Win An Ass Like Kylie Minogue

Contributed Anonymously:

On the Danish radio station “Voice,” they are running a competition where you can “win an ass like Kylie’s.” As they say: “Some people says that Kylie’s ass has been under the knife. Some says that it is a natural ass.”

TV Host Denies Romance With Kylie’s Ex

May 16, 2002 – Ananova reports Edith Bowman, TV host for channel 4’s Ri:se breakfast show, says she and Kylie’s ex (some reports suggest the two are back together), James Gooding are just “good friends”, disputing reports of a romance between the two. “It’s rubbish. He’s a really good friend of mine and I know Kylie as well. We’re going to see her next Saturday,” she said.

Eating Oysters On-Stage To Boost Energy

May 12, 2002 – A spokesman for confirmed to Ananova that the singer has been eating oysters to boost her on-stage energy, at the suggestion of her voice coach, ex-opera singer Ron Anderson. The spokesman said, “On the last tour, Ron advised her to get a protein fix during the performance by nibbling small pieces of chicken, but it’s quite hard to swallow chicken quickly as it’s so dry, so this time Ron said she should eat oysters during the show.”

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