Willa Ford Talks New Album And Nick’s Breath

Willa Ford called into B96 in Chicago last week and gave an update of what she’s been up to on her new album, which she says has a hip-hop and rock vibe, with a mass sex-appeal to it. Willa was at her boyfriend’s house, who is an athlete, and is over 30, and isn’t a Cowboy. Willa says she hasn’t heard Nick Carter’s debut solo singer ‘Help Me’, but Willa’s mom heard it and like it. Willa said she spoke with her former boyfriend, and they gave her a rough time about the bad breath remarks she gave them on their last interview. Willa said she got in big trouble when she made those remarks, and Nick called and asked why did she say that about him. Audio has since been removed.

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One thought on “Willa Ford Talks New Album And Nick’s Breath

  1. anonymus says:

    No wonder that Nick would be angry with her. Willa ford used Nick, for people to listen to him. Again, this shows that Willa Ford uses every minute to talk about Nick and sell records or whatever. Talent itself is not without other famous person next to never get anywhere in life.

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