Why Criticize Christina Aguilera About Album Sales?

Contributed anonymously:

All the time do you Britney fans criticize Christina fans about ALBUM SALES. Or Britney did this and Christina couldn’t do that. All this unnecessary fighting with each other. This is my first time posting a message on this site and it should be called “www.britney-christina-haters.com”. All the stupid articles about the two just make my blood boil. And this is why:

I always see this…
Baby, One More Time – 14milUS/24milWORLD
Oops!…I Did It Again – 10milUS/19milWORLD
Britney – 4milUS/9milWORLD
In The Zone – 2milUS/6milWORLD
Total – 30milUS/56milWORLD

Christina Aguilera – 8milUS/16milWORLD
Stripped – 3milUS/8milWORLD
Total – 11milUS/24milWORLD


Christina Aguilera – 8milUS/16milWORLD
Mi Relfijo – 1milUS/3milWORLD
My Kind Of Christmas – 1milUS/2milWORLD
Just Be Free – 0.05milWORLD
Stripped – 3milUS/8milWORLD
Total – 14milUS/30milWORLD

Find this familiar?

Also, many rumors about album sales. Using fake numbers. Well, these numbers are real. At least confirmed by the record labels (e.g.RCA, Jive) but that’s not my point. Album sales aren’t everything to find in an artist. At least a good one. Many of you always say that Britney has outsold Christina. That is true. However, it could also be said like this. has sold less albums that with 2 studio albums, where Britney has released 4. But, many Christina haters also say that Christina has released 5 albums. This is correct but only 2 of the 5 are studio albums. You Britney fans keep saying Brit has outsold her with only 4 albums. Well, I must ask…Did Britney ever have a Spanish album? Did she ever release a Christmas album? How about an album with absolutely no advertising. An album that Christina didn’t approve of herself and didn’t want her fans to purchase. That still managed to sell 55, 000
So the only way you Britney fans can defend your queen is when Christina’s fourth STUDIO ALBUM is released. Then you will have an unbiased comparison. 4 albums verses four albums. Well some Brit fans say she’s outsold Christina in DVD’s. Oooo…Is that a major issue? Literally, a recorded concert on DVD with some extra features and footage? IT’S JUST A DVD. They are artists, they make MUSIC. Not DVDS. Many Xtina fans also say that she is a nice girl with incredible voice talent. That’s true to many, and false to many. And most Britney fans defend her because of sales. That’s BUSINESS, nothing to do with music. But wait a second, hasn’t Britney been decreasing in sales with every forthcoming album? Or Brit fans also mention that she has more number one singles…INTERNATIONALLY. So far Britney has fifteen number ones, and Christina just has four. WRONG! You are saying actually that Brit has fifteen number ones internationally and Christina has four number ones…only in the US that is. Internationally, Christina really has six number ones…with just her debut and Stripped. You Britney fans are recently saying Christina’s lately been a major flop in the US with her two new singles “Tilt Ya Head Back” and “Car Wash”. One coming from Nelly’s Sweat album and one from the Shark Tale soundtrack. First of all, TYHB was overshadowed by Nelly’s other single at the time “Over and Over”. As TYHB was flying up the charts, OAO just came and blew it all away because of split buying. Plus, OAO was more recent. As for Car Wash, it’s from a kid’s movie. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT!? At least they are on the Hot 100, as where My Prerogative is not. Is Britney a flop too? Actually, the only song Xtina has made that hadn’t made the top forty was Dirrty, I guess due to its controversy and the decrease in fans. So now do you get this? No? Then write an article about it. Do it. Even post a comment. But write an article, I really want to hear what you think. Thanks for reading.

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