Willa Ford Comments On Jessica, Britney & Christina

Hip Online recently caught up with Willa Ford and asked the singer about how she contrasts with her more successful pop counterparts and Britney Spears. “Right and I’m not into Britney,” Ford said. “She is cool, but I’m not into her flavor. We art totally different artists. She doesn’t create music or a self-proclaimed vocalist. Christina is a singer and writer, but I can pick up an instrument and play it. That is no mystery to people and I have studied classical opera for four years. I just happen to have a certain look and my body looks a certain way and that is what the general public wants to see.” She also weighed in on Jessica Simpson’s ‘Newlyweds’ show. “She thought buffalo wings were from buffaloes. That just isn’t normal,” she said. “The fact that she said it I wondered if she was serious, but she wasn’t kidding. And the chicken of the sea thing. I might have actually wondered if it was chicken salad or tuna salad, but when you taste it, but it’s the fact that when he told her that she was so confused.”

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11 thoughts on “Willa Ford Comments On Jessica, Britney & Christina

  1. Madfan says:

    who the heck is willa ford? what are her songs? what is she???? really.

  2. rangergirl says:

    WOW-Willa Ford must be crazy,mad talented! I must check out her music. LOL

  3. 1stargirl says:

    shes a one hit wonder she had a song called ” I Wanna Be Bad” a few years ago

  4. amielynn says:

    Who is she??? People with no talent always have to comment on Britney and Christina!!! She should be bitc$ slapped!!! She is just coming out and she already has the nerve to bash others!! What a looser

  5. Kizzardkid says:

    Willa doesn’t even come close to Christina or even Britney, yet alone Jessica, even little Mandy. Those girls are waaay ahead of this Tea bag.

  6. hellahooked says:

    LOL Willa, please yes you and Britney are two different artists because Britney is talented whereas your not… Willa is just jealous of Britney.. She even mentioned her in a song called ‘Tired’ or something… how pathetic.

    “Tired of the blondes that look like me Tired of you people saying “Britney” I’m tired of the pop that should flop that should never be on TV And in your teen magazines I’m tired of the I take each day Tryin’ to sing my songs Tryin’ ta do it my way I’m tired of the pop that should flop that should never be on TV And in your teen magazines” LOL it was so obvious she was jealous of Britney, the one hit wonder.

  7. fingJTallnightlong says:

    stupid whore trying to be popular. willa, you ruined any possibility of a successful career by dating fattie carter. you should go ***** slap that poor ugly whore pop*****lover though. she’s *****ing your man since she’s too poor and needs money, that’s what I hear from stallion. o and watch out with elgato, he wants to feel the rolls on him so you might actually have some competition.sadly nick probably wants to give some head. still, this wannabe is trippin Christina can also play instruments and she can sing the ***** out of any song. so the public wants to see your body? damn I want a ***** fight between you and Britney then. selling your ugly masculine body for some popularity. who will win in the end once all the silicone is ripped off and the implants popped?

  8. JuniorGirl04 says:

    She’s not just coming out…she’s a one hit wonder. She’s got a better voice than Britney, but she tries to hard to be “street” etc…and she’s full of herself, before she’s even been successful. Not a good combo…

  9. JuniorGirl04 says:

    What an idiot…she’s had no where NEAR the success of any of these people…in fact she is (and probably is destined to remain) a one-hit wonder. Her voice isn’t that bad, but she really shouldn’t be talking smack when she has done nothing to prove herself. As for her “picking up and instrument and playing it” which is “no mystery to people”…why wouldn’t that be a mystery? That’s not what she was doing when she hit the scene a few years back…she was doing exactly what’s she’s criticizing Britney for.

  10. stallion says:

    What is up with Willa Ford trying to be cool by dissing Britney Spear and saying that I’m all about Christina Aguilera and Pink because people give those two a bad girl rep. Willa Ford lost all respect when she went out with that FAKE NICK CARTER

  11. babyface0192 says:

    willa is someone with no talanted at all in the past she has said ***** about how Christina and Britney dress but then she goes and wears some of the same stuff they do I can’t stand the women

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