Will The Real Queen Of Flops Please Stand Up?

Contributed by Madfan:

We have been seeing the titles “Queen of Flops” and “Bargain Bin Queen” a lot here in PopDirt lately. I guess the title refers to the commercial and artistic failures that these divas have been experiencing lately. True, they may have sold millions of albums in the past, and the sales of CDs by all artists have significantly dropped lately. But the point is this: the efforts of these women to have hits, whether commercially or artistically HAVE failed — big time! The biggest contenders for thie title “Queen of Flops” are definitely the ones who used to be big: Mariah Carey, and Britney Spears.

These women have proven that the adage is true: The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

I would say that is the Queen of Flops on the commercial level. She hasn’t had an authentic Top 100 years in ages. Do we need to mention “Glitter” (which has become synonymous with the word flop in the English language, rivalled only by “Gigli”)? Do we need to mention her personal failures in her private life? (That’s not our business though).

I would say that is the Queen of Flop on the artistic level. She used to be applauded for the artistry of her music and videos. What happened? Her efforts of late have been pathetic recreations of her past work. A desperate attempt perhaps to capture past glory? No one is applauding, shocked or provoked anymore. Most importantly, no one is buying.

Cruelty aside, and biases aside, I would say that Britney Spears is the Queen of Flops on both commercial and artistic levels. Just think about it: she never really had a Top 100 hit since her first single, “…Baby One More Time.” On the artistic level…oh forget it, the words”art” and Britney just don’t go together. She’s just not intelligent enough to handle that aspect. She’s also the Bargain Bin Queen.

Then again…it’s just me. What about you? What do you think? Any more contenders? The race is on for the title “The Queen of Flops”…

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11 thoughts on “Will The Real Queen Of Flops Please Stand Up?

  1. hotstuff says:

    Madfan, no one will ever actually take your opinion seriously because you are a F-A-K-E, a P-H-O-N-Y and a L-I-A-R. you look like the biggest hypocrite on this site. no artist would ever want you as a fan because they want loyal, and honest people not fake bitches like yourself.

  2. Madfan says:

    I’m loyal to good & true artists like Celine Dion, Thalia and Mandy Moore, NOT fakes …like Madonna, Mariah and Britney, the queens of flops

  3. Julie816 says:

    Christina latest album debuted with 300,000 dollars which was less than Hilary Duff, Kelly Clarkson, and even Clay Aiken beat her. Now, who’s the queen of flops? Christina coke commercial wasn’t even a hit, her SNL appearance gave them a low rating, and she didn’t even get notice for the “kiss.” Christina getting made fun of by SNL for a being a wh8re and on VH1 illustrated she’s getting made fun of for being a wigger. That’s funny to talk about another artists being flops when Christina can’t even get the same press and media time as those artists. Mariah, Madonna, and Britney would be artists first chosen for events. Christina was last choice for the VMA performance. lol They even prefer Gwen Stefani or Pink over her.

  4. weebongo says:

    The undeniable Queen of Flops is of course Mariah. Her Remix album debuted to horrendous number becoming her biggest Flop EVER. Then she had another 2 huge bomb albums before that. Madonna has only had one album that didn’t do as well as her others lately. The album before ‘American Life’, ‘Music’ was a huge hit selling 15 million copies worldwide. It also had 2 top 10 hit singles. The only Queen of Flops is Mariah.

  5. Hell6 says:

    Really???? I don’t think so, OK. Your an ass… BTW, if those artist are ‘flops’, then what is the category of Kelly Osbourne, Jessica Simpson or even Natalie Imbruglia… That essay is indeed a piece of crap with a few flies all over it, um… I’m guessing ‘Madfan’ is indeed a fan of all of those great artist/performers/vocalist/entertainers, but also a fan of wacko Christina, that should be including in this list, because if Britney, Madonna and Mariah are flops than she also is a flop. BUT like I say, Madfan go to school and do something with your life.

  6. MariahsMan says:

    Again, more bias thoughts from Madfan. After the VMA performance with the infamous kiss…Madfan was praising Madonna and Britney. Now, they are flops?? You can’t even form a comment without mentioning one of these three ladies. You’ve also mentioned that even though Celine’s album sales have slipped as well, she’s not a flop because she’s the “greatest.” The greatest what? Bore?

  7. babet says:

    Besides Mariah…. because I think she still has talent and just needs a few more hit songs besides sappy ballads…… I agree. Madonna has gone downhill lately ever since after her “don’t tell me”video…..and Britney….well you’re completely 100% right there.

  8. MariahCareyFan08sucks says:

    Mariah owns the copyright on flops. She redefined the classification and she sets the standard as the bona fide queen of the flops. No one can make a flop like Mariah.

  9. mikemc says:

    Madfan, how the HELL are you gonna call people like Celine, Thalia, and Mandy REAL artists???? 1. Celine DOESN’T write her own lyrics, sings the same type of music for YEARS, and her sales have also fell drastically over the years. She to is used to selling 10+ million per album, now she is lucky if her albums go double platinum in the US. If your gonna call Mariah or Madonna a flop, then so is Celine. 2. Thalia!!!! WTF!!!! She’s the biggest flop EVER!!!! Her album debuted in the top 10, then fell to like 60-something and just kept falling!!!! She is a HUGE flop, Mariah and Madonna are killing as far as sales. She had to steal Mariah and J.Lo’s image in order to get attention!!! 3. Mandy, a REAL artist!!!! I’m sorry, I like Mandy’s new style and all, but she is not creative at all!!! Her album is just songs from other people!!! And it’s not gonna sell that much either, she isn’t getting any promo and her song isn’t getting played. ***And you call Mariah and Madonna the queen of flops??? Why??? They both sold 5 million copies of their latest albums, Mariah sold about 1.5 million copies of “Charmbracelet” in the US with no radio help, while Madonna has just passed Gold in the US. Yeah they aren’t selling like they used to but either is Celine, Whitney, Ashanti, and even Beyonce!!! Once again, Beyonce is the biggest female of the year and she has had the 2 biggest singles of the year, yet her album just recently passed 2 million??? If this were 3 years ago she would have passed 4 million by now!!! Face it, times are different with music. Now you haters LOVE to call Ms. Carey this big flop, yet she has 5 ALBUMS on the 100 Biggest Selling Albums of All Time List, yes y’all 5 ALBUMS!!! She’s tied with Michael Jackson and is only 1 behind the Beatles. Yeah her remix album debuted at #26, which if you have half a brain you would know that is damn good considering it had no single, no promotion, and Mariah wasn’t even in the country to promote it. Celine Dion will be lucky if her French album gets to #26 considering she’s getting the same amount of promo as Mariah did. And we’ll see how well J.Lo’s EP does when it comes out on November 18 with NO promotion and no single to back it up.

    Oh really?? Let me ask you, how many albums do you have on the 100 Top Selling Albums of All Time?? None, oh really!!! While Mariah has 5, “Mariah Carey”, “Merry Christmas”, “Butterfly”, “Music Box”, and “Daydream” all made the Top 100 list, making her the female with most albums on the listing and tying her with Michael Jackson and only 1 behind the Beatles!!! Let me ask you something else, how many weeks have you been on the #1 spot on Billboard?? None, oh really. Well Mariah has been at the #1 spot on Billboard for over 60 WEEKS!!!! Making her the ONLY artist in HISTORY to achieve this, she’s been at the top more then the Beatles. Let me ask you something else, do you have the longest running #1 hit in history?? No, oh really. Well Mariah’s song “One Sweet Day” is the LONGEST #1 hit in HISTORY, having spent more then 16 weeks at #1. Shall I keep going, or have I played you enough.

  10. jmd55 says:

    I can understand about Madonna being a flop because her sales and hype has gone down drastically but Mariah Carey and especially Britney aren’t flops….even though Britney’s sales have decreased there still more than the majority of other artists and Mariah Carey’s last CD was one of the highest first week sales she’s ever had and I think her tour did good….so yeah this essay is a joke

  11. looker says:

    To Madfan I am no fan of either Britney or Mariah (I do admire her voice however) but you have no business labeling anybody Flop Queen. Now that you have outed yourself as a Celine Dion and Mandy Moore fan you have the credibility of a mentally retarded Walmart worker. I seriously doubt there are many people around here who care what you have to say about anyone’s music. So just go on and listen to the crappy new album from your Canadian man rat idol Celine and that Britney for the trailer park skank Mandy Moore. Shut the hell up.

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