World’s Become Orwellian In Moby’s Eyes

posted a message on his official website’s diary on Wednesday. “We were talking at dinner tonight about how the world has, and I write this hopefully without any hyperbole, become an Orwellian place,” the artist wrote. “I guess that we had all assumed that an Orwellian world would be one wherein dissent wasn’t tolerated. Little did we know that in our Orwellian world dissent is tolerated and ignored. The creepiest aspects of our Orwellian world are: A: the medias ability to disregard important issues (genocide in the Sudan, looming environmental crises, widespread voter fraud in the 2004 elections, etc.), while focusing on irrelevant non-issues ([ and Jessica Simpson], David Beckham’s salary and indiscretions, Janet Jackson’s nipple, etc). And B: the public’s complicity in this process (i.e, more Americans watched ‘American Idol’ than the Presidential debates).”

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