Witness Describes Britney Spears’ Quickie Wedding

An eyewitness spoke with The Glasgow Daily Record about Britney Spears’ shocking wedding over the weekend to childhood pal Jason Alexander at the Little White Wedding Chapel. “She knew what package she wanted, paid with a credit card and did not seem to be drunk at all,” the witness revealed. “The people there closed the doors and told us that we would have to stay inside as they didn’t want anyone interrupting. She looked so happy. She was dressed down in a trucker hat, ripped jeans and a tiny black crop top. She also had a garter which was given to her by the chapel, on top of her trousers. Her tummy was sticking right out but I don’t think it was from a lot of drinking or eating. Her chauffeur walked her down the aisle and when she got to the end she was nearly in tears. She held on to Jason and they looked like high school sweethearts. The reverend married them in a quick five-minute ceremony. They had none of their own vows and Britney was really quick to say ‘I do’. When they were told they could kiss, they did. They stood there hugging and laughing and holding hands. She then burst into tears but was smiling as she did so. She had her picture taken, which was part of the package. She was also given a T-shirt from the chapel.”

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