Woman Claims Nick’s Cheating Caused Breakup With Paris

20-year-old Crystal Soto, a talent agency manager with Actor’s Reps of Los Angeles and NY Inc. tells the National Enquirer she was the cause of Nick Carter’s split with after sleeping with the star. “My friend had passed out when Nick suggested I take a warm bath in his giant sunken tub. He said it would ‘sober me up’,” she revealed. “After I got into the tub Nick came into the bathroom, stripped off his clothes and jumped in the water with me. The next thing I knew he started kissing me and pulling me closer. Before long he took me into his bedroom and we made love.” After leaving a message on his cell phone on July 22nd, Hilton called her back in a rage, though called down after Soto explained that Nick insisted he had broken up with Hilton. “She said she wanted to meet up with me and we exchanged phone numbers,” Soto said. “And that night Nick must have gotten what he deserved, because the next day I heard on the news that Nick and Paris had broken up so that Paris could ‘concentrate on her career’.”

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6 thoughts on “Woman Claims Nick’s Cheating Caused Breakup With Paris

  1. SweetLikeChocolate says:

    National Enquirer = bull. Why all of a sudden Nick is responsible for harassing, beating and sleeping with all women in this world? Sure, he’s no angel, but why blame HIM for everything that happened in this relationship? He wasn’t alone, it takes 2 to make a couple and not only Paris was that other half, but may I remind that she’s the one who started calling nick frantically before they started dating?

  2. Smile says:

    Paris would have told US Weekly and everyone else in the world about this if it had happened. And Paris is the one MUCH more likely to have cheated on him. She has done that before.

  3. BSBFanatic1 says:

    I agree with you. What this girl describes in the National Enquirer sounds like a fan fiction story to me! She just wants to get her 15 minutes of fame, so she has to make this crap up.

  4. popmaster167 says:

    Now the National Enquirer is getting in on the fun as well, lol. I’m not believing in this until its confirmed by something other then a tabloid, especially with the apparent trend in tabloids at the moment in trashing Nick and making him out to be responsible for every single problem on this earth, lol. If it was true, I’m sure Paris would of came out with it before now anyway. That girl by going with recent events would use anything for publicity, lol.

  5. Meggz75 says:

    Funny how all the info against Nick is from tabloids. More bull……… That girl wishes she was that lucky to get with Nick. Her story is probably her fantasy. Whatever….. I hope Nick sues Paris for defamation of character. Someone needs to put that over-hyped b1tch in her place. And yes, I am VERY pissed off by all this crap being said about Nick. And no, I would never hurt the whore myself, I wouldn’t want to dirty myself. She isn’t worth it, she isn’t worth anything. It is women like her that give us nice women out there a bad name.

  6. Jeanie says:

    God damn do you guys believe everything newspapers write. God many dumb people around. Anyone can claim they slept with anyone geez and if nick really beat Paris would you hang out with your abusers kid bro the next day

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