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I read so many silly essays on Popdirt that talk about why Britney Spears is great or why she sucks or why Christina Aguilera is great or why she sucks. Then I see the same articles about why the Backstreet Boys are great or why they suck or why *NSYNC is great or why they suck. Then I see people who write essays trying to get people to stop writing essays which never made much sense to me. Now since I know we all love participating in debates, but not necessarily the same ones, I’m going to write an essay about someone who I believe deserves a little more respect.

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I’m going to keep this short and simple. I’m not going to bring album sales into this and I’m not going to compare her to anyone else. All I want to do is point out to the many people who read this that Pink is very unique. She has an ever changing style that’s all her own. In the 4 years she’s been entertaining people, Pink has constantly kept people guessing and talking without ever hogging the spotlight. She doesn’t feel the need to appear half naked on the cover of magazines and she doesn’t feel the need to always be controversial and demand everyone’s attention. The only thing she’s ever asked for was to be given a chance and to be given respect; both in which she’s earned.

Pink has shown us that she can be a very versatile entertainer. She’s gone from R&B to hip hop to soul and to the blues. She’s done rock, she’s done pop, she’s done techno and she’s done dance and all of that in just 3 albums. Pink has managed to do something in 4 years that most musicians don’t get done in a lifetime. She has carved herself a place in the music world whether people like it or not. She can get attention without being obnoxious. She can show off her beautiful voice without screaming in every song. In essence, Pink is the perfect pop star.

It’s about time people start taking notice and appreciate Pink for all of the contributions she’s made to the music industry. How many other females in the music world are willing to stand by their work and continue to be themselves when the rest of the world wants them to change? Take a look around, because there aren’t too many of them left.

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One thought on “Why Pink Rocks

  1. Lannie says:

    Oh man I so agree with you. Pink is truly one of the most unique female artists out there. I’ve watched her new Live music video “Sober” on YouTube about 15 times today. I know that sound like a little too much, but I just can’t stop listening to that song. There is something about her voice that just fills my arms with goosebumps and her body movements are amazing. Well all I have to say is… I’m totally on your side. People now a day don’t understand talent. Ignorant Ignorant people I tell you… all they want to see or hear is what’s “in” and artists who have that inocent sexy look. I say… F***K that! P!nk is effin HOT and not only because of her body, but also because of her killer personality. She’s kept it kool and herself all these year… better than all those fakers… (coughs)Nelly Furtado….. well that’s all I gotta say. PEACE.

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