Will Young, Westlife Attend Mariah Carey Concert

Contributed by SJ:

The Mirror reports Pop Idol champ and members Mark Feehily and Nicky Byrne were on hand to see Mariah Carey’s ‘Charmbracelet World Tour’ concert at the sold-out Wembley Arena in London on Thursday (October 30).

Will Young ‘Leave Right Now’ Video

November 4, 2003 – Will is out with the video for his new single ‘Leave Right Now’, the first release from his forthcoming album ‘Friday’s Child’. Watch it online via YouTube below.

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11 thoughts on “Will Young, Westlife Attend Mariah Carey Concert

  1. SJ says:

    UK fans loved Mariah’s concert in London. Its no wonder why the show got great reviews across the board.

  2. webanging says:

    Who cares about some gays going to see a Fat Boring Hag.

  3. mikemc says:

    Hey webanging, why don’t you go log in under weebongo, your other screen name you loser!!!! If your gonna have 2 screen names, try not to make them pretty much the same thing, it just makes you look retarded and pathetic!!! GO MARIAH!

  4. MariahCareyFreak says:

    I was talking to people last night that didn’t really like Mariah Carey and thinks she needs to stop the screaming and the low singing and sing with all her heart like Christina. They think she is wasting her talent! There mad that she wants to sing with rappers when she could make hits on her own. They said When Mariah starts sing like Mariah again then they will buy her albums and listen to her music. But then I asked them what they though about these people who go on websites and hate on Mariah Carey. They said “That they have the opinion but that is just plain stupid and there Losers! I couldn’t agree more! Just cause you don’t like Mariah don’t mean you have to hate on Mariah! So Haters do what you want but I invited them to come here and they said they would and there going to tell you just how they feel about you’re Hate comments!

  5. SJ says:

    LOL @ MIKEMC… This proves to all of us how dumb HATERS are!

  6. Jays says:

    I’d see Mariah in concert any day…if only she added dates for Australia!! Go Westlife and Will Young for attending the concert!! I bet they loved it. Especially Westlife, having done a duet with her in the past. Westlife RULE!

  7. webanging says:

    Westlife are cheesier and more useless than the New Kids. It’s no surprise that Old Washed Up Hag would do a duet with them. What talentless boyband is next on the hags list.

    You know your career is finished when you do a duet with a boyband that has sold no records in America and is a manufactured piece of crap. Even the Backstreet Boys would call Westlife Puppets.

  8. mariahsbiggestfan says:

    You wish you could sing like a lot of theses boybands. I can see Mariah’s on your mind.

    To all the Mariah fans: it’s good to have haters because that just means that Mariah’s on their mind. I’ve noticed that it’s always the same LOSER that post these negative messages, but that’s okay because it also means that this person has no life.

  9. Jays says:

    Westlife have sold more albums than the Backstreet Boys and Nsync worldwide. Maybe you should do your research and see who have actually been more successful….and who still exists. Westlife have been around longer than both of the other trashy boybands! And FYI, Westlife have sold records in the USA. How can you say that collaborating with a boyband will ruin someones career? I can put up a list of very famous collaborations which solo artists have done with boybands which have actually strengthened both parties concerned. YOU ARE HOPELESS WITH YOUR WEAK INVALID COMMENTS.

  10. monarc20 says:

    Wow that’s cute so Mariah Star’s have been going to Mariah’s Concert’s. This show’s that not only does most of the World love her but so does most of Hollywood.

  11. NJHottie24 says:

    She’s doing awesome on this tour. And read this article: While Mariah Carey’s career has fallen apart in the West – to the point Virgin Records gave her US$49 million to walk away from a recording contract – she obviously still has fans in China. About 80 percent of the 26,000 tickets for her show at the Hongkou Football Stadium on November 12 have been sold, with prices ranging up to 1,600 yuan apiece. Rumors are spreading online that a second show will be added, but organizers wouldn’t confirm those reports yesterday. This must piss some people off. And they just confirmed the taping of her concert in Paris. It’s going to be released on DVD and VHS. Go Mariah!! Keep kicking ass and pissing those haters off. I love it!

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