Will Lindsay Lohan’s Morgue Visit Be The Shock Therapy She Needs?

Will a visit to the morgue as part of her DUI plea deal shock into good behavior? Clinical Psychologist Jeff Gardere explained to ‘The Early Show’ co-host Julie Chen that programs like this are worth it if they can save one life.

“It is going to be shock therapy,” Gardere said. “She will be assaulted. Her senses – the smell, the sights – even just the psychology of being in that area. The finality of death. In many ways, want they want to do, is get her to realize before it’s too late the possible catastrophic consequences of her behavior, not just to herself, but to innocent bystanders.”

Watch the segment, aired Monday (January 21), below the cut.

Saudi Arabia’s Getting More Progressive

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Monday night, “President Bush is visiting our good friends in Saudi Arabia. And the country says they’re getting more progressive. For example, today the king said they are considering allowing women to drive in Saudi Arabia. Well, except for Lindsay Lohan.”

At Jerry’s Famous Deli & American Rag Cie

was spotted with a mystery man in Hollywood over the weekend. LiLo headed out to Jerry’s Famous Deli for a bite, then went to American Rag Cie, warning the pesky paparazzo before walking in, “Out of the store dude.”

As Lindsay looked around for dresses, her mystery guy appeared actually to be as genuinely interested in the clothing as her. Lohan eventually emerged with a female assistant and got in her awaiting SUV.

Watch footage via YouTube below.

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