Will Young Says Everyone’s Nice In Stressful U.S.

Brill Bundy of Zap2it.com chatted with several of the ‘American Idol’ finalists as well as the UK counterpart Will Young, the ‘Pop Idol’ winner who is in Los Angeles prepping for his appearance on the show tonight. Will admits, “Everyone’s so nice. I’ve never been to American before. I’ve actually found myself going, ‘Go on, just say something nasty. Tell me to get out of your shop.'” Still, while the British media try to dig up scandal, the U.S. does have its own pressures. “It’s a bit more stressful out here,” he admits. “I think things are a bit more calmer in England.” The full story at zap2it.com has since been removed.

Will Young To Perform On ‘American Idol’ Next Week

August 27, 2002 – The Sun reports Will is set to perform on the live final of ‘American Idol’. Young will fly out to Los Angeles early next week to meet up and rehearse with the American hopefuls. “This is a great move for him,” said a spokesman. “It will be the first time America has seen and heard him live and the biggest audience Will has ever played to.”

Will Young’s Next Track Sees Proceeds Go To Charity

August 22, 2002 – The Sun reports Will’s ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ has been chosen as the theme for this year’s Children In Need. The ‘Pop Idol’ winner penned the track and is giving away all the profits to charity. “I want to release my very first original track at a very special time,” Will said. “I have chosen to do this for Children In Need as I know there is a huge demand for the single, so hopefully I will be able to raise as much money as possible for such a good cause.”

Will Young Deals With Newly Found Fame

August 22, 2002 – Capital FM in London talked with Will, who says the media glare since winning the show isn’t as bad to deal with as many might think. “It’s been alright actually,” he said. “We had a pretty good crash course while we were on the show, and we got used to it more and more as it got bigger. The things that are difficult about the job are the same as with any other job – sometimes you get a bit tired, sometimes you don’t want to get up in the morning and sometimes I don’t have anything to say! Being in the studio for the last two months has been great because it’s been a whole new learning experience, and finishing the album is fantastic.”

Simon Cowell Defends BMG On Garethgate Controversy

July 23, 2002 – Pop Idol judge Simon Cowell responded to the Sun’s demand for answers on Garethgate, which alleges BMG favoritism of the show’s loser Gareth Gates over Will Young. Cowell explained the JXL/Elvis remix deletion which helped Gareth reach #1 saying, “The release of the JXL remix had nothing to do with Will. Elvis was scheduled to fit in with the World Cup. And if Gareth and Elvis had come out in the same week, Gareth would have still got to No1. Gareth sold more records in Week 1 than Elvis.” As for whether either will be launched in America, Mr. Nasty said, “There are no plans at the moment for Gareth or Will in America.”

BMG Mum On Specifics In Garethgate Controversy

July 22, 2002 – The Pop Idol controversy dubbed ‘Garethgate’ reached a new level as BMG refused to answer questions lobbed by 1,000’s of fans that seem the record bosses seem to favor the show’s loser Gareth Gates over winner Will Young. The label said, “We are totally committed to Will Young and have been from the minute he became the nation’s Pop Idol. Will’s career will continue to develop over the next few months with the total backing of BMG.” They wouldn’t address the specific questions though that have fans in an uproar. Read more.

Will Young Sings At Private Bash For Prince Charles

July 16, 2002 – PeopleNews.com reports Will has performed a secret concert for Prince Charles at Highgrove. Charles hosted a party for 200 guests, including Princes William and Harry and Camilla Parker Bowles, on June 28th to raise money for the British Forces Foundation.

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