Would I Watch The ‘Onyx Hotel Tour’ Concert?

Contributed Anonymously:

Well, at first I would say YES, OF COURSE, DEFINITELY for the simple fact that it’s concert and everyone is sick and tired of hearing that I’m a huge Britney fan. But then the reviews came out and I was like ‘What the hell is that?’. I couldn’t believe that she had actually performed ‘Touch Of My Hand’ in such a nasty way. So I started to think that maybe I didn’t want to go to her concert. I mean, who wants to watch Britney simulating sexual positions onstage? Well, I really really really don’t.

But then, once again I changed my mind. I had the chance of reading the reviews that some of my friends (who went to her first concert) wrote – they made me realize how much Britney means to us and how much we mean to her. Most of her fans have been through what I have. There was a point that most of us would question “Why do we like her so much?’ when Britney herself didn’t seem to care much about her fans, but only with a nice well-produced big show. That was what happened in the ‘Dream Within A Dream Tour’. But this time, this last tour, this last concert (yes, the same in which she bathes onstage) was the only one which she could actually connect to her fans (not with those over-sexualized songs, but with the ballads) and see that no matter what she does we will always be there for, ALWAYS. That doesn’t mean we have to think that nasty dancings onstage are cute – because I really think they are not. But Britney is so much more than ONE performance. Way more than that. We fans know it and that’s why we love her so much.

‘Everytime’ is far from being my favorite song from ‘In The Zone’ but it means so much to her. She wrote it, she sang it, she played it. If I really have the chance of watching ‘The Onyx Hotel’ concert I will. Because when you follow Britney since the beginning, you know that a single performance won’t take away all her magic. She’s wonderful. She’s an outstanding performer. And, YES I WOULD GO TO ‘THE ONYX HOTEL TOUR’ CONCERT.

=> By the way, this is nanda_lo but for some reason I couldn’t log in…

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