Women’s Stress Expert Weighs In On Britney Spears Marriage

Dr. Georgia Witkin, author and one of the nation’s foremost authorities on women’s stress, was on the Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends on Sunday morning to discuss the shock wedding to Jason Alexander. “I would love to talk to her. I really would,” Witkin said. “The biggest difference between stars who make it sane-wise and those who don’t is the presence of the parent.” Asked what the singer was doing, Witkin opined,”I think she was trying to be a grown-up. You know, instant credibility, she’ll never be lonely again. Look like an adult. This is an old friend. She’ll get publicity. What do I think she needs? She needs a grown-up. I think she needs a grown-up in her life.” As for the support she does get from her mother Lynne, the Doctor said, “A controlling parent is different. Kids want to get away. Find out who they are.” She concluded, “Here’s my diagnosis. My diagnosis it is about loneliness. It is about a quick fix for loneliness that is apparently in the works as an anullment.”

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