Why Paris Hilton Broke Up With Nick Carter

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Wednesday night, “According to the New York Post, has broken up with Nick Carter. Apparently she came home early and caught him looking at another woman’s sex video on the internet.”

Nick Carter And Shop At Ralphs

February 11, 2004 – Paris and Nick were photographed going shopping at Ralphs Super Market on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles on Monday (February 9). They left the store with two shopping carts full of groceries, and had assistance from one of the store clerks.

Nick And Paris Headed To Vegas For Elton John Show

February 9, 2004 – tells The Las Vegas Sun she and boyfriend Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys, who was with her at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party, will be at the Friday night debut of Elton John’s Caesars Palace engagement. Carter said that he had recently seen producer David LaChappelle’s video wall of Pamela Anderson on a stripper pole. The video of Anderson’s pole routine will be part of Sir Elton’s show.

Paris Hilton Forced To Crash Clive’s Party After Snub

February 9, 2004 – The Mirror reports Paris had big troubles trying to obtain a ticket to Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles on Saturday (February 7). Yesterday, a spokesman for Davis said: “Paris wouldn’t be on his guest list. Clive Davis’s parties are legendary and his list is for musical royalty.” And after being pestered with phone calls by the ‘Simple Life’ star, Davis was heard telling a companion, “That girl has been calling me non-stop. Why can’t she leave me alone? I don’t even know her.” She ended up arriving anyways with boyfriend Nick.

Paris Hilton Tried To Cheat On Nick Carter While In Brazil

February 8, 2004 – Contributed anonymously: Brazilian magazine Capricho reports Paris was trying to cheat on Nick while in Brazil. She said to her manager she wanted to talk to a cute 18-year-old Brazilian top model. They talked for a few minutes. She gave him her telephone number and said they could go out in New York, where the guy was going to have some auditions. In the end of the article, the magazine says the blond heiress actually doesn’t have blue eyes, she has brown eyes and wears blue contact lenses.

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5 thoughts on “Why Paris Hilton Broke Up With Nick Carter

  1. elghato says:

    weird seeing as how they didn’t break up. there’s pics of them at the grocery store from yesterday/day before.

  2. popnicklover says:

    The New York Post is full of bullsh**, but the joke was actually pretty funny!

  3. itrytobenice says:

    hm…lol. jay leno sometimes says some stuff that isn’t funny. but, this one isn’t that bad. even though Nick and Paris are still together.

  4. ParisArany says:

    damn, it’s crazy how they’re always clowning on Nick…haha that thang was funny. I think Paris can do so much better, if she had that hot model Jason Shaw, she can pretty much have any papi she wants.

  5. milasmine says:

    Maybe Jason had nothing more to offer than his looks. Not only is Nick fine he is also talented and incredibly sweet. I know this personally, because my mom and I meet him through her work-before a BSB concert. He was as funny as I thought he would be, but even better looking and taller than I had expected. This all pretty much sums up what Paris wants in a man…”Gorgeous, funny, smart, honest…”I wonder how much talent it takes to be a model?

    Ps. sorry about the model thing if you are a model yourself, hey you got one up on me if you are:)

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