Will Lindsay Lohan Give Up Hollywood For NYU?

A very high-profile Paramount producer tells FoxNews.com’s Pop Tarts that ’s going to have to prove herself before getting another chance on the big screen.

“It will most likely take years of perfect behavior before Lindsay will work again,” the insider said. “It will literally cost a network millions to insure her for a movie and as talented as she is, it is highly unlikely that studios will be quick to get (her) back on the set.”

But that may be okay with the 21-year-old, who has developed different ambitions. “Despite what so many people think, Lindsay is an incredibly smart girl and always wanted to have that college experience,” a source explained. “She’s looked into a few institutions on the east coast and will most likely major in something like psychology. At this stage, NYU is a hot favorite.”

Lindsay Lohan’s Dad Blasts Dina For Being Two Faced

Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael tells ‘The Insider’ while he “can’t even say how great it’s been” to see his daughter’s condition at Cirque Lodge, he’s less than happy with his ex-wife Dina’s insincere claims to the press. “Dina, though, is painting this pretty picture for the media [that she’s happy about Lindsay’s relationship with me],” claims Michael, “but what she’s doing and saying behind the scenes is a totally different thing.”

The full story at theinsideronline.com has since been removed.

‘The Year 2000’ Targets Britney, Lindsay & Paris

Conan O’Brien and The Rock participated in ‘The Year 2000’ segment on ‘Late Night’ last night. The Rock predicted, “Lindsay Lohan will check out of rehab insisting that she is a new woman who crashes new cars on new drugs.” Conan then predicted, “Britney spears will give a triumphant performance at the VMAs, not the Video Music Awards,” but the Vagina May Appear awards.” The Rock then predicted, “Paris Hilton will release another sex tape. It will outsell her original sex tape thanks to better lighting and an impressive performance by the horse.”

Lindsay Lohan’s Mom Says She’s Not Ready To Leave Rehab

Lindsay Lohan’s mother Dina e-mailed Billy Bush to insist the 21-year-old is not set to leave the Cirque Lodge rehab facility in Utah. “Not true staying in Utah,” Dina wrote to Billy. Lindsay has been in rehab since early August.

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