Why We Dislike Christina Aguilera Or Britney Spears

Contributed anonymously:

This essay (ignore if you hate ’em) is in contrast to a post made on popdirt. People either praise or trash and for their strengths and weaknesses. While fans of Britney may love her ability to keep your eyes glued to her oh-so-pretty costumes on stage and sing about totally superficial topics (keeping it fun to dance to at the same time) the fact that she’s never at any point been serious in her career is what people in general have a problem with the most. Singers sing, she doesn’t–end of story. Her entire career is based on image. If she were 5’2 and weighed 200 lbs singing about the touch of her hand, would anyone honestly give a crap? Um no. Why? Because she’d look gross doing it. Her appeal stems from her boobs, arse, and legs largely and because she uses singing as front to cover up her stripper-esque antics, people are annoyed. What’s worse is not only does she lip-synch but swears up and down that she sings live–ok, so we’ve established that she’s a pathological liar, check. In summation of B.S–the girl is as superficial as the come, lip-synching in pre-packaged Pamela Anderson wannabe body with nothing to contribute to music but her air-head shocking tactics and two-stepping that she has nerve to call “dancing.” Moving on.

Christina Aguilera. What hasn’t been said about her already? Well for one she’s trying to out-skank everyone in the industry and with the kind of voice she has it seems idiotic for her to do so. To justify her lack of clothes and fashion she uses the feminism excuse “I’m trying to empower women” Uhhh…NO. You don’t have to shove your crotch in and out of a camera to be empowered, nor are you any less proud of your sexuality if choose not to do so. Who knows the kind of person she is when the film stops rolling but from what we read of her in and see of her, she comes off as arrogant and full of herself. Most divas are so yea. Okay so she thinks she’s a “real artist” whatever. Sing more, talk less–end of story. Christina has the talent to be around for years but has a huge mouth that could end her career…possibly. Anyway, she’s seems to be cleaning up her act, after winning the Grammy so lets see how long it lasts.

FYI: I’m not a fan of either, nor can I tolerate one more so than the other. And I visit popdirt once every blue-moon—my reason for being anonymous.

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