospel Music Association) Award, the Blockbuster Entertainment Award, and the Nickelodeon Kids Choice award. In November 1995, Whitney was inducted into the “Soul Train” Hall of Fame. In 1996, she was inducted into the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Hall of Fame and BET (Black Entertainment Television) Walk of Fame and was honored yet again in February 2010. In February 1998, “Soul Train” bestowed its prestigious Quincy Jones Career Achievement Award upon Whitney; and in March 2000, she was honored with the “Soul Train” Music Award as Female Artist Of the Decade and to top it all of an Oscar, A Golden Globe and 2 diamond awards (10 million+ albums sold) Now I don’t know about you but to me that seems pretty hard to beat.

  41. Elli says:

    Just because Mariah is influenced by Whitney doesn’t make Whitney better. The student doesn’t surpass it’s master? Are you kidding me? All artists, musicians, scientists etc have a mentor when they start out and yes they can turn out better than their teachers. Mariah is just musically more talented than Whitney.

  42. Lori says:

    well look love I’m only 13 and even I know that’s bull no offense.

  43. Marcus Griggs says:

    I really like both singers very much but Whitney takes it home. Whitney has an voice only the angels in heaven have. A lot of artist in the past in present are very gifted and talented, but it is something about Whitney that nobody can ever touch, even if her voice is not like it once was. There may be better singers to come, but no one will never do it like Whitney. “I will always love you Whitney, I will always keep you in my prayers.

  44. gerry says:

    I can’t bear reading this pathetic article. whoever wrote this is deaf and has disgusting taste of music. to compare Mariah to Whitney is just not right. Whitney is respected by the people in the industry for a reason, something Mariah failed to received. do well on your research.

  45. Lori says:

    Marcus and Gerry THANK YOU I love you <33

  46. L'aurence says:

    Wow. The people who are claiming Whitney is better are delusional. Mariah, if you listen to her albums, has experimented in nearly ALL kinds of music from ROCK, JAZZ, DANCE, POP, GOSPEL, RNB ETC. No matter what anyone says, Mariah’s voice is LEAPS and bounds above Whitney, and any other singer out there for that matter. She uses her voice as an instrument to add quality and warmth to a song (btw she writes and produces all of her tunes, so how can you say she doesn’t connect with them?) When it is all said and done Mariah will get the credit she deserves as the greatest recording artist of all time. I hope she doesn’t have to die to get this credit, that would truly be a shame. KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN PEOPLE…Mariah Has remained current during her ENTIRE CAREER!! She is the fastest Selling Artist in History!! If you didn’t count the Records the Beatles and Elvis sold AFTER they died, she would have them beat too. And she did all of this ON HER OWN! She wrote produced and SANG IT ALL! Do you understand the genius involved?

  47. razor4 says:

    Haters are always gonna try to get their point across because they have to assure themselves of Satan’s request. Mariah could never even in her after life sing as great as Whitney. Whitney has been dogged by the media because she’s such a great singer. Her stellar performance is impeccable. Mariah will never meet up to her standards. Whitney is at 170 million records to date (just 5 million from Mariah yet she don’t have as many albums as Mariah). This is a proof that measures her talent and takes her further than your precious Mariah. You folks are pitiful. Stop the Hating !!!!

  48. alex says:

    to have a concrete understanding, why not ask artist such as Aretha Franklin, Patti Labelle, Gladys Knight, Dionne Warwick, Chaka Khan, Anita Baker, Natalie Cole, Monica, Brandy, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Mya, India Arie, Deborah Cox, Faith Evans, Barbra Streisand, Dolly Parton, Diana Ross, Tamia, Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Luther Vandross, Usher, Akon and yes Mariah herself will probably say that Whitney Houston is the greatest voice of all. end of story.

  49. Lori says:

    Unlike Mariah Whitney goes for QUALITY NOT QUANTITY

  50. ^_^ says:

    Whitney, in her prime, would’ve ripped apart pretty much any singer! But if you base it on the technical aspect of the voice and how someone can manipulate their vocal chords to do amazing things then you can’t be haters, but Mariah does technically have the better voice. Projection and volume is Whitney’s field though.

    Now though, Mariah’s voice is not what it used to be but she can still sustain notes and make it through a whole song and hit those high notes. Look on YouTube at her Angels Advocates tour. But Whitney, although she has been through personal troubles, she can’t sing anymore. The reviews from critics and fans regarding her current tour aren’t favorable to be honest. I youtube’d a video and she really needs to take more rest and vocal coaching. She is straining her already damaged vocals.

    Sales wise? Don’t be stupid. Mariah takes it hands down. She has sold easily over 200M records worldwide. She has sold at least 85M records in the US alone (albums and singles). She has sold almost 30M singles and 55M albums there – check the Billboard articles to show you if you don’t believe me. 12M albums in Japan and the most successful international artist there & the biggest international single in Japan – All I Want For Christmas Is You. Her chart achievements are amazing; 18 No. 1’s, 27 Top 10 Hits, 12 Platinum singles (most for any female artist) and many Gold singles.

    I’m not undermining Whitney’s achievement. Since she has sold amazing amounts of albums and singles with less releases. 175M records worldwide, biggest selling single by a female artist, biggest selling soundtrack of all time.

    Their achievements are incomparable with many of the female artists that have been and are in the business today. I’m not going to disrespect either one of them but I prefer Mariah but that’s my PERSONAL preference. So don’t go all crazy about that.

  51. CHRIS says:

    Mariah Carey got the best voice ever! Whatever you say,musical experts or not,you can’t deny that it’s a obvious fact. The songs of Mariah talk by themselves.Just listening Emotions, You’re So Cold, Bliss, So Blessed, Make It Happen ,etc…and you ‘ll hear what I talk about. Whitney Houston also has a huge and beautiful voice as Mariah Carey (at 1980 and 1990 decade),but we must recognize that Mariah get the whistle register over Whitney. Mariah’s voice is also more toneful and more sensual than Whitney’s.Mariah’s voice also give more emotions and sensations than any other’s female artist .And her voice stay today almost the same since her debut at 1990,it’s proved by her 2009 release single I Want to know what love is..This song is one of many others which deny all rumors sayin’ that Mariah’s voice was declined.In fact,her voice still toneful,sensual,versatile,powerful and very young for her age .It prove that She just changed her singing style and adapted her voice to R &B songs.At 40,Mariah Carey’s voice still unique and beautiful.She stay till now,the best female voice worldwide ( listen her performance in the song Everybody Hurts,even Leona Lewis voice is average next to Mariah’s).Mariah keeps the freshness and the velvety of her voice.The qualities of her voice appears more obviously when she sing pop songs( Ballads,Soul,Traditional R&B and Gospel ).About her vocal range,everything prove that she still get the 5 octaves ( otherwise maybe the quantity is slightly diminished,but the quality is still there).But,I Want To Know What Love Is proves clearly that she still have 5 octaves range.About her songs in general ,there is no doubt for everyone who already listen her songs live or from albums : MARIAH GOT THE LARGEST VOCAL RANGE EVER .There is no need to be a professional in musical background to notice it.Before to listen Mariah’s songs,people would think that it’s impossible for human voice to reach such high notes( Emotions,Bliss,All in your mind,etc…),again for a female voice to reach such low notes (You’re So Cold,Melt Away,O Holy Night,etc…).Her voice is very extensible in both directions : high and low.Anyway,Whether she have 5,4 or 3 octaves,the facts is that Mariah got at least 3 octaves over all other international female singer voices. For example,in Emotions,when she sing “ You Make Me Feel So Hi-Hi-Hi-Hi-Hiiigheer!!!! “,we see that there are 5 different level of high notes (who represents the 5 octaves of Mariah’s voice).Maybe there are a few of skilful vocalists who could reach the first and the second high note.But,Nobody could reach the 3th level , even Christina Aguilera which have the most extended vocal range behind Mariah can’t ( see her vocal performance at YouTube Christina Aguilera high notes VS Mariah Carey).This prove clearly that Mariah’s voice got at least 5 octaves ,otherwise that she surpass other female voices with 3 octaves at least.Moreover,Mariah got not only the whistle register over the other vocalists. Mariah can sing better on very high level voice(Mine Again,Emotions,Fantasy,O Holy Night,Whenever You Call,etc …) than Whitney.However,it’s just they both who can really sing on very high level voice,nobody else can do ( singing on high level voice is different to extended and loud screams).It’s easier to give loud ,powerful and extended screams in songs than singing on very high level voice. Most of vocalists can give loud and extended screams,but only Mariah and Whitney can SING on HIGH level voice loudly and powerfully.However,Mariah is once better on this than Whitney !!! No doubt, Mariah is THE VOICE !

  52. Jamie says:

    This article made me laugh lol.

    First off, Mariah selling more albums..of course, since Mariah’s first half of her career she was spitting out albums so fast. But you said how Mariah has 2 albums that have sold over 20+ million worldwide? Whitney has THREE. Her first 2 albums have passed the 25+ million worldwide(Her debut actually just got certified to 30+ million worldwide earlier this year) and then there’s The Bodyguard soundtrack.

    Mariah has more influence? No way lol. Just go listen to Mariah’s debut album. It was so funny how they had her copy all of Whitney’s vocal trademarks on that album lol.

    Mariah’s voice isn’t more versatile lmao. It’s so easy to predict Mariah’s vocal on songs these days: 1) Start off whispering. 2) Belt in the middle 3) Close the song with a few screeching bird calls

    Speaking of the bird calls, I hate what Mariah has done to her whistle notes. She said Minnie Riperton is her inspiration. Well, Mariah, Minnie actually used her whistle notes as part of the music, these days you just tend to shriek yours out…..and you tend to lip-sync them these days too lol. Hell, Mariah tends to lip-sync any part of her songs that require effort currently lol

    And Whitney is the better international artist. Her and Celine have huge success in a lot of other countries. Mariah is just huge in a couple of international countries and just average in the others.

    You are right on the #1 single. But it only beat I Will Always Love You by like 1 week. Also, if you were to go out on the street and ask people if they knew “I Will Always Love You” or “One Sweet Day,” you know any person would say they remember IWALY right away but would have to think hard to remember OSD. All of those #1 singles yet none of them are engrained in people’s minds as much as IWALY or Celine’s MHWGO. Hell, someone like Toni Braxton isn’t even on the same level as those 3 Divas yet she still has Unbreak My Heart. What is Mariah’s song?

    And writing songs does not make you a better artist…Justin Bieber helps to write songs so I guess he is an amazing artist? :-P Mariah’s songwriting has downgraded so much. Listen to her early work, and then listen to her current work. Most songwriters have their writing get more mature as they age…Mariah is going the opposite way haha like seriously? Up Outta My Face, Boy? WTF You would think someone of Mariah’s level would be above juvenile lyrics like that.

    Both Mariah and Whitney are so hit & miss with their live vocals these days but when Whitney’s voice is on, I think it blows present-day Mariah’s voice away.

    I actually think this argument is over now seeing as how Whitney’s I Look To You has went platinum and actually sold more than her biggest flop (Just Whitney), whereas Mariah’s Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel tanked and even sold less than the Glitter album lol. And also, both of them are getting ragged on for this vocals on their tours this year. But at least Whitney’s tour has been selling out. Mariah was touring such small venues on her current tour and a lot of the dates were so far below selling out lol I would be surprised if Mariah even made a profit off of her most recent tour. I think it’s because even when Whitney is having a bad vocal night, she at least knows how to work the stage. Whitney and Celine are excellent at that. Mariah looks so damn uncomfortable on stage lol she pretty much looks like she is constipated…..not only that but Mariah’s outfits are laughable..why is this middle-aged woman dressing like she’s a college student? it’s disgusting

    Actually, I mentioned Celine throughout my post. Isn’t she the real winner? lol Her voice has held up much better than either Mariah or Whitney. Plus her Taking Chances Tour made a HUGE amount of money.

  53. Manish says:

    Mariah is a legend, Whitney is just a crackhead who lost her voice long time ago.

  54. STACY says:

    First of all,you LIE IN MOST of what you said.Don’t try to insert Celine Dion in this debate,she don’t worthy to be the rival of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston .Chris is right at 100 % in all he wrote.If there is a hilarious thing there ,it’s in your post.All that you said is senseless…you said that Mariah copied Whitney,don’t you know that every artist can be influenced by others artists through their work ? And ,even though Mariah was inspired by Whitney,at least she copied Whitney so well that she surpass her.However,Celine never reach to copy Whitney,in spite of her struggles.She still a very bad imitation of Whitney while Mariah surpass Whitney. Without her pull faces and her jokes,Celine is nothing . The quality of her voice is so far behind Mariah’s and Whitney’s ! In accordance with what you wrote,Celine is better than Mariah.Can you precise exactly in what Celine surpass Mariah ? Is it in your imagination or in real facts ?

  55. Lori says:

    well I went to a Whitney concert in Dublin in April and it was one of if not the best concert I’ve ever been to. she is a real person on stage and its like your just having a conversation with your mate whenever she talks to the crowd she’s also got a great sense of humor too. in my opinion nothing compares to Whitney yes, Mariah and Jennifer do come close but she is the only singer I have herd of that can take a country western song and turn it into one of the greatest love songs of all time!! (Mariah may have had more hits but everyone of my generation knows about 1 Mariah song and countless Whitney songs)

  56. francisco says:

    I love Whitney and I love Mariah too, Whitney have a powerful voice, but Mariah have a powerful, angelic and more sophisticated instrument. Never in my life I’m going to talk bad about Whitney she is a legend, but Mariah is out of discussion she is the mentor of all those today’s artist. Its not important the hits or the albums sales, is important that both women are talented, but in my opinion Mariah have a bif voice, nig because she uses in different ways, Whitney have a beautiful voice, but Mariah have an instrument oh my god, after 20 years she can hit those high notes and nobody can’t deny that, Whitney’s voice RIP, sorry but she damage it. Mimi is the queen and I always love her.

  57. Brick says:

    No question,Mariah is the songbird supreme .She beat any artist at voice and talent ! Do Whitney could ever sing My saving Grace or Your Girl ? Whitney is a great vocalist and has a very beautiful voice,but Mariah is better!

  58. Voice. says:

    Mariah Carey Album Sales:

    155M WW Approximately.

    Mariah Carey Single Sales:

    30M+ in the US (check Billboard articles).
    20M-30M for other WW sales.
    Total: 50-60M+

    WW Record Sales: 210M WW

    Whitney Houston Album Sales:

    130M WW Approximately.

    Whitney Houston Single Sales:

    Since 1990’s in the US: 18M
    Before 1990’s in the US: 10M Approximately.
    Total: 28M
    Other WW Single Sales: 20M
    Total: 48M-50M

    WW Record Sales: 180M WW

    Whitney has sold unbelievable amounts of records with the amount of releases she has had but you’d be pretty stupid to say that Whitney has sold more than Mariah. It’s ridiculous to even try and prove that. Yes, Whitney may have had the biggest selling single by a female artist with IWALY and that’s her signature song. But with Mariah, people say what is her signature song? And people say various songs because she has a lot of material which has been extremely successful. Mariah will always be more successful than Whitney. Fact.

    In terms of voice, it depends on how you view it. If you look at projection and volume, it’s clearly Whitney. But Mariah’s voice, technically, the best. You may be thinking ‘oh here we go, another lamb.’ But Mariah’s voice is one of a kind. Ask anyone to sing her difficult songs for example: Fly Like A Bird, Anytime You Need A Friend etc. If you see her Grammy performance in 1992, there is no artist that could replicate or vocally achieve a better performance.

    Mainly it’s about personal preference and I love both of these artists. I prefer Mariah out of the two, but that is my personal opinion so don’t go crazy about it.

  59. STEVE says:

    For all of you who think that Whitney’s and Celine’s voice got more volume (louder) than Mariah’s,it’s a misunderstanding.The three got the same level of volume.Just listen If it’s over,Whenever you call,O holy night,Against all odds,Make it Happen ,To be around You ,Santa Claus Is Comin To town,Jesus Oh What A Wonderful Child with attention.Often,the volume’s voice of Whitney and Celine just seems more obvious than Mariah’s because their voices are less high-pitched than Mariah’s,and very often ,the both emit long loud screams in her songs when Mariah emit her high notes.In fact,when Mariah emit a long loud scream,it’s as louder as Whitney’s and Celine’s and its got as much volume (even more louder than them’s sometimes! ).Mariah release incredible loud screams in many of her songs ( often with rippling and wave).Celine’s and Whitney’s volume screams seems most obvious than Mariah’s because they are very extended and straight,nevertheless they doesn’t got more volume than Mariah’s.

  60. Alex says:

    Useless post with a useless flame

  61. hahaha says:

    I I love both Whitney and Mariah’s music, but ask all those artists named in this article they will tell you that they all wanted to Whitney when growing up. Michael Jackson made the way for black male artists and Whitney Houston did so for black female artists. Whitney is a legend although her voice is not as it used to be still is a great artist that has inspired most of the artists we see on TV today. I saw her a few weeks ago on her last tour date in Manchester and she was stunning but the funny thing is I didn’t hear anything about her performance from that day in the press or news because she was great but whenever it is negative the newspapers and internet will be full but the thing I love about Whitney is she doesn’t listen to the press or negativity like she said at her concert but GOD.

  62. chris says:

    It’s very funny actually.You don’t show all achievements of both artists,you just talk too much of what Mariah has done not mentioning much of Whitney.Obviously my friend if you don’t know details,if you know nothing of vocals and music then better keep your mouth shut.Oh…and just watch this video
    Whitney destroys Mariah & gives her the LOOK OF SUPERIORITY
    Type this thing on YouTube and just see the expression of Mariah and then listen,if you hear Mariah’s voice anywhere please tell me.If you are not stuck on your ideas you’ll see who’s the real star,diva,artist and better singer.

  63. chris says:

    and just because you mentioned something about Celine,she has sold over 200.000 and generally the small differences they have in sales say nothing.If Mariah has 5-10 millions more than Whitney that’s because she didn’t destroy her voice the way Whitney did.

  64. Katie says:

    I don’t think either of them are better. I think Celine is the BEST! But don’t respond to my post. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, and facts don’t prove too much. So I don’t want anyone telling me my opinion is wrong because it’s never wrong. My thoughts only!

  65. JASMINE IS HERE!!! says:

    I agree with JAMIE!!!

  66. ck says:

    @ Chris the only reason why she Mariah sold more is because she made more records than Whitney and she didn’t stop singing for 8 years. and don’t forget y’all Mariah respects Whitney a lot just like most of the above mentioned artists so y’all should stop comparing them they both have their own unique talent and have made their name in history…

  67. jake says:

    honestly people are stupid for bashing both artists.. Whitney fans will always defend Whitney and Mariah fans will always defend Mariah.. plus, BOTH ARE FROM DIFFERENT GENERATIONS OF MUSIC..personally I think Mariah’s music is more versatile and innovative, someone here said Mariah has never even tried anything like jazz HER WHOLE EMOTIONS ALBUM IS A JAZZ/BLUES INSPIRED ALBUM.. as far as I’m concerned Mariah kept experimenting with her voice and her music..if you actually listen to the music..both can sing and give you chills, I don’t even defend Mariah on the facts like whistle register or 18 number one singles..or Whitney on “the voice” prowess and megapower vocals..i sometimes don’t like the way Whitney sounds, and same goes for Mariah..everyone in here is EXTREMELY biased and so CLOSE MINDED that its kind of sickening..all in all, both are legends, both are deemed “the voice” and “songbird”, but have amazing careers, both have huge spans of fame around the world, just one happened to start before the other.

  68. MEGAN says:

    Mariah,Whitney and Celine are my favorite female singers .I love the three the same way but I can see which is better and which is less skilful.Personally,I think that Mariah is better than the 2 others vocally, artistically and technically.Why ? first : Mariah sings all musical genres ,she’s more creative with her voice,her vocal runs are more complex,her voice got more qualities and assets,and she contribute in the making of her songs.I also think Mariah is more skilful on singing.Music got no secrets to Mariah,she proves it her records ! For an example,Compare the versions of The Star Spangled Banner of the three .

  69. MEGAN says:

    I also think that Mariah is better on success than Celine and Whitney .Why ?
    Mariah became the best selling female artist on earth after only 10 years of career 9 she’s the first best selling female artist on earth ),she’s today the most influential female musician ,she’s also the most talented female artist on earth.Mariah outsold Celine and Whitney in USA,Japan in the whole Asia, some parts of Latin America and Africa,Oceania.

  70. Nicko Tum. says:

    as The Rolling Stones said, “Mariah is more impressive than expressive” which I strongly agree…she is a diva..

    but Whitney is more expressive than impressive…

  71. Voice. says:

    Jake I totally agree. Especially the track called The Wind which is a jazz song. Mariah’s voice was extremely powerful, just check ‘If It’s Over’ in 1992 of the Grammys, furthermore, check Madison Square Gardens 2009/10 of Make It Happen at her Angels Advocates Tour – her voice is still on form. MAYBE not as it used to be but it is still there.
    Whitney used to be amazing but she is playing on her status as a diva for her sales and no one can dispute that since her voice has gone. Don’t try to argue that, she can’t sing, her tour is completely evident of that.

    Voice wise. Mariah, technically is amazing. I can’t be actually bothered to mention all of her technical features :Q she is one of a kind. Everyone knows that. So is Whitney but if you assess them, vocally, Mariah will own.

    Sales wise. Once again, you’re stupid to try and prove Whitney has sold more. Mariah has sold 160M albums and 60M singles; meaning at least 220M records. Whitney has sold around 130M albums and 50M singles which is amazing since it is in such a short amount of time. But Mariah is probably one of the or THE best female artists in the world. That is still ongoing.

    Whitney is one of the legendaries but so is Mariah. They have both sold amazing amounts of records and both both of their voices are legendary. But Mariah wins in both of these! I may be a lamb but I still love Whitney and I’m not going to try and exaggerate everything, but clearly Mariah is more successful and talented.

  72. Shawn says:

    Mariah is a very good singer,my favorite female artist !I get chills each time I listen her songs .Her high notes are not just ( loud screams ) unlike the high notes from others female artists .Mariah’s high notes are sensual and beautiful !Her whistle got so much femininity,so much grace…. often,it’s almost orgasmic !Besides,she’s very much pretty,beautiful and sexy .Mariah ,you’re the best !

  73. Phil. says:

    Listen to some of Mariah’s snippets on YouTube from her new Christmas album. And yes, the vocals aren’t as good as the first album but seriously, some of the best vocals from Mariah in the past few years.

  74. Dreamlover07 Says says:

    Mariah is Better because

    01.She doesn’t take DRUGS !

    02.She Always is in the process of creating an album.

    03.Her Voice is better than Whitney’s nowadays.

    04.Has got more Number 1’s.

    05.She is more successful Internationally.

    06.She Was the best selling artist of the Millennium…while Whitney ? LOL

    07.STOP Giving Credit to Whitney for the sales of Bodyguard since HALF The Album was performed from other singers.

    I Mean The Titanic soundtracks sold 30 million copies

    Thanks to MY HEART WILL GO ON Success , but does Celine

    ever take credit for these 30 million copies ? ? ?

  75. lily says:

    how can you compare the two, both of them are great singers in their own way, Whitney’s a legend very powerful singer, and Mariah has a lot of range in her voice *aigh* how I envy Mariah but love them both

  76. Maitland says:

    Your stats about Mariah’s #1s and Whitney’s #1 are like saying that Robert Horry is a better basketball player than Michael Jordan. Whitney kills Mariah on their song together, and Whitney’s Superbowl performance snuffs Mariah’s. Besides, compare GLITTER to THE BODYGUARD. Mariah couldn’t produce one hit song for her movie while Whitney rocked at least six classics. You can like whoever you want, but Whitney takes it, hands down.

  77. jason says:

    Mariah Carey is the money honey and made over $50 million for Glitter enough said.. 160 million albums and 60 million singles sold. In 1996 Mariah had the biggest Billboard Hot 100 song of all time with One Sweet Day spending 16 weeks at #1. In 2005 she releases the biggest radio song of all time and 14 week #1 Hot 100 song We Belong Together. Mariah is the only lead woman to occupy the top 2 songs in the country with We Belong Together and Shake It Off. Now Mariah is having twins to top things off this year.

  78. Marko says:

    Khmm..i m wondering if this article is based on facts. no. Find Mariah’s interviews where she said that Whitney is role model, and all female singers you mentioned also done that, Mariah is alto with wider range, in what world wider range means better voice quality.. I have bigger range that Pavarotti! And I never will be better singer than him, I’m operatic wagnerian baritone.

  79. Jenaya says:

    LOL! First off You got it wrong! Mariah Has not influenced more people then Whitney! At least not Vocally. Secondly Whitney might not have sold more but overall she is a bigger legend with much more memorable Hits. Out of Mariahs #18’s Which of them are honestly Memorable? Next to ‘I Will Always Love You’ or ‘I Have Nothing’ Or ‘I wanna Dance with somebody’. Quality over Quantity People! Oh and Lastly. Mariah might have more range then Whitney but Whitney is a much better interpreter and her voice stands the test of time. What a STUPID and BIASED Article

  80. Jenaya says:

    Oh And Who Cares If Whitney gives bad performances now. The Women has already paid her dues. She performed 300+ concerts in her prime. That’s more then Mariah has Performed in her entire career!. Mariah hasn’t even performed 200 concerts Yet! Her prime lasted 6 years and after that she got whispery and plain annoying. Hell even Beyonce and Christina (12 years in the business) Have performed more then Mariah! Mariah’s ‘Good Vocals’ Nowadays are Lipped and pre-recorded While Whatever comes out of Whitney’s mouth are 100% REAL

  81. Nahym says:

    Guys,deep down in our hearts we all know that Whitney takes the cake,
    1.Whitney is the best selling debut album of all time
    2.I will always love you 4 Time platinum,no 1 could beat that,and best seller in UK 1450 000,do you know that Mariah’s best seller in UK is 650 000,which is Whitney’s 5th best seller, take that.
    3.Houstn is the most awarded singer in music industry 420 awards,6 Grammys, Mariah 5, 2 Emmys, Mariah I don’t know if she has any,22 ama-more than any female artist.And the list goes on.
    4.Although relatively realized few albums 7,she is 1 of the best selling albums.
    5.she has best selling debut,soundtrack,gospel,single and Mariah nothing,no achievement, or maybe she has lowest selling albums.
    6.7 Consecutive 1 singles,who can’t beat that,no 1
    7.First female with a no.1 album on billboard
    8.Who is the most covered artist at American idols-Whitney
    9.Mariah even said herself, if Whitney hadn’t put out a record there, half of the generation wouldn’t be singing, can you feel that.
    9.very talented,the bodyguard was a monster seller,and that movie that Mariah made whats its name again? Glitter-box office disaster.
    10. I have a lot more 2 say but I’ll spare you Mariah fans
    look Mariah is great, a great singer, don’t doubt that, she bought sexuality in the music scene yes and a lot more, but hand up 4 Whitney, her latest album is even success compared to Mariah’s latest album, that goes to show that, even after seven years she’s still in our heart, she made a comeback album,so classic Whitney all the way!

  82. Mariah & Whitney are the bests ! says:

    Jenaya,Mariah equals Whitney on memorable hits. Hero,Without You,All I Want For Christmas Is You,We Belong Together,One Sweet Day,Fantasy,etc…are Mariah’s memorable songs that people still remember and listen on even nowadays.Both are very great ! But Mariah has sold more than Whitney because she released more albums.Mariah and Whitney stay the two best vocalists that have ever lived ! Nobody can equal them on vocal capabilities and skills ! Long live to the QUEENS !

  83. Jenaya says:

    @ Mariah and Whitney. Okay I will take ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ and ‘Without you’ The rest no. Most of them were just mainstream hits. Nothing memorable or iconic about them. “We Belong Together’ Being played in 50 years time. I mean really?
    By The Way. I DO Love Mariah too. I just hate her fans

  84. Vanishka says:

    Reba McEntire is the best female singer and the best selling female artist of all times !

  85. Ann says:

    I think Jamie up there is quite clueless.

    Mariah ALL THE FREAKING WAY. She deserves everything she’s accomplished throughout her career and will forever remain a legend. I love Whitney also, but there is no comparison.

  86. js says:

    Whitney totally lost her voice

  87. Divas says:

    This is a completely biased and unresearched post and completely laughable! Any singer who lists Mariah as an inspiration has also listed Whitney. Mariah was a Whitney clone so all this talk is pretty silly.

    It’s clear Whitney is more influential and the better singer. Whitney walks into the room, standing ovation. Mariah walks into the room,no one cares!

    Whitney is the most awarded singer with 422 awards, most AMAs, 2nd most Billboard awards, 2 Emmys- how often do singers get an Emmy just for a vocal performance on TV, lol!

    Whitney has put out far less CD’s and is not that far from Mariah totals. If she had put on about 3-4 extra singles on the Exhale soundtrack, she would be ahead of Mariah.

    What people fail to also give Whitney credit for is that out of all the divas, she has had the most successful film career. ALL of her movies were successful
    The Bodyguard
    Waiting to Exhale
    The Preacher’s wife

    Her movie Cinderella, had 60mil viewers, the most for a Disney movie, She produced it and co-starred in it.

    People give Mariah credit for producing and that’s great, but Whitney also has producing credits on ‘The preacher’s wife’ sndtrk and other songs. She is also a producer of:

    The Princess Diaries 1 and II movies
    The Cheetah Girls 1 and 2 movies

    All of her films and movies are successful. Mariah is known for the flop ‘Glitter’ and some straight to DVD non memorable performances in ‘Wisegirls’, ‘Tennessee’ etc

    Whitney was also a PROFESSIONAL model before her singing career took off. She’s done everything.

    She went away for 6 yrs and came back with a #1 CD, ‘i look to you’ debuting with over 311k copies. That CD sold over 2.5mil worldwide. MOIA debuted #3 and sold around 160k and less than 800k WW

    When whitey returns to acting next year in ‘waiting to exhale’ sequel, she will also have another successful CD.
    She comes from the church having sung in a choir from age 11. her momma directed choirs so Mariah gospel singing is like pablum to Whitney. Whitney never sings a gospel song the same way. her gospel runs and licks are inspired and epic as is her delivery.

    She has done jazz, rock, gospel, pop and r&b. Whatever genre Mariah has done, Whitney has done it better.
    queen of the night- rock
    Stormy weather,i learned from the best- jazz
    I have heard Whitney scat in her jazz delivery on the spot. I have never heard or seen Mariah scat which any true jazz artist can do
    Gospel- preacher’s wife soundtrack and so many other gospel songs
    heck, there is a YouTube clip of Whitney singing country at her estate in New Jersey

    Whitney is a singer’s singer and any true singer starting out goes through Whitney including Mariah.

    Whitney rarely, rarely lips. Mariah has a history of lipping, using pre recorded tracks from 2000 onward. it’s ridiculous as she hardly tours. Whitney has done so many tours and live dates, it’s probably triple what Mariah has done in her entire career and yet mariah has suffered vocal decline. That is sad.

    Whitney’s I will always love you got to epic proportions based on her and her alone. Mariah needed Boys to men to top that and yet still I WALY is the more famous song. Nobody even cares to sing one sweet day. Whitney’s songs are the most covered on X Factor and American Idol.

    Whitney never used her body, sex or rent a rapper for a hit nor did she have to sell singles at give a way prices of $.49 to get a hit!

  88. Jenaya says:

    You slayed em Diva

  89. Alex says:

    First, this is a stupid article by a stupid misinformed individual. Mariah Carey IS NOT better than Whitney Houston. Many more artists have said they were influenced by Whitney, NOT Mariah. In fact Mariah herself has said she was influenced, in part, by Whitney. Third, Whitney has sold 200 million record, while Mariah is at about 180 million, so Whitney has sold more albums, though Mariah is close behind her. Fourth, I don’t know what this writer (I laugh when I say that, by the way) has been listening to, but if he/she thinks that Mariah’s voice is better than Whitney’s then he/she (and anyone who thinks the same) is clearly more disillusioned (and frankly more moronic) than Sarah Palin. Fifth, Whitney AND Celine Dion are much more highly acclaimed than Mariah, and I don’t know where you got 77% of readers voting Mariah as their favorite diva from (must be a Mariah fan website), but that’s not accurate either. I swear this article must have been written by a FOX News contributor, because like FOX News, this article does a fantastic job of distorting the truth in favor of the opinion of a few. This article is a big load of B.S. and lies. To all Whitney and Celine fans, please do not believe anything this article says, because it’s all a bunch of B.S! Whitney IS the greatest and will always be so!

  90. Lenny says:

    You can’t say an artist is “Better” because she has more number 1 singles or mores sales. Rihanna has a gazillion number 1’s and she is nowhere near a great singer. Same for Katy Perry.
    Rihanna will possibly beat Mariah’s number 1’s record. Will that make her a better singer? No!
    Madonna has sold more than Mariah. Does that make her a better singer than Mariah? NO!
    Bottom-line, your argument may tell us who is more POPULAR but it doesn’t say who is more talented.
    Mariah has better sales than Whitney? Hell NO!!!!!
    They both have two albums in the list of “Best selling albums of all time”. Check Wikipedia.
    Whitney’s “THE BODYGUARD” is the best selling soundtrack of all time. It sold 44million. Her album “WHITNEY HOUSTON” sold 25million.
    Mariah’s best selling album is “MUSIC BOX”. It sold 32million. Her next best selling is “DAYDREAM” which sold 25million.
    Check the list of best selling artists. Mariah has sold 200million for 13 albums. Whitney has sold 170million for 7 albums. So on average Whitney is a better seller than Mariah Carey BY A LAND-SLIDE! Again, you can check your Wikipedia for the facts.
    Who has a wider range? Mariah. Who has a stronger voice? Whitney Houston ‘By far’.
    Who has influenced ‘greater’ artists? They both have been cited as influences by Beyonce,Aguilera,Leona and Kelly Clarkson but Whitney has also influenced Gaga, Toni Braxton, Celine Dion and Mariah herself.
    They are both mega-divas in their own right but Whitney wins by a mile.

  91. Lenny says:

    Oh and I forgot; Whitney is the most honored female entertainer of all time. She has almost twice as many awards as Mariah Carey.

  92. Nahum says:

    I now know what this Whitney criticism is all about, it’s all bout racism. Whitney came out as a prominent black artist, she was really selling records, they feared her because she was taking over the likes of Madonna, the media took her personal problem, to destroy her popularity, her actual sales stand at 140 million albums, and more than 60 million, singles, music videos, totaling to more than 200 mill records. And I can say that Madonna hast sold past 250 mill,and they claim she sold 300,fake media propaganda. Mariah is just used as a bargaining chip, since sh is biracial.

  93. soulboy says:

    well all i have to say is i think both women are phenomenal artists overall BUT vocally, Mariah has nothing on Whitney. MTV rated her #1? Well, remember this people, it’s MTV, like they really would know. btw they put Tupac and Eminem on their and they don’t sing, they rap so that further proves my point.Now if you want a real list, Rolling stone put Whitney at 34 on their greatest voices of all time and Mariah was only 79, they put Christina ahead of her so kinda shows something. Plus, just because you can squeeze out an ear shattering “note” if you want to call it that does not make you a better vocalist just a bigger range which doesn’t prove anything except Mariah has one heck of a range, when have you EVER heard someone call Mariah’s voice “a mammoth crusading cry” or ” a towering voice on the monument of Pop music”? Never, because THAT was Whitney so please back up your claims of her being a better vocalist. Now sells wise yes, Mariah has done better but look at it this way. Mariah released an album almost every year while Whitney took her time and worked on every little touch to make it HER. Selling 140 million albums worldwide with only seven studio 3 soundtrack and a greatest hits album? Yeah I’d say if she released more, no contest. One thing that Whitney will always have though is the most consecutive number 1s (7) and the most awards of ANY act (that includes bands and men) with over 400 including more Grammys AMAs and billboards music awards. Mariah has a little over 200 so once again WHITNEY. My point is they’re both legends but each have some things over another not one is better at everything and the other is a wash up.

  94. Jenny says:

    Mariah will always better than Whitney cause she’s a better vocalist with a great voice. Whitney can always polish her shoes.


    whitney sold only more or less 170 million records sold wordwide, from 80s to present

    While mariah carey start in 90s up today present sold more than 230 million and still counting… 185 million album sales include her latest 3 album from 2008-2010… With 50-60 million singles worldwide… 17 WORLD MUSIC AWARD most of any human in the globe prove this all… FACT FACT FACT… lets face it… Reality makes hurt more and more realy if you cant accept it…

    and according to WORLD MUSIC AWARD… MARIAH CAREY is the biggest selling artist of the millenium and best selling female artist of all time from 1999 – 2008 to date… And thats official according to prince of monnaco…. No madonna fake media sales nor celine exaggerated record and last but not the least absolutely not whitney cheap record with a total of vocal damage + drugs ruid her life and everything…


    One MORE thing… MARIAH CAREY still kicking the chats to date… Still and always braking record… Up coming new album this 2010… And where is whitney now? She was fade from the face of music long time ago… Drugs ruind her voice , money, fame and personality…

    While MARIAH CAREY still making her piggy bank burp with hundred and hundred and hundred and hudred and hundred of million $$$ money from music to her product and business total of more than half billion dollar second only to the queen madonna 650 M$ for the richest female musician in the history… Mariah take a high heels with her fleur de ly 125 million mansion… 3 million dollar diamond ring… 25 million private plane… 80 million elizabeth arden share stock, hundred and hundred million property, states and masion along with vineyard…

    So where is whitney now?… According to media she is one of the most poorest international singer and because of the devil what we called no DRUGS!!!


    upcoming new album now 2012 i mean… Not 2010…


    i can’t stop crying., speechless and still inshock.. One of my idol passed away today… Whitney Houston – you will never be forgotten… I will always love you… From the bottom of my heart…

  99. Christy says:

    This article is done by a clueless idiot, who was probably still learning shapes and colors in diapers when Whitney wowed the masses with “The Greatest Love Of All”. I hope that you’re not including Greatest Hits albums, because they are just a nice package chocked full of songs done on different previous albums and compare them with new album releases with new original songs.

    I’ve like Whitney’s music when I was around 9 years old, and hearing “Saving All My Love” back in late 1985. But, eventually, I started listening more to hard rock or metal by the explosion of the glam rock era around late 1988. So, I don’t keep track of all the pop albums any pop artist has ever released over the years. I don’t give a damn about New Kids On The Block or Backstreet Boys.

    But, for over 18 years every Christmas until now, I’ve been trying to come up with ways to run from earshot of “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, having to put up hearing that annoying song whenever I go Christmas shopping, in the car with my friends, goodness, everywhere during that season!!

    Mariah can make more albums until she gets sent to her local nursing home and loses her famous singing voice, which can rival that of Siamese cats fornicating on top of a piano. She can make more album sales than there are pebbles in the sand of Myrtle Beach for all I know. People, especially Mariah fans who are not all hotheaded and filled with diatribes like a sorry lot above posts before me, will remember The Bodyguard, Waiting To Exhale, “The Greatest Love Of All”, her poses in sequined long dresses from a 5 O’Clock angle when she belts out a teary ballad, “How Will I Know” WAY MORE than “One Sweet Day”, Mariah’s wannabe import model getup in some car-race-looking video, “Hero”, “Always Be My Baby”, etc.

    Sure, Whitney was troubled with drugs and erratic behavior, but so were alot of Hollywood celebrities like Heath Ledger, Corey Haim, Brad Renfro, and also Michael Jackson! The writer of this article would probably only analyze and compare hit songs and album sales by A-List musical titans and compare them like the colors red and orange, when one wouldn’t be a color without using two primary colors together to create such one color. Like Mariah wouldn’t exist in music without Whitney and Whitney’s high notes, now would she? The writer is perhaps some spoiled little s##t who rely on A-list multiple album sales-having artists to consider him/herself as having compelling musical taste. I’m pretty sure s/he wouldn’t know the millions of unsigned musicians and bands who have actual talent rather than celebrity status or huge album sales. I can seriously count with more than my hands and feet the many of unknown greats out there that can sound more tolerable and also have better music than Miss Carey.

    And Whitney may have had drug problems. Go right ahead and get off of your soft, comfortable cushions in the comforts of your nice, perfect homes, try to drive yourself into being as famous as her, enough for the Hollywood bigshots to acknowledge and parade you around the world with your talent 24/7 and see how well your can handle your new found fame without drugs or without the bad influences and poor choices associating with people like Bobby Brown. See how well you could handle yourself.

    When did Whitney every cower and sick a friend to go against an upcoming musician like Jennifer Lopez, or rip off pictures of Christian Aguilera when she felt her celebrity status is being threatened like Mariah has done? Whitney’s troubles were beyond her control, unlike Mariah who would try to create drama or feuds like throwing tantrums against younger musicians or grabbing microphones from interviewers, thing that she could actually control.

    In a nutshell, quality over quantity matters more. People would remember Whitney’s songs and soundtracks WAY MORE than Mariah’s movie flops and annoying songs.

  100. WhitneyFANforever. says:

    we will miss you. My golden voice of all time. That will never be change. I’m very sorry. I love you so much and always in my heart forever eternity. Prayers for the family and hundred million fans all over the world.

  101. mariahlamb says:

    please! Moderator of popdirt.Delete this thread now.!!!

    Rip, Whitney Houston! Please be respectful…

  102. whitney carey says:

    lets us all respect to the queen of voice . This thread will never never go any good. So please remove it emmidiately

    R.I.P Queen Whitney. I know we will meet each other in heaven to live peacefully happy forever.

  103. Divas Live says:

    I’m crying ryt now one of the greatest voice is gone,,,,,,,love you so much Whetney,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,/////////now there are only two real Divas in the World……………Celine Dion & Mariah Carey,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,////

  104. Charlotta says:

    There is NO COMPARISON! Whitney Houston is in the same league as Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughn, Ella Fitzgerald and other greats. Mariah has a great range but her singing is nowhere as powerful and elegant as Whitney’s was when she the best there was. No one can take that away from Whitney. Even Gladys Knight said of Whitney, “That Voice.” Opah called Whitney , ” The Voice.” Whitney Houston was known for her Great Voice.

  105. Charlotta says:

    I tell you what, lets hear Mariah Carey sing ” I Will Always Love You”, that song from the movie The Body Guard and then tell us who is the better singer. No doubt, Whitney Houston was! Actually, comparing Mariah to Whitney Houston is really an insult.

  106. mynonno says:

    Whitney Houston wins hands down. Her voice has a special colour that gives soul to every song and at the same time powerful and with incredible range. A miracle of voice. Mariah has a great voice maybe technically equal or even better, but without soul (no chills down spine, no goosebumps)

  107. byakuya says:

    It’s funny how whitney fans don’t say how Aretha Franklin paved the way for whitney but that doesn’t mean Aretha is better .And no mariah herself said that patti labelle was her influence.Mariah is a better role-model who was never in the spotlight for the wrong reasons.Whitney doesn’t have a lot of studio albums but bitch please she has had a lot of greatest hits and stuff like 8 or something which means she did technically have a lot of albums.Glitter did have a o success Loverboy was #2 on the billboard hot100.Whitney has a 3.5 octave range but mariah has a 5 octave range so she is the best vocally proven scientifically.I will say that whitney had A+mazing talent.Its just said that whitney fans don’t wanna give Mariah her due.oh and Whitney and celines longest notes were 13 and 14 seconds respectively which is amazing but mariahs longest not is 18 seconds! Deny all you want but it won’t change the facts.I just hope that Mariah will get recognition for her work and doesn’t have to die to get it.Mariah and Whitney loved each other and respected each other so let’s not compare

  108. Whitney/Queen_Michael/King OF POP says:

    everyone stop and act how mariah or whitney would want u to act. in my opinion i love whitney, and i can admit mc can pull off higher note. but whitney has the 3rd top selling album of all time. and mariah also inst better or else she wouldve had the title QUEEN OF POP. dont get me wrong cause mariah does sing good. oh yah and if anyone has to say anything about beyonce she did win grammys in one night unlike mariah took her a couple of years to at least 6

  109. Whitney/Queen_Michael/King OF POP says:

    i cant w8 till fat ass fake boobs mariah looses her stupid chipmunk voice

  110. vbabygirl says:

    First of all I must say that Mariah is definitely extremely talented and is a MAJOR influence on many young singers today in this hip hop/pop/ R&B hybrid musical landscape. However, I disagree with this article. .Somebody said the Rolling Stone Magazine said M, “Mariah is more impressive than expressive” . This is actually a CRITICISM of her inability to emotionally connect to her songs and the fact that she often oversings her songs. Vocal range is not an indicator of vocal superiority. Whitney may have never sang in whistle register (which isn’t that difficult to do, even altos can sing in whistle register you just have to learn how to utilize that part of your vocal chords. Please look it up even Mariah herself said she was an alto and used whisper techniques to reach higher notes). However, both singers have comparable ranges and Whitney has a much better grasp on CONTROL and chest voice which Mariah lacks. Mariah can rift and SO CAN WHITNEY (WHITNEY just does it with RESTRAINT). If you look at what the critics say, including those from Rolling Stones, Whitney is considered the superior singer, both IMPRESSIVE AND EXPRESSIVE. Her vocal techniques are much more polished that Mariah who often recklessly oversings and not Mariah or Celine can touch Whitney’s live performances in her heyday. Her expressiveness and vocal performance far surpassed her studio recordings, unlike her counterparts. As far as influence goes, EVERY artist mentioned. (And MANY MORE)in this article that was influenced by Mariah has said they were influenced by Whitney INCLUDING MARIAH and CELINE themselves! Mariah even said that she wouldn’t have been as successful if Whitney didn’t pave the way. Comparing raw album sales is not fair either when Mariah has produced twice the output as Whitney. Whitney has THREE albums in the highest selling albums of all times charts compared to Mariah’s TWO and Whitney is the only female in the top 10 selling of all time. Considering that Whitney only did 7 albums that means almost HALF her catalog is in the top selling album list of all time . Mariah has TWO out of 12-14 albums. QUALITY trumps QUANTITY. Besides Whitney’s per album sales are higher. Whitney wasn’t a writer, but most of Mariah’s songs after her first couple albums weren’t the most prolific or quality songs and she often did collabs with rappers and other artists to leverage number one hits. Whitney achieved the STILL UNBROKEN record of 7. STRAIGHT #1 hits on her , merits alone. When she was most active (4 albums between 1985 and 1994) EVERYTHING she put out was a hit. Mariah never had that kind of single handed dominance at one point in her career and Whitney was competing against MICHAEL JACKSON and MADONNA in their PRIMES! When Whitney sang she got standing ovations EVERYTIME, made the NATIONAL ANTHEM a Billboard hit, and set the STANDARD for powerhouse singing. She is THE VOICE. The fact that you have to write this article shows that its an unspoken RULE that Whitney was greater. Your trying to argue against the critics, music legends, and Pop history. She is the most respected amongst the “Diva Trinity” and even artists who came out BEFORE her like Michael, Madonna, Aretha, Patti, Chaka praise her greatest. Even the egotistical Madonna said she was jealous of Whitney’s talent (she has never said that of any of her other contemporaries save Michael Jackson). Filling up a song with tons of high airy notes and a million rifts doesn’t make you a more versatile or skillful artist. It means you lack the ability to fully digest a song and capture the essence of its meaning. Whitney could do melismas and restraints, but used restraint and was very conscious of the mood and emotion of the lyrics. She didn’t just do meaningless runs and hook up with rappers and the hottest boy band of the hour to cash in in on a quick ‘forgettable’ hit like Mariah. I like Mariah but she has yet to produce an I Will Always Love You iconic and STANDARD for all vocalist. This is why Rolling Stone ranked Whitney 34th best singer of ALL TIME compared to Mariah at like 80 something. Some younger fans may like mariah’s overly done melisma but those who understand technique and talent know that Whitney was superior. And to close out, someone said that Simon Cowell said that “singing a Whitney song was hard but singing a Mariah song was vocal suicide”. Again that was a criticism of Mariah’s over the top melisma and rifting. If she goes overboard, just imagine how crazy a far less talented, less experienced singer would go. Its suicide vocally because while mariah barely keeps herself from going over the edge people who imitate her stuff will probably jump off a cliff vocal wise trying to PROVE their skill. Whitney’s material was simply challenging because of the technique and ability it required to pull off her songs. But performance wise, commanding the stage with CONFIDENCE and executing her songs with beauty, grace, and strength, Whitney reigns SUPREME over her vocal counterparts. Again, the fact someone had to write this article (and completely OMIT and MISCONSTRUE FACTS to try to make their point) proves my point. Notice no one has to write an article trying to convince the world Whitney is legendary. Its COMMON KNOWLEDGE. Look up Mariah on wikipedia and read critiques on her work, Whitney is usually mentioned in those critiques. Whitney is the yard stick by which Mariah is compared to, the girl is often connected to Whitney and Celine but it is not always the other way around (even though Mariah is OCCASIONALLY brought up when Whitney is discussed, usually as one of the artists she influenced)..

  111. destiny says:

    Let me put it this way. The Beatles were only a group from 10 years (during the 1960’s) and Elvis died LONG ago in the 70’s and they are still remembered as legends to this day. Same with Whitney. Her prime was basically during a 10 year span, 1984 to 1994. But its not about how long an artist has been in action, its what they did in that time frame. In that ten years, Whitney set the gold standard for pop singing, spawned the career of Mariah and countless others and produced 3 albums in the 50 highest selling albums of all time (and the only female to have one in the top 10). Whitney doesn’t need to sell more records than Mariah or Celine nor does she need to put out another album to cement her legendary status. It was cemented a LONG time ago and her influence, talent, and scope are still felt today and she is cited as a huge influence by almost EVERY pop singer today (including Mariah and Celine) and she has barely been active in the past decade. That speaks WAY more volumes than someone who has to keep hustling and collabing for hits to stay relevant today. Mariah’s relevance is in her collabs, ability to adapt to the newest trend in music even if it sacrificed quality of music and lyrical content, and her over the top ‘DIVA’ persona. Whitney’s relevance is in the sheer beauty and power of her unforgettable voice and precense. BAR NONE.

  112. Nahum says:

    star spangled banner,1988 Grammy one moment in time, and I’m telling you I’m not going 1994 AMA, 1994 i will always love you.etc.please tell me any Mariah Carey performance can outmatch this Whitney Houston tour de force performances.People are missing the definition of true artistry,its the ability to interpret a song and make it your own,Mariah obviously lacks that.its upsured to say that Mariah can sing any Whitney song just because she can sing every note, because she does not have the voice, its like saying a coloratura soprano who sings every note,can sing a Whitney song. People please use your brains.And Mariah fans wont even bother to watch this videos mentioned above,because they will be ashamed of themselves.Now tell me any Mariah live performance that sent chills down your spine…they ain’t any.what a joke, “Mariah is a great artist because she writes her songs and versatile. So versatile that i would want her to attempt opera singing to see her awesome soprano voice…can she take a song like i have nothing and make it her own,not just because she hits every note?No,but Whitney can take emotions,and even though she wont squill that whistle notes,she would bring that rendition into a confident coloratura alto,yes confidence!!!Whitney,I love you baby,rest in peace,don’t let your legacy be compared to frauds,studio worms,skin showing skanks.

  113. kiddo says:

    Mariah is better in terms of what,showing skin,being marketed,having 18 number one singles?let me guess?next thing you are about to say that she is better than MJ, because of her having 18 no.1.well i know what Mariah is not better than Whitney.lack of confidence in her voice and her ability to connect to fans,k,if she is better than Whitney, is she can lip synced a song like no one before….

  114. MADIVINE says:

    @ Nahum . Mariah has nothing to envy from those Whitney’s performances. Check out Mariah’s 1992 If It’s Over performance at the Grammy Awards, Emotions live at 1992 MTV Awards. I’ll Be There at MTV Unplugged show,etc. I really love and respect Whitney. Both Mariah and Whitney are my favorite artists ever ! But Mariah is a little bit better

  115. MADIVINE says:

    @ Charlotta, Whitney couldn’t sing Mariah’s Emotions or You’re So Cold. But,Mariah in her peak days could sing I Will Always Love You in perfect keys. So don’t even say that MC can’t sing IWALY anymore.

  116. NippyXtina says:

    1) Mariah may be the better overall artist but she is not more influential as a vocalist than Whitney – Whitney influenced Mariah and Celine and the same people who you say Mariah influenced so how does that make her more influential than Whitney? Whitney was also one of the first, if not the first, black or mixed-race female artist to pave the way for others on MTV – and that includes Mariah.

    2) Whitney has released far fewer albums than Mariah yet is not far behind her in terms of sales, so that proves Whitney’s selling power is just as great, if not greater and her first two albums sold 20 million copies each. In terms of singles sales, again, it’s a close call.

    3) Whitney’s first 7 singles went to No.1 and still holds that record (Mariah only managed 5 consecutive chart-toppers) – Mariah has the record for most No.1 singles from one album (4). Also, No.1 singles aren’t a huge feat and do not confirm one’s greatness over another – Rihanna has 13 (same as Michael Jackson) for example while Whitney has 11, so does that make her as good as or better than WH or MJ? Not in a million years.

    4) Better international artist? Whitney has outsold Mariah by a long shot in some of the biggest markets outside the US such as Canada and the UK. She also did more extensive and successful touring around the world than Mariah.

    5) Better vocalist – range is not everything. Yes, Mariah has a huge range and can utilise it fully and had a great technique back in the day but Whitney also had a good range, good technique, had that purity of tone throughout her entire range, a better head voice, a generally more fluid voice overall and a better sense of pitch, as well as more creative interpretive skills. Plus her resonance, power and volume output (and I don’t mean she was just “loud”) were greater than Mariah’s – even in her later years she could blow the roof off at times. They both had their flaws and they both had strengths the other didn’t have but Mariah isn’t the one they dubbed “The Voice”… Just sayin’. And if you compare them in their primes (WH: 85-95 and MC: 90-98), WH was also the better and more consistent live performer – rarely a bad or off-key performance, even when sick.

    Vocals, sales and number of hits do not make a great artist so all those points are pretty irrelevant. The rest – involvement in music (and FYI Whitney was not allowed to have much creative input in her first few albums because of Clive Davis, not because she was incapable of it), live performances and interpretations or re-workings of other or older songs – prove an artist’s credibility.

    PS: Whitney was also a great pianist, which boosts her musicality credibility too.

  117. Unknown says:

    The fact is, mariah vocal was stunning than whitney. Mariah has 5 octave with 4 note while whitney had 5 octave with 2 note and not to mentioned another greatest singer was celine whose has 5 octave with 3 note which mariah got extra advantage here.
    Mariah voice was more versatile and nice to play yet storyteller for every song that she sung. Her vocal influence to many artist in music industry as well as Her music too.
    The whistle register that mariah signature cant be denial hows great it was. Yes its true to name few singers could make a whistle as powerful than mariah did, but mariah still the queen of whistle register with very pleasant of sounds than anyone does. Even whitney cant do that.. this is how we scoring whos the best.
    This of 3 Divas have their own prime time yet dont be compared. mariah into US market while Celine was conquer the europe market. (Whitney has US too but she left us with her great momemts and now Mariah leading the era)
    To remains in the music industry with to many new artist came is not an easy job to do especially in US market but Mariah once proving with her 3 decades in the industry still no one can kick this woman off lol!

  118. Martin says:

    I don’t know a single older, mature and intelligent person who likes Mariah Carey. And I know millions people from all over the world because of my work. Her voice lacks richness, depth and power. But they all love Whitney, Aretha, Tina, Ella, Barbra… Carey is mostly beloved by some kids, teenagers calling themselves lambs. It speaks for itself.

  119. Marto says:

    The facts is that Whitney’s nickname is The Voice, the most awarded female singer of all time and the older, the mature and the most intelligent people prefer her voice by far because Mariah’s voice lacks richness, depth and power. I know millions of older, mature and intelligent people cause of my work.

  120. Tamir Yardenne says:

    this author is complete nut job if “they think Mariah is even on the same level. Whitney had unmatched clarity, tone, pitch, agility, range, power, lyrical phrasing, perfectly placed vibrato, seamless transitions, a heavenly head voice, stage presence and stunning beauty! There will be no other…I don’t entertain conversations with people that try to compare Whitney Houston’s gift to anyone else’s. It’s a waste of time.

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