Sold To’s Ruben Garay revealed on his website today that he’s sold the domain to, who will maintain the same name, but Ruben will no longer have anything to do with the site. Ruben also expanded on the story in MSNBC that had Britney Spears’ people calling him a stalker. Read on for his comments.

World of will in the next couple of days undergo some changes. It has now been sold and passed along to The site will be reborn with a completely different team, it will still be called World of but it will have nothing to do with me anymore, so I do not hold myself responsible for any of the “new” content that will be featured on here once takes over. On another note you might have heard on the news about an aggressive stalker from Sweden that was jeopardizing Britney’s security for her trip to Sweden, MSNBC calls this person “R”. It seems as if Britney’s people are extremely mad that I closed down the site and have decided to blacken my name and brand me with some kind of a freak stalker status, fabricating rumors and telling the press things that aren’t true. I am STILL in California on holidays and I would never ever want to hurt Britney like these people are claiming I was planning to do, I still respect her as a human being, people need to understand that I shut down this site because of the reasons stated before and lack of motivation .The rest that you hear about me, it’s all rumors, it’s all lies….don’t believe it. I also want to take the opportunity to thank the thousands of people that have sent me E-mails regarding the shutdown, I have received more support than I could ever have imagined, I am sorry for not being able to respond to all E-mails but rest assured that I have read almost all of them. Once again, thanks for all the support through the last 18 months.

As for, he’s keeping that.

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