Will Young Blames Christina Aguilera Performance For Chart Loss

The Sun reports Pop Idol winner has blamed Christina Aguilera’s raunchy performance of ‘Dirrty’ on Top Of The Pops for her beating him in the album charts. “My single went straight in at Number Two,” he moaned. “Had it not been for Ms. Aguilera wearing a couple of rubber bands and not much else on Top Of The Pops, it may even have been No1.” Young’s ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ is one of the lowest-selling Children In Need singles ever – shifting a measly 45,000 copies in the first week.

An Awesome Businessman, But Simon Cowell’s Awful To Work For

November 25, 2002 – The Sunday Mirror did a Q&A with Pop Idol Darius Danesh. Asked if he had ever said, `Do you know who I am?’ to anybody, Danesh said, “No, it sounds really arrogant. Being famous doesn’t give you the right to storm about the place. But it’s easier to be a bad person if you’re famous, because sycophants will put up with anything.” As for his thoughts on Simon Cowell, “He’s an awesome businessman, but if I worked with him I would feel soulless and miserable. I don’t understand why he’s so rude about Will Young, one of his own artists.”

Puzzled About What’s Wrong With Smoking

November 18, 2002 – The Mail reports Pop Idol winner Will was spotted puffing on a cigarette in the In And Out Club in London. Asked if – as a singer – he really ought to be smoking, a puzzled Will replied, “Are we not allowed to smoke in here? Or do you mean because of the smoke alarms?”

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