World Of Britney Boss Slams Perez Hilton web master Ruben Garay blasted’s Mario Lavandeira for misconstruing the reasons he was shutting down the popular fan site. “The decision behind shutting down the site had NOTHING to do with Britney’s crotch shots and the way you played it this time was outright low,” Garay writes. “It’s simply time for me to move on and the reasons are different from what you claim them to be. I still and will always RESPECT BRITNEY as a human being, we are just choosing to not go on with this site. I was there for you when you asked me for help when you just got started, and this is a blatant disrespect from a fellow webmaster to another. Draw coke lines running down Oprah’s nose for all I care, but don’t put WoB and Britney on the line the way you just did. Sad dude, just sad.”

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