Woman Brags To Boyfriend About Romp With Robbie Williams

Heidi Lessau spoke with The People about her amazing night of sex with , and a subsequent call to her boyfriend Sven Martin to brag about the conquest. “I was so excited and on such a high afterwards that I just had to tell everyone I knew,” the 22-year-old German hairdresser explained. “Sven went ballistic. He was fuming. He kept asking me, ‘Why? Why?’ I told him it was my dream. Robbie is my dream man. Sven has always known that. But to be honest I couldn’t care less what Sven thinks. It was the night of all nights. The best hour of my life.” Lessau added that she and the singer “had amazing sex. It was just amazing. We pleased each other and it was pure pleasure. After the sex we lay holding each other. All I could think was I’d just had sex with . THE .” Read more.

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