Why MJJSource.com Is Offline

Karen Faye, longtime friend and makeup artist for Michael Jackson, who ran the now defunct MJJSource.com contacted a fan about why the site has been shut down. “Yes Carla, I know all about it,” Faye told the e-mailer who posted the response at MJNI.com before the moderator removed it. “We have been patiently waiting Raymone Bain to make a statement about it for more than a week. MJJsource is down because we have had no cooperation with Michael and his present team. Without their complete support, we can not continue with the site. Please refer any questions to [e-mail redacted], she is Michael’s official spokesperson. I understand all the anger with the fans, but we have done everything in our power to live up to all the promises Michael has made. If he does not fulfill his promises…there is nothing we can do. We were Michael’s voice, but if he doesn’t wish to speak or pay the bills for MJJsource, there is nothing we can do. I personally am very hurt and sad about it, because we have worked very hard to do this for the fans. I do not want to stop talking to my friends….so you can find me here. Love, Karen”

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66 thoughts on “Why MJJSource.com Is Offline

  1. michael says:

    Michael is simply the very best singers, there is I’m big fan of him, I come from Germany and can write English and speaking. I would be very happy if you write me a letter to my e-mail address

  2. Rubia says:

    Hey hello!,,I’m a loving Michael Jackson fan from Holland.But in my heart it feels like I’m his friend first and fan second. I admire him very much and have a lot of respect for him. I’ll always remember all the good things he does for many people and it makes me very proud of him. It makes me think about what I can do for others as well and that’s wonderful. I think about him every day and pray he is doing well right now. Please tell him that I miss him and that I will always love him and wait for him to come back. Is there any other opportunity to mail him,or send him a letter.Please let me know I wanna say so many things to him. Would you like to respond me on my own mail address,,it would mean a lot to me. big hug x love Rubia

  3. luis says:

    dear brethren and companion in tribulation,glory to the father and the son the father whose has created all things and the son through whom by sacrifice in long suffering have overcame the tribulations of the power of darkness and have a fortress and sufficient strength to the continuing of our going to the desire of our soul. even the first begotten of the dead. peace and grace be unto I speak to you in righteousness, love and positiveness as the only language spoken. as a witness I sit in my stand I do wait for my time in patience observing the work of every man small and great rich and poor both free and bond even your work have I witnessed though our place be far from here and we are cast out by the wicked you have upholded me with the graceful flow of your strength in patience, I have travelled a distant so far, I am black after that the sun have look at me and even though you are still around with your complete condition of comfort at time I still tend to feel alone but in the fullness of my faith in time our hearts will be one as it should be which is our only desire for so long.so be it me be peace be multiply onto you.to Jackson m.

  4. Morganna Bramah says:

    This is such BS!!! I don’t believe a word of it!

  5. tschanna says:

    hi! I am such a MJ fan and I’m only in my pre-teens but anyway I believe that the site will come back on if the fans just believe and Michael and hes crew to believe and just wait (the fans too) it might come back on and if it don’t…………..like they said their is nothing they could do. well love you Michael!

  6. Lorita says:

    Hi I am from Louisiana I am a teenager and I am truly a really huge fan of Michael. Michael I love u.:)

  7. ej says:

    i would really love to ask Michael some questions and talk to him also how is he doing is he ok please get back to me

  8. Katrin says:

    why is he shutting down the only way for fans to communicate with him?? I really don’t understand. has money become such a big problem for him? did the world break him at last? I don’t believe in all this bullsh** that was written about him. I truly believe he never touched those boys. I hope he gets to read this sometime and if you do so, Michael, than stand up, don’t life on your knees. life’s a bitch, so stand up for yourself, for us and for anybody who believes in you!!! and there are so much people who believe in you. fight all the lies and come back!!!!!!!! your fans are needing you. don’t give up!!! I love you always. please answer me if you get this. yours always, Katrin

  9. Marion says:

    Hi Karen ,
    I’m Mj’s fan from France and I want to know if you already met Ben Jackson ? I love him so much and he gives a concert soon .. You’ll come ? Because I saw you were on his official site :)
    Please answer me ! Love , Marion .

  10. P?nar says:


  11. GEANINA says:

    hello everybody!i am so sorry that I found this site now.my heart is crying everyday since this GREAT MICHAEL dead.i can’t believe it.since than I can’t listening his songs, everytime makes me cry.i am so sorry.he was the most beautiful person in the world.make his soul rest in peace!i love you MICHAEL

  12. Sherry says:

    Michael Jackson was a living legend, but the reality of it all is that he was only human. I can’t even imagine how hard it must have been to be Michael Jackson. The things we do every day, and take for granted, he’s never even had the pleasure to experience. Now he’s at peace, and the living legend he once was in life, is nothing compared to what his legacy will become in death. So now, you can rest in peace Michael, and let all that hard work you’ve done, and all that pain and suffering you’ve endured for being you, do its job. Michael Jackson left a legacy for EVERYONE to be proud of, in a NAME that will live on and on, forever and ever. Thank you so much for being you, now rest in peace. I will love you, and miss you FOREVER Michael.

  13. Sherry says:

    I only wish I knew about this site sooner. Now is the time to bring this site back to life. There’s ALWAYS a way. Michael wanted us, his fans, to heal the world. Maybe we can, even if it starts with one person at a time. Maybe we can lean on each other, somehow, and listen to each other, and learn from each other, and maybe we can start something, somehow. Maybe we can start right here, on Michael’s official website. Michael showed us that NOTHING is impossible. Maybe we can show him what we’ve learned, and try to make him proud!! Rest in peace Michael. We Love You!!

  14. Penny says:

    I’m from a very small town in Kentucky and I have been a HUGE fan of Michael Jacksons for many years. I truly enjoy his music. I will say that music today is nothing compared to his music , Michaels music was clean and not violent. He had a special beat to all his music and the songs had such meaning. I will miss him dearly and all his wonderful music and his performances. I never believed for a second that he was guilty of what they tried to pin on him.Its a shame that a person can’t be different and live there life without people destroying others. You know what comes out of our mouths can be like a knife cutting someone up, WORDS to hurt people we’re human. Can’t we as people just live and let live. I want to say REST in PEACE Michael you will live on threw your music forever.

  15. Mikaeli says:

    Hello to all the Michael Jackson Fans out there Worldwide. I am a fan who has stepped in faith to start a couple of things that I believe in my heart will honor and support Michael, his children and family and his legacy and life. Sometimes we are left with a seed in our hands and we have to plant it in the ground and water it for it to grow and I believe God provides the Sun because without it nothing can grow or live. Our ground or soil is our hearts. If you truly loved Michael the way you say you do then let’s start right now to make a difference 4 MJ. Please visit my new site at fwbmd.com or fwbmd4mj.com and read and sign our humble petition to have the Jacksons and Janet Jackson do a Worldwide Farewell Tribute and Concert Tour for Michael Jackson that will help bring honor and love to his name, Estate, life and legacy. We can all make a difference if we just stop and work together.

    The second part is an event that will raise funds for the charities Michael supported and believed in. Stand up for Michael now with more than your words. Give back! How powerful would it be to the world to have fans worldwide stand together and keep Michael’s message of giving alive.

    Our goal is 1,000,000 signatures worldwide to let the Jacksons’ know we would support them. Please also let me know if you will volunteer for an event to raise money for the charities. My email is on my site.

    Thanks to those of you who operated this site for a long time. MICHAEL DESERVES ARE HELP NOW! Thanks to all his fans who want to make a change starting with themselves, and giving to others as Michael did and planting the seed Michael left you through his words and music in your heart!

  16. sinead craven says:

    I have been a huge fan of Michael Jackson since I was a child.I am from Ireland. He was/is truly the greatest entertainer of all time. I am very sad at his sudden death and still find it hard to believe he is gone. I HAVE A LITTLE GIRL AGED 6 AND SHE LOVES MJ TOO. I always believed he was innocent of those cruel allegations. I know they deeply upset Michael. His music will live forever, always love you Michael and miss you.

  17. janet says:

    Please find a way to bring this site back!

  18. Joyce says:

    I too, am a big MJ fan, and found this website way too late, but I really do think a site for MJ fans to express our feelings for Michael needs to be available. Perhaps a site like this will allow us to bring closure to Michael’s tragic death. I watch his videos and listen to his CD’s to give me comfort. The submissions that other MJ fans have posted on YouTube is really a great way to remember Michael as there are so many wonderful video clips of him smiling, laughing, and showing his shy side. Thanks to all of those fans who allowed those submissions and aren’t actually trying to make money off of his death, which I feel is absolutely despicable. He was such a caring person, a true angel, and now he’s in heaven where angels belong. RIP Michael.

  19. Alis says:

    I will always love you MICHAEL.

  20. tatiana says:

    I love you forever Michael Jackson your music will be in my hart R.I.P love you (L)

  21. carmina says:

    I love you Michael, you are the best! And I know you will be back.Love for ever….00xx

  22. amandine says:

    You were the King Of Music my dear. I miss you so much. I don’t stop crying until today. We have lost a versatile and talented artist who has touched hearts of millions of people in the world even in little villages of poor countries. You inspired so many people and gave life to music. You made us discovering a happy music and made everybody dancing. So many things to say about you but the main point is that you were a true artist who respected what he did. Long life to your memories and your music! RIP my shinning star!

  23. Giselle says:

    I cry every single day! I watch the DVDs and listen to the CDs every day…………it’s amazing how much I miss MJ! I’ve read every book/magazine/piece of info about him………..I’m very, very sad that he’s not here with us……….but I’m still dreaming……..we should never give up!

  24. ula says:

    In 1996 I was on his tour “Dangerous” in Poland. I was standing close to the stage. I stopped his attention for a while. Then looked into his eyes, we stared at each other for a few seconds. I still strongly remember his eyes: they were so sad and lonely, I felt like I saw cosmos space in his eyes (sorry, I can’t explain it better). I have never seen such eyes before.
    Now he is not lonely and sad anymore. The way not to cry for me is that I got an idea into my head that he is still alive. It’s really helps.

  25. amelia says:

    You are (not ready to say was)the most amazing ,the most gentle,loving,human being.You are a gift.An angel voice,an angel soul.
    Still missing you so much.

  26. nadeen says:

    I love Michael Jackson forever

  27. Joyce Buckley says:

    Michael, I have been with you and your brothers from day 1. I love you and your family very much and will “Always”
    support you guys. Remember, I love you more, RIP MICHAEL ;)

  28. maria clara says:

    you rock my world

  29. Marko says:

    Michael, thank you for everything. I will miss you. You are my hero.

  30. maria clara says:

    God created the pattern and threw them .. No one has been and will not ever be like him! All the respect in the world for the best singer dancer and the best man.MICHAEL JACKSON THE BEST

  31. daisy says:

    Michael is a shining spirit that walked the Earth while shining throughout the Universe. His songs and messages will continue to touch other spirits around the world forever… we love you more…4evermore…SHINE!

  32. makala says:

    i don’t understand why this website can’t still be up. I mean yeah hes dead but you know how many people are disappointed because of this. we all love Michael and we don’t want to see everything end because he is not here to support whatever it is. I’m 14 and a huge fan of his probably the biggest one you will ever meet. and I say just because hes gone doesn’t mean you can’t still have the website up. its important to the millions of other fans including me. so please don’t take it down it will hurt me alot. please think about it. bye. I love you forever Michael Jackson! rip.

  33. maria clara says:

    was and is the light of the world, was given by an angel among angels left God and bring him back even for a few seconds to ease the pain of our souls to embrace him and tell him how much we love and how the more they miss, how many tears, and many wounded souls left here … Do we can bear so much suffering.”You rock my world”.

  34. Bernie says:

    Everyday I think of Michael Joseph Jackson, I think of all the loyal fans, his family and friends and then I think, he is resting in peace, away from the people who were always out to destroy him. God knows how he lived and what he did in his life and God will ultimately judge us all. Pray for his family and our souls. That maybe we will meet one day. Maybe one day he will make sweet music in Heaven. R.I.P

  35. Bernie says:

    I listen to the song “Never can say goodbye” and think of you Michael.

  36. yosra says:

    FU** Karen faye!!!
    RIP MJ..Love you Forever

  37. maria clara says:

    “In the darkest hour of my deepest despair in mine, too, will you still care? Will you be there? In my throes ….. In my deznadajduirile … I will never let out! Because you are always … in my heart! “Since we care about you man and be there, and we will give courage and we promise that we will never leave aside for you will always be in heart noastra.Stim you’re only a man!with respect unbounded!

  38. RENATE says:

    I have a feeling,I always had it ,that you didn’t cross the line ,you know….that line.I understand you,I really mean that.Anytime you need a friend ,a real one I’ll be here,just let me be your secret friend ,someone in the dark for you.God bless you.God take care of you wherever you are.If you read this ,please answer me.

  39. Alex. says:

    Hi I am Alex from Ukraine.
    I will always love your music and your songs.
    You still in my heart and will there all my life.
    I miss for you Michael.

  40. Sue Nichols says:

    I too am sorry that I found the actual MJ website after he is gone. I truly, truly adored him, and if he pulled the plug on this website, then we all know that in 2005 after the trial, he was so broken he needed to get away. He needed to try and heel himself. God I miss him, and wish he would have not been so trusting of the bad people in the end. He was so brilliant in so many ways, but I think he was just so broken for so long, by what the people did to him, that he just was too vulnerable to fight back. I’m so sorry Michael, I miss you so. I wish you would have gotten stronger, and fought back. Love you always, Sue

  41. adriana says:

    WHATEVER HAPPENS, you are in my heart, FOR ALL TIME, my sweet ANGEL ! I love you more, for eternity, my Angel !

  42. ilovepain_19 says:

    me too, I found it when he’s already gone..its just sad..
    but you will live on..
    we love you Michael…

  43. zac says:

    MJ is so awesome I love him why couldn’t Justin Bieber have died not MJ

  44. mm says:

    I love MJ and so do my family

  45. Robin says:

    For all that you were and all you endured…thank you

  46. john says:

    we should all leave “MJ” he’s done his bit, he’s never gonna come back “NEVER!” so stop dreaming!!
    ps I love you MJ X

  47. Elena says:

    Stop dreaming?
    This is impossible, as impossible to come to terms with the death (((((((((((((
    Michael, come back please!

  48. christina robinson says:

    Dear Michael…
    Its. 5 days away from 2011. Tina has gone by quick. I’ve missed you! I’ve been a big fan, supporter, of yours for 28 years. I love your music, dance, able to give unconditional to people and to love. I’ve been inspired by you in my life to sing, dance, and do what I love..be a nurse. I love caring for others. I’ve always admired you, but deeper than that, love you The Man! Always wish to meet you. I lived by you my hole life. I deal your pain of what you have gone through in your life. I have had way more difficulties than I should of had to endure. Enough for 5 life times! I’ve always wanted to be your wife! I hope you will read these, & hopefully mine might stand out!! I know your alive, and you had to leave because of important reasons of your own. I get that. I respect that! I know you will be BK. If there is a God listening I deal a strong connection in our souls! Contact me, I’d be honored! Please be safe,, take care, & most important..Hurry BK!! I love you with my mind body and soul. Your PRINCESS for ever….Christina****L.O.V.E.***PEACE***BELIEVE

  49. Pattykake says:

    I’m listening to MJ as I’m writing this message. I miss you Michael. What a wonderful talent & artist you were.

  50. imani says:

    MJ is wonderful he is always in my dreams and visions I have been a fan for 10 years and I’m 11 years old so that’s pretty long and I’m trying my hardest to make the world a better place :)

  51. Michael Anthony says:

    Wow! I am still very saddened by all that has happened. Michael’s death was devastating. I get very sad looking at what happened with his reputation. This is a man that gave over 500 million dollars to the world. A man that was truly the most sincerely hearted man. Boy is he awesome. He holds many guineas book of records. He sold over 750 million records in his life and more after his death. No artist even the Beatles didn’t even come close and of course he owns all rights to the Beatles! The greatest entertainer that ever lived. Every hit that he provided with a new signature dance move. Every one was another miracle. He holds the record for the most hits, each tour broke a new record after each other for the biggest audience in the history of any tour. They had to build stadiums just for him to be able to perform. He performed in soccer fields because of how great the audience was each tour was bigger than the last breaking new records. You see artists that none deny that everything they sing and dance is from Michael Jackson. They change with the new form of music to make a hit. Michael for his almost 40 year solo career made hits after hits changing music. Always had new style his way. New dances and a new story. I can go on and on. I hate this judgment people have after the. Charges which were dismissed for a reason people. You know the accuser 5 years before it sewed JC Penney claiming they sexually abused her and beat her receiving 100 thousand. Then admitted at the trial she lied about it. Chris tucker testified that they asked him for money. They had different stories as
    They went through it. Chris tucker let them come on the set of rush hour 2. They were supposed to stay for a day but stayed for 7 all on Chris. constantly asking for money Chris Tucker called Michael Jackson warning him and telling him to watch out and that he had a bad feeling about them. The reason this boy was alive is because of Michael that allowed the family to live at Neverland. Michael spent a lot of money saving his life. Allowed them full access to the chauffeurs which the mother used a lot getting her hair and nails done on Michael which he paid for everything. They then stabbed in the back which screwed them selves because they got caught lying and lying and lying! They even admitted in court that they lied about some things but not all. The jury later said to media that the story was fabricated. There is so much more. However, you can always see it all laid out if you educate yourselves of all the facts. A psychiatrist testified that Michael does not fit the profile that sexual abusers are normal your next door neighbor they blend in. Michael Jackson he states is too much of what we imagine gays or men who sexually abuse children are like but criminals and guilty ones blend in and act like a construction worker an ordinary man. The jurors also stated that the considered how 1000’s of children called wanting to testify stating that Michael cares and never committed anything or even hinted any wrong act. But only 2 ever did wanting MONEY! There is many facts you must look at. Anyway he is the biggest humanitarian the greatest entertainer that ever lived. You ever see any tours he pops out of the stage and doesn’t move just stands still and the people are fainting and going crazy. He moves 6 inches to remove his sunglasses they get crazier he didn’t have to do anything just his presence made people in awe! This man was truly the King!

  52. Rahma says:

    I Love you Michael Jackson I am your Fans from the first day i was born in 11/09/1978 & i was hearing your music every where in my family house because all my family loves you so i feel lucky that i was born in your time to share this life with you and breath the same air with you our brave hero.

    Just Remember One Thing That You Are Always In My Heart :)))

    I Love You My Honey

  53. Katie says:

    Hello.I am a huge fan of MJ since I was 11(1996 year). At that time Michael gave his first and only concert in Poland.I remember that very good:)Then I grow up but still love him.I though I will have a chance to see him at London…I remember the day he died.It was devastating for me…My little daughter 4 1/2 years loves MJ :) I named her Susie because of Little Susie and Blood on the dancefloor. I will love you MJ forever.kisses from Poland

  54. kay says:

    I grew up with his music and i watched all he went through. why does the world have such a problem believing that such goodness and honesty and caring be possible ? it was never Micheal. i think its the people. i am sorry for the trouble he went though and i don’t think people as a race will ever just see him a a sweet honest to good person only because it is very rare . i wonder what god thinks of all the judgement people have in this world. when did innocent become illegal . this world can be cruel and they took his innocent away and in the long run his spirit, fight and then his life ( if all this is a crime then i hope to be there to) .i hope u r in heaven smiling down on us actually i can picture it god bless his family and children

  55. Keyana Henry says:

    Watch I am going to make a time machine and I’m going to change every single sh** that happened and I am going to meet my dear lover Michael. Things will happen everything is just dark and Glummy nothing is right anymore we are having earthquakes even more its not snowing in winter and people are killing even more! Michael I want to change things and im coming to you first I love you as much as god and my family. You are the only person I’m missing right now

  56. abbigale says:

    Well I thought the delay was because of Michael Jackson’s death.Well I think it was because of the two things.:(

    king of pop<3

  57. True fan says:

    Mj is not dead that’s the truth

  58. Maria says:

    oh what can i say after all this statements!all this love!!im an Mj crazy 2! since i was 6 when billie jean was released back in the 80s !ever since im attached on Mike so my childhood memories i grew up with him”13y
    & i got his ticket coming 4 concert but never made it for Greece:( so close!!:( ! but Mike wont ever be a memory -he received so much love and returned back to us !an Angel among humanity!!i do believe he was very sensitive person and that he didnt received the quantity of love he needed from mr Joseph..Michael we remain and multiply our love to you for a lifetime!!my son 3y already singing beat it;)))his fave1.
    going to affect next generation wow..
    emprace yourselves fans all over the world keep loving Michael!!i do……and the legend continues….dont let go!!!!!_

  59. leila t says:

    hi,my name is leila I’m from Iran. I cant believe you dead Micheal. You are live live live i love you mj you are in my heart for always.you are besting for all for me for always and ever mj please telling me where are you my honny? I’m not ok because i don’t find you i love you my best i love you baby love you love you love you so honey .please coming back to me .

  60. Maddy says:

    All Michael ever wanted was to give and receive love. He has inspired so many generations all over the world. I miss him and it’s still hard for me to process the fact that he’s not with us any more, but his music will live on.

  61. Carmen Sosa says:

    Michael Jackson was and will be the best entertainer ever. He was a gentleman and a dear loving person. He will stay in our hearts for ever.
    We will see him in paradise.
    We love you Michael!!!!!

  62. Dianne 3Keys says:

    I just wanted to say that I miss you and your in my thoughts everyday,L.O.V.E. You More ?????

  63. Dianne 3Keys says:

    I just wanted to say that I miss you and your in my thoughts everyday,L.O.V.E. You More ?????

  64. SusieQ says:

    May your soul be Blessed where ever you are Michael, I know that the Creator must have had special plans for you when He took you out of this harsh world. Your legacy lives on, you have made a difference in the world and many would ever be the same as you touched hearts and lives. God Bless your kids and give them the strength and courage that you had, love them sooo much. Love you Always. Love you more!

  65. Rosie B says:

    I just wanted to say we all miss you Michael we really do and we all love you.

  66. Mina says:

    Lovely micheal:
    You are always in your fans heart.it’s very sad,we can’t see your qute smiles and everythinge eles abut you tolive,but your humanitarian and amazing mentality and your great personality is immortal in the world.
    I love you more.
    I love you too
    I love you frome the depth of my heart
    These always make me cry.

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