Win A 2008 Chevy Tahoe Hybrid From The Jonas Brothers

Jonas Brothers team up with Chevy for a Tahoe Hybrid contestThe are teaming up with Chevy to give fans an opportunity to win a hand-delivered, autographed of copy of the Jonas Brothers’ new CD, ‘A Little Bit Longer’ and a brand new 2008 Chevy Tahoe Hybrid for the winning family.

“So we’ll hand deliver an autograph copy of our new album ‘A Little Bit Longer’ and a brand new Chevy Tahoe Hybrid,” Joe says in the video. “So who knows, maybe we’ll be knocking at your door.”

Watch the promo clip below.

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6 thoughts on “Win A 2008 Chevy Tahoe Hybrid From The Jonas Brothers

  1. Aida says:

    When will the winner be announced because the drawing date was October 10 but still the never announced the winner. How will they tell the winner because they never asked for a phone number on the registration form?

  2. popdirt says:

    They probably have to contact the winner first, make sure they want the prize and the tax implications, and set up publicity before announcing it to the public.

  3. sharon says:

    will they send you the email saying that you’ve won?

  4. bill evans says:

    I think you guys are cool and id like to win a truck

  5. L D Berends says:

    Why is this a brand new car and only a 2008
    Either way I will take it!
    I desperately need this vehicle. Losing my daughter to a drunk driver, then my home and life of 20yrs with my husband and needed in divorce, my car has been wrecked, engine is failing. I need this bigger SUV to hail around all my poster board and cut out of my daughter. I would like to get back into taking her story around again and telling itto teens about drinking and driving! I did have an older 02 Tahoe and was perfect size for this
    But had to see it to pay rent. As we have been near homeless several times. I suffer from PTSD from all the loss an trauma. It helped me very much to tell her story and touch others lives from her life story. If it saves one life somewhere along the way, it is worth the effort to me to continue this volunteer work. It’s kind if a tease ro get an email such as this , leading me to believe I have won such a car when I do so badly need one just like this! I pray everyday that God will provide me with all I need. I also recently list my father, watched him die in hospice, my mom took her life this past Feb 2012.
    It has been hard for me and my last living daughter who is now 21. We fight and struggle each day. We want to continue our work volunteering to help others, I hope this is true and we are going to seriously win this vehicle we so badly need. Thanks for listening
    Laura B

  6. L D Berends says:

    Oops forgot to tell you! How much I admire your band and all you guys do and have done to help others!
    Pay it Foward, if we would all continue this gracious movement the world would become such a better place! I know if I could pay it Foward more I would be doing it all the time! I hope my volunteering and trying to talk to teens about my daughters death helps to pay it Foward!
    Keep up the awesome work guys! Your awesome people!

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