Founder Returns, Offers Explanation

Ruben Garay, the Webmaster/Founder of returned to running the most popular fan site on the internet on Wednesday. Garay will run the operations of the site, while another media company will handle the hosting and advertising.

As for the much publicized incident where Ruben was labeled a crazed fan seeking revenge on Britney during her Stockholm premiere of ‘Crossroads’ – even though he was in California on vacation at the time – Ruben said, “What basically happened was that apparently somebody from Britney’s people or Zomba Records in Sweden decided to make a press statement the day before she came to Sweden basically saying that they believed I was going to be on the premiere to attack or harm her, due to that I had been ‘disappointed’ with her. This whole story was fabricated in order for me to be branded a stalker/lunatic or whatever you want to call it. It was a way for people to get their minds of what I had said and to see me as someone who ended up being some crazy person.”

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