Willa Ford – Infinitesimally Black Listed?

Contributed anonymously:

On future VH1 teen shows, Willa Ford will probably be lumped in with Christina Aguilera / Hilary Duff / Britney Spears / Jessica Simpson / Mandy Moore, and seen as the one teen queen who was never able to do very good in any field. Especially because most people speculated she never did well because she came out too late. In a contradiction to this theory, Hilary Duff recently appeared on the pop radar and is now the biggest of the pop princesses in North America. Read on for more insight into the cruel world of pop, which has apparently black listed Willa.

At the end of 2001, Willa was seen a 2nd tier teen queen with Mandy & Jessica. Both of them have since reached A-list status and found themselves more popular than Britney. Christina made her comeback with a bang by releasing a risque music video and posing for adult magazines and became the biggest of them all and reached worldwide mega stardom…A year before she did all that, Willa did the same and got a huge backlash, becoming the most hated person on the planet.

With all that in mind and all the pop queens finding huge megawatt comebacks, it seemed like Willa Ford could safely reach pop stardom. Willa released her second mainstream single at the same time as all this is going on, and while she finally reached critical acclaim. Too bad she failed miserably. Poor Willa.

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