Why Some People Don’t Like Hilary Duff

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I’m sick of seeing and hearing about Hilary Duff. Here’s Why.

– Her “acting”: she is one of the worst “actresses” I’ve ever witnessed. Every one of her roles are identical. From interviews I’ve read and seen, her personality is almost the exact same as Lizzie McGuire’s. That’s not really acting, is it? Her role in “Cheaper By The Dozen” was dreadful. In “Lizzie McGuire,” all she does is whine, gasp, trip/fall down, scream, or get mad at one of her friends for no reason, only to make up with them before the 20 minutes is over (while teaching kids that all that matters is looks, clothes, popularity and boys who are cute– don’t worry, it doesn’t matter if they have an IQ of 40.) Her latest music video, “Come Clean” was one of the worst I’ve seen in a long time. The concept isn’t bad…but it has next to nothing to do with the song, other than the rain. If she’s such a great actress, why doesn’t she ACT in her video? She doesn’t even raise an eyebrow to show any type of emotion at all. I shuddered as I saw it. She also has a “dialogue coach” that tells her exactly how to recite each line. That is not acting.

– Her “singing”: UGH! There is NOTHING there with her voice. It sounds identical to her speaking voice– which is annoying enough!– and she sings in the same simple key in all of her songs. There is no sign of proper training in her voice, or any vibrato. It is the most painful thing to listen to. It’s whining and talking to music, backed up by computers. Her songs are terrible. They aren’t “rock” like she thinks. They are pop, and nothing but.

– Her “performances” : She lip-syncs. Her fans constantly try to deny it, because they believed her when she said she didn’t lip sync. You can tell when someone is lip syncing. When it sounds exactly like the recording, they’re lip syncing. She doesn’t even dance, nor do anything that would make her tired– so she can’t use that as an excuse. Britney at least dances and puts on a heck of a show– you aren’t just sitting there watching someone pace back and forth on stage (read: Hilary.) On the MTV New Year’s thing– her CD began skipping and she ended up having to turn on her mic and sing ONE line. Just ONE. It was flat, off key and emotionless. LyKe, rAwK 0n HiL!!

– Her personality : She is the walking stereotype. In all of her interviews, she always talks about how much she loves clothes, shoes, makeup and purses. Or she’ll talk about how much she loves her dogs or her sister, or how excited she is about turning/being 16 and getting her driver’s license. NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL LIFE– YOURS IS BORING! She’s a perky, bubbly, ditzy “like totally” type blonde girl– at least that is how she is portrayed in the media.

– Her clothes : I admit, they don’t show a lot. Maybe because she doesn’t have much to show off. She doesn’t have a chest to flaunt around. Her butt is non-existent. She’s not fat, but she’s wide, so she has to choose wisely to camouflage that. Lately, all she’s been wearing is a black tank top, black pants, her hair in an unflattering, ridiculous half poof ball with way too much black eyeliner. Not very interesting.

– Her looks : She is not ugly, I’ll admit. But she is not beautiful either. She is extremely, painfully generic. How many times have we seen a blonde girl with a cute face? There is nothing interesting about her, and I’m so sick at seeing her face everywhere.

Some would say is a good role model for young children. Maybe compared to a lot of performers nowadays– but not in general. She is not teaching them anything important– other than “boys! Makeup! Clothes! Purses! Shoes! Shopping!” if you consider that important. She doesn’t seem to donate any of her millions of dollars to any sort of charity– although she does attend some charity events…what good does she do if she’s just there? Give them 50k at least.

Many of her fans try to defend her lip syncing escapades with “she’s 16 and just starting out.” Perhaps she should’ve taken some singing lessons, practiced behind the scenes, gotten some more experience and THEN gone on tour. and Christina Aguilera were on Star Search at a young age and sang 100% live. went on tour when she was 15/16 as well, and sang live (I witnessed this.)

There is a young, talented singer/actress named Kaci, who is merely a few days younger than Hilary. She was the lead child role in an independent Christian film when she was 9 or 10. She got her record deal at age 11, toured with the Backstreet Boys and O-Town by age 13. Her voice is remarkably mature, considering she recorded her CD between the ages of 11-14. (Check out her song “Paradise”…she recorded it when she was ELEVEN!) She doesn’t claim her music is anything but pop (it is a little outdated, being recorded in 2001, but she’s working on a new album) She is a good role model, has her head on straight, is attractive and most importantly, TALENTED. She should be getting mainstream attention. Check her out at www.kaci.tv

Hilary Duff is nothing but a teenage girl running around in expensive clothes, saying words that have been written on a piece of paper, and talking to music. She is the farthest thing from an actress or a musical performer– and it’s offensive.

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2 thoughts on “Why Some People Don’t Like Hilary Duff

  1. confusedperson says:

    dude I agree with you, Hilary is nothing but studio magic and I don’t mean to sound like a racist when I say this but the only reason why Hilary Duff is so famous for having absolutely no talent is because he is a pretty rich white girl. that’s why paris hilton is so famous right? she just a spoiled rich white girl that got her own reality show. and how is she a role model to the young people..?? because she clean? they said Britney spears was a role model until she went all sluty and stuff it is not long till Hilary does the same.

  2. Yuna says:

    “– Her “singing”: UGH! There is NOTHING…”


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