Will Michael Jackson Earn More Posthumously Than Elvis?

Michael Jackson 'Music and Me'

ITN reports that as fans begin ordering the ultimate souvenir book about the star called The Michael Jackson Special Edition Opus, it’s now thought he could earn more posthumously than Elvis Presley. In addition, Sony signed on to pay Jackson’s estate and AEG Live at least $60 million for the film rights to the King of Pop’s ‘This Is It’ tour rehearsal and behind the scenes footage. Watch the report via YouTube below.

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One thought on “Will Michael Jackson Earn More Posthumously Than Elvis?

  1. sc341 says:

    Michael is going to earn way more than Elvis ever did. The man was a musical genius, the Mozart of our era. I have spent months discovering all of his work which I never knew existed while he was alive and from what I hear there is a lot more to come. I just hope they release his stuff in the next 2 years because if they take too long in releasing it I don’t think I could stand waiting. I am in love with his life work and anxious to hear a lot more.

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