Willa Ford ‘A Toast To Men’ Video

Willa Ford 'A Toast To Men' single cover

American pop singer Willa Ford’s new video for ‘A Toast to Men’ is out now and is online. The track is from Willa’s upcoming debut album on Lava Records. Watch the video here.

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9 thoughts on “Willa Ford ‘A Toast To Men’ Video

  1. SelenaY143 says:

    This has got to be some prank that Stallion made. Willa Ford…didn’t she pass away like two years ago?

    She’s an old maid now, who’s struggling with her love life, fame and fortune. She deserves it. :)

  2. XTremeKaos says:

    Does she actually have more than like…maybe 10 fans? Seriously. Anyone who likes her has no idea the kind of things she’s said about women or the things she has done. She’s got problems.

  3. Mimi_Red says:

    LOL I am definitely not a fan, I hardly know anything about her, but I would be interested in knowing what she said about women!

  4. XTremeKaos says:

    Mimi Red – Willa has said the dumbest things you can possibly think of. Like, that the main thing women have to offer is their sexuality. That a woman can use her sexuality to gain control of any situation, blah, blah…forgot about having a brain or a good personality, it’s all about sex with Willa. She’s also a very big hypocrite. She’s lied about a lot of really dumb things that people shouldn’t lie about, and she’s in this business for the money and fame. She’s rude to her very few fans in person unless a camera is on her. She’s untalented and a Britney wannabe. She constantly name drops and can’t carry a conversation without doing so. For those reasons, and many more, she is not a good person.

  5. HoneyRain says:

    it’s always about the ladies and never about the men.. she needs to recognize.. is she trying to make a comeback?.. oops.. Never mind. in order to make a comeback you had to have done something to begin with

  6. rachel says:

    I like Willa but my computer is being stupid so I can’t see the video. I don’t remember her saying any of those things about women, that was what was portrayed in “I wanna be bad” video but I never heard her actually say those things. Oh well I thought a lot of teen girls hated on her because she went out with Nick Carter and they were just jealous. She is an okay singer definitely better than Britney.

  7. XTremeKaos says:

    A lot of people think that but it isn’t true. I happen to be a fan of Nick’s, and a lot of people think she’s disliked because they dated. But if I just disliked her because of that, then I wouldn’t have a reason to still feel the same way. If that was the reason, I wouldn’t care anymore. She has said those things about women, and she’s said even more. A lot of people just don’t know what she’s really like, and see what’s on the surface when really she’s just a bad person. lol

  8. millagrrl says:

    I actually was able to meet her when she was here in my hometown. I think she’s one of the most egotistical person out there. She was acting like she’s the biggest thing out there when hardly anybody knew who she was. When I met her, she was talking to me like I was there to kiss the ground she walked on. I seriously said to her, “No sorry, I’m not really here for you” and walked away. She’s a pompous ditz who uses other people’s name as her claim to fame. I can’t respect her as an artist because everything she has done is just a copy of someone else’s work. I can’t respect her as a person because she’s one of the cheapest chick out there: things she has said and done about womanhood takes all feminists back to when women had no rights whatsoever!!!! Sorry to say but she’s a poor excuse for anything. Overall, she’s just one more person that’s corrupting the world, harsh as it may seem.

  9. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Lord…..this video SUCKS!! I thought her others were bad, but this one takes the cake! I can’t wait til she’s gone FOREVER! WHY is she even still sort of around? I HATE Britney, but Willa makes Britney look good.

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