Why People Make A Big Deal About Christina’s Voice? Here’s Why

Contributed anonymously:

Lately there has been so much conflict about how people wonder why ’s voice is made into a big deal, and by now I am still confused to WHY this is being taken the wrong way.

First of all, nobody has said that Christina can’t sing. Even haters can admit that Christina has a powerful voice that’s worth listening to sometimes, and has more substance, depth, and variety compared to artists like Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, etc. I don’t like Christina much because how she just tries too hard to be dirty all the time. I think she’s a classy lady, and with that voice and that look about her, I think she should represent herself in a better light than always trying to act as if she’s going to hump anything that moves. I admit that she can sing, very well, I do.

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