Wichita DA: Michael Jackson Love Letters ‘Patently False’

Wichita, Kansas District Attorney Nola Foulston appeared on Monday night’s edition of ‘On The Record’ with Greta Van Susteren, throwing cold water on the report that love letters between and his accuser existed, blasting Court TV’s Diane Dimond and the New York Post for reporting their existence. Foulston will appear again on tonight’s ‘On The Record’ at 10 PM EST. Read on for a transcript from that portion of the discussion.

Greta: Unless the letters, assuming they exist, or the poems, unless they are explicit relating to this kid indicating some activity with this child or this teen, whoever he is, a 12 or 13-year-old, what value is it to the prosecution?

Nola Foulston: Greta, you’re making an assumption and the assumption is wrong. The letters at this particular point in time, do not exist. I have been in contact with mr. Smith and posed the same question to him. He was surprised. First of all, when the search is over at a home, an inventory of what was taken is left at the residence. The inventory is specific only as to items such as documents, papers, videotapes, computer, et cetera. That is a requirement. There were, of course, items taken from the home. The items are removed into the custody of the sheriff’s office where they are then reviewed, inventoried, marked, and looked at. At the time, as late as today, there has been no discovery per se of any “love letters.” So any information that has come to you or to other members of the media is patently false.

Greta: As extraordinary information, i guess you fall in the category of trace and pat tonight, breaking news, because that’s extraordinary information. Because we’ve been talking about these love letters.

Nola Foulston: I can tell you tonight, that in my discussion with Mr. Smith within the last hour, there are no love letters that have been found and I can’t tell you that at a later point in time but the information that’s being disseminated is not from law enforcement. Certainly it’s not from Mr. Schmidten. It’s not been discovered in any documents that have been heretofore reviewed by law enforcement, and so somebody is setting a smoke screen or fire so that later somebody can say, well, we heard you had these love letters. Now produce theM. Making the prosecution look like they are hiding something. I’m telling you this evening, there are no such animals. “The new york post” has the wrong story and Diane Diamond has the wrong story because it is not correct.

Greta: I guess the one scenario that you missed, is sometimes we in the media are incompetent. You did miss that one.

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