Willa Ford Takes Extended Break From Music

Struggling pop singer , whose only commerical hit was 2000’s “I Wanna Be Bad”, did an interview Jan. 5th in which she dicusses taking a hiatus from music, and focusing on TV and possible film work. She later posted a message on a fan message board to further explain her decision to leave music behind. Read on for her message-

Hey guys,

I’m doing really well! I didn’t mean I’m giving up on music ,its just that its been really difficult to bring it to you the way I’ve always wanted and promised,I’m currently focusing on a tv and film career yes but I am also looking for a new home for my music that would allow me to put out a credible record. Please understand I want it worse than any of you can possibly know, I just realize the better I do in all fields the more likely to get to the point where I can always deliver great tunes.. Its really been bumpy and it’s important that we all stay positive and that I hope even without music you’ll all support my shows,etc.! I wish 2005 to be the year to really make an impact and hope the same for all of you in your ventures!- really miss you all, and hope to be on that stage again soon for ya!……love,willa

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