Why Posting Here Is Not A Waste Of Time

Ok, I have read some opinions here alleging that it is a waste of time to defend the musical artists we hold in high regard and espouse their talents on forums like popdirt. Apparently, some would believe that for our efforts to not be a waste of time, the artists themselves would have to personally congratulate us or something! I totally disagree!!!

And on a side note, I don’t know how defending the artists is somehow worse than writing about why defending them is a waste of time. It really makes me wonder why anyone would even come here if they are not interested in pop culture and those who are at the pinnacle of it, like Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne, etc.

Even outside of the music, watching Avril’s rise to superstardom as the Punk Princess in 2002, or Britney’s rise to fame before that, was very cool. In Avril’s case (and I will use her to illustrate, since I like her more than the others), she became more than the music, she became a cultural icon. Celebrating her art on places like popdirt is part of being AND CAUSING the world to get swept up in Avrilmania. It reinforces our own place as part of pop culture history. It is like people who talk about “the boy band era” or “the 80s” or like the people who first greeted the Beatles when they first jumped off the plane from England! People went mad-crazy over the or the Beatles and do you think they regret wasting a couple of hours waiting around to see them? No! At their high school reunions, they probably all pat themselves on the back and say, ‘wow, you remember all that time we spent gushing over them in magazines, and now look at how people still talk about them! Isn’t that kewl’!?!

I pity the people who will look back in 5 years and have no memories of their favorite artist other than, well I went to one of their shows once, but I didn’t exactly have a group of SUPERFANS to go and totally rock out with to magnify the experience times ten! You are a person out of time and have no connection to the culture you are growing up in, that’s what I say.

Even artists who may be past their prime, like Britney for example, still have a reason for people to be devoted fans. I mean, if you are big fans and are all watching her kiss Madonna live on TV, you are like OMG DID I JUST SEE THAT LIVE?! WOW THAT IS HISTORY IN THE MAKING AND WILL BE TALKED ABOUT FOREVER!

And it doesn’t really matter if you are a fan or a h8r, you can still follow the artists. Someone can call Christina (for example) a skank-ho and someone else can call her a vocal genius and you know what? They can both be right from their own perspectives! That is why posting here is interesting is because you get both sides of the culture that surrounds someone being a cultural icon! Is Eminem awesome or Eminem is a jerk? He is both and different things to different people!

But if you don’t even want to take up one side of the story, thinking you are too snooty-good to get wrapped up in things, THAT would be the worst case of all. Imagine, growing up and not even having an opinion on Avril or Eminem. Your kids would ask you if you lived in a cave or something.

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