Why Ne-Yo Passed Britney Tracks To Nicole Scherzinger

Ne-Yo had talked last year about penning tracks for ’ comeback album ‘Blackout’, but the R&B singer tells The Guardian getting repeatedly blown off by the troubled pop tart prompted him to turn over the tracks to of the Pussycat Dolls. “I was writing for Britney Spears,” he tells Angus Batey. “We set up multiple sessions where she was supposed to actually come in and give her input on the songs, but she never showed up. OK, she’s goin’ through some things – whatever, fine. This was before the whole shaving of the head thing, but after that happened, her people stopped returnin’ phone calls. I had done six to eight songs specifically for Britney. But this is a business at the end of the day – and while I’m waitin’ for them to call back, I meet Nicole Scherzinger. She tells me she’s puttin’ together a solo project, so I gave Nicole, I think, two of those songs.”

After that, Ne-Yo’s troubles contacting Britney’s people suddenly ended. “And when news of that came out, then Britney’s people call me! ‘Hey! What’s goin’ on? Why’re you givin’ away Britney’s music?’,” Ne-Yo explained. “I’m like, ‘Wait, waitwaitwaitwaitwait! Until y’all cut me a check, I’m givin’ away my music. It may’ve been written with Britney in mind, but it’s not hers.’ I heard that she was upset with me, and, you know, I don’t care. My door swings both ways. Whitney and Michael – those are artists you wait on. But Britney? Nah, not yet. You got a little workin’ to do before you get to where I sit on a song for you. Sorry.” Read more.

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