Will Justin Timberlake Get Booed At The Grammys?

Syndicated radio host Wendy Williams was on CNN’s ‘Anderson Cooper 360’ Friday to discuss how is being allowed to perform at the Grammy Awards while Janet Jackson apparently won’t be attending. Williams suggested race was a factor and when asked if she thought the *NSYNC star would get booed, Williams said, “They’ll boo him, but they will also put clap tracks over it so we’ll never hear. You see what I’m saying? That’s all a part of the delay.” Read on for the transcript.

There’s new fallout from Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl falling out. She’s
been disinvited as a presenter at CBS’s Grammy Awards show this weekend.
But will be performing Sunday night. And just in case
any other performers have skin on their minds, the network will be using
what they call an enhanced tape delay, that means even if someone gets
rowdy, it won’t get on TV apparently. As long as it doesn’t last more than
five seconds.

Nationally syndicated radio talk show host, Wendy Williams, is here
with me to talk about the latest. It’s good to meet you, Wendy.


COOPER: Is this fair that gets to perform at the Grammy’s, Janet Jackson doesn’t?

WILLIAMS: Absolutely not. That’s the basis on which I think a lot of
people are very upset with the Grammys. He’s invited, he’s invited to perform. She will not even be in the building. She is not invited. Yes, it was her idea to go on the Super Bowl and expose her breast. He went along with it, guilt by association. Then, neither of them should be there.

COOPER: Do you think he’s going to get booed. There’s some talk people may boo him.

WILLIAMS: They’ll boo him, but they will also put clap tracks over it
so we’ll never hear. You see what I’m saying? That’s all a part of the delay.

COOPER: Are you going to watch the Grammys?


COOPER: Is it like a protest or are you just not interested?

WILLIAMS: well, award shows just aren’t my thing, but I also won’t be
watching, making a conscious effort not to watch, because it’s a black thing. Do you understand what I’m saying?

COOPER: You think in part it’s racial.

WILLIAMS: I think this has turned into a black thing. At first I did not want to believe that. People are quick, African-Americans to make this into a black thing, but this is a black-white thing in my opinion. And this is also a Jackson thing most definitely.

COOPER: In your opinion?

WILLIAMS: The crazy family, the brother Michael. Let’s get at them any way we can.

COOPER: It certainly has not been a good time for the Jackson’s right
now. Who else would be people to watch during this? I mean, who’s going to do well, Outkast I imagine?

WILLIAMS: Outkast is going to do very well. Outkast is going to come
out on top with this one. Andre 3,000 already has a movie deal. Oh gosh, I was just talking about this with somebody, I forget what it was — Polaroid has signed him.

COOPER: Did his mom name him 3,000. Is 3,000 the family name?

WILLIAMS: Well, you know, Andre is a different character. I’m sure that is a name he made up himself. His daring boldness to be different from
everybody else is going to pay off in this year’s Grammy’s

COOPER: And Beyonce? She’s going to do great.

WILLIAMS: She was nominated 5 times. I think she’ll walk away with at least 3.

COOPER: But you’re not going to watch.

WILLIAMS: I’ll be watching Joan Rivers doing the red carpet. That’s
my favorite part, Anderson.

COOPER: Really?


COOPER: The twin Rivers of scorn, Joan and Melissa? I don’t know about that.

Well, we appreciate you joining us, Wendy Williams, thank you very much. Good talking to you.

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