Will Britney Spears Win?

As you all know, the Grammy nominations came out on Monday and…Many of us were greatly disappointed. ’ efforts fell short and only garnered her one nomination for Best Dance Recording for the ‘Toxic’ track. And Christina Aguilera failed to get anything. I guess mainly because a nomination for The Voice Within would have a weak base considering it was released from an album that is over 2yrs. old. However, one thing I DO like about the Grammys this year is how they have recognized truly credible artists such as John Mayer, Joss Stone, Bjork, Alicia Keys, Prince, Norah Jones and Kanye West. And how Usher wasn’t blown out of proportion, as usual. He has eight nods. But the big question is…Will she win? Will Britney get the gold for the first time?

Many say she is long overdue for a win. Will this be the year? I can’t tell you now…but let’s take a look at the competition. Kylie Minogue and Scissor Sisters are probably her two biggest competitors, but I feel pretty safe with saying that Britney will take this one. It’s a little bit funny that if she wins, she will win for a dance track and not a pop track. Maybe she will focus on dance rather than thin quality pop ballads for the next album…But that is if she wins. All aside, I can’t wait for the Grammys. They are once in a lifetime spectacle gala event. They can’t be missed!

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