Why The Sudden Change Of Heart?

Contributed by BadAss4Backstreet:

Why the sudden change of heart from Britney Spears? She’s chosen NOT to sell her baby pictures to the media now, which, if you ask me, is probably the smartest thing she’s EVER done since walking onto the pop scene. To exploit your own flesh and blood like that is the lowest thing you could possibly do. This has me wondering…did Britney have a sudden change of heart and grow a conscience? Or is it something more? (And I swear, I hope it’s the first one; for the sake Sean, who is, I must say, rather cute as far as I could tell!! DEFINITELY her greatest accomplishment.)

To me, I wonder…If it IS something more, what is it? I seriously doubt she’s grown a conscience over this, and it’s just another headline for her. She’s learned to work the media machine over the years, and we’ve learned she’d rather have bad publicity than good…hello, look at the last couple years worth of antics from her.

Here’s what I’m thinking…

Britney didn’t grow a heart…she didn’t freak out at the thought of “selling out” her precious baby boy. This does several things for her…

This sparks the curiosity of the people, and that means more media coverage…at the hand of the paparazzi she so “desperately hates” no less!! They will be swarming her even more to get that prized “first shot” of the baby, ESPECIALLY since Spears has threatened to take legal action for the “stolen” pictures. So, by pulling the plug, she gains more attention, more headlines. Is this the reason?

Now, when someone comes in and says “we really want the story, the pictures…we’ll give you $3 million” or however much. Is she doing this for the money? Was $2 million not enough?

The webmasters who put the pictures up…they shouldn’t have to take them down because someone got the bright idea to make a buck. SOMEONE made money off of the pictures. It wasn’t Britney, and I wonder if THAT’S the reason she’s super pissed now. What I really wonder about, though….it sounds as though Ruben at WOB is a bit pissed himself that she’d threaten legal action…or so it would seem….I’ve emailed him before and asked him if she does these things, why continue to support her? When she continues to pull stunts, why support that if you don’t like it? Never have gotten a response…would be interested to see what he has to say.

I know you Britney fans will have nothing but nasty things to say about me for writing this…and those of you (us) who HATE to see essays will ask me “why did you waste your time loser?” Let me express a couple of things…

I hope for her sake, her son’s sake, and for the sake of our gag reflexes, she has finally learned something. It would be nice to be wrong about her and see something good for a change come out of her camp. But you have no choice but to forgive the nasty thoughts about her, because if you’d take a look from a bias standpoint at EVERYTHING she’s done over the last 2 or 3 years…EVERYTHING she does, even in her private life, is fair game because she plays it all up for the sake of a headline. She has sold everything out….and then attempted to take the position of the victim, and that’s wrong. But maybe she’s really gained something by becoming a mother; maybe she really IS freaking out at the idea of selling out her son…maybe she really does love him; in her own way. I surely hope so…just because she’s a horrible human being doesn’t mean that innocent child should suffer from it.

And for those who hate essays…I’m sorry…just a few thoughts for those who don’t have any of their own. And no, that’s not ALL of you, but a good portion of you. You must admit, I don’t write them often, only when I really have something to say!

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