Would Jesse McCartney Date Miley Cyrus?

spoke with E! about ‘Hannah Montana’ star Miley Cyrus recently confessing to having a huge crush on the singer, and if he’d date the 15-year-old when she gets a little older. “She needs to be able to drive first before we talk about that,” 21-year-old McCartney said. Jesse also has been impressed with Miley’s recent mainstream radio crossover. “Yeah she’s ripping it up,” McCartney said in response to whether he’s a fan of her music. “I love the first single. I think she surprised all of us of hitting top 40 radio the way she did.” Asked how he’d respond if Miley asked him out, Jesse said, “I’d say, ‘Sure, let’s do this’.”

The interview video has since been removed.

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32 thoughts on “Would Jesse McCartney Date Miley Cyrus?

  1. Sabrina says:

    Cute!! :] They Look awesome Together! I love Miley & Jesse!

  2. Lauren says:

    I love Jesse McCartney more than I think anyone but I’m angry because that’s illegal and she’s only 15 its kinda gross =[[

  3. Jennifer says:

    eww Jesse is WAY too good for her he’s amazing and she’s ick. she’s only 15!!! Gosh, Miley SUCKS!!!!

    when will she learn no one likes her?

  4. Maura says:

    I guess if that’s what makes him happy then he should go for it. I’m a BIG an of both of them so… yeah. I would prefer if Jesse dated me tho… lol. Love Jesse!

  5. brittany says:

    omg that’s totally wrong I mean come on now, she’s way too young for him, and I heard that Miley and the dude name moose from step up 2 were dating. come on Jesse don’t be one of those people who is gonna get into trouble for hitting on little girls. That’s not even like you, you should date in your own age, not some little pop fake singer

  6. prudance says:

    wth? Miley is not that cute and she is not the right one for Jesse anyway they’ll end up not together cause they’ll never have straight lives but that doesn’t mean that they look great on each other .
    I mean Jesse and Miley !!!!! he deserves better

  7. lucy says:

    Miley is growing up way too fast and maybe that is why he is ‘crushing’ on her.
    she is way too young anyway, is it even legal yet?
    what are you going Jesse?!

  8. vanessa says:

    hey Miley Cyrus is awesome and so is Jesse

  9. Katie says:

    I think Miley is too young for Jesse, but if that’s what he wants, what the heck? I think he should wait till she’s older though. I can’t really picture them together, but if they really like each other I guess it’s okay. By the way, I love Jesse & Miley!

  10. leo says:

    Ewwww!!! Miley don’t deserve Jesse.. Jesse is way too good for Miley.. Hey Miley!! Better stick with another boy that same age as yours.. Jesse is mine!! LurveJesse4eva (>.<,) Mmuaahhhhxxxx!!!!

  11. Jennifer says:

    I’m 15, and I would date him, but Miley Cyrus is way beyond nasty! How he could he say he would date her, that’s wow. Eww just eww

  12. bernice says:

    well I think they look ok but not cute together, but I think I want Jesse for myself…….

  13. beth says:

    Jesse is so hot I think he should go out with Miley

  14. norway2712 says:

    oh my Jesse . I love you , I need you , I want you :)

  15. tori says:

    well her dad let her date Justin Gaston what is the matter with Jesse McCartney he’s cuter and he knows how to sing act and dance but maybe Justin has a better attitude cause if she’s deciding on the looks go ahead and pick Jesse McCartney

  16. Patty says:

    they should go out they rock Jesley rocks forever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. vanessa says:

    Jesse is way too cute for Miley. Miley is an a**. she is nasty she could suck a d***.

  18. fami LUv Jesse 4 life says:


  19. jamie says:



  20. Hella says:

    I think Jessy and Miley must go out like an must. They look so cute together. IF the like each other , why not?

    GO FOR IT!!!

  21. emily says:

    no no way he is very sweet and he is love me

    Jesse McCartney I love you from kas

  22. Ted says:

    I’m really a huge fan of JMac and I don’t think he should! I mean, come on dude. . .Miley Cyrus???i don’t think this issue is serious(it’s like a big joke!). If this happens, the King dating a total big LOSER!!!Jesse would lose 50% of his fans. Jesse better think of other stuff rather that date with Miley!(wait, I think I’m gonna VOMIT!!!this is really GROSS!!!)

  23. tolina says:

    yeah right Jesse Mac is so so much better thin that gross Miley no way it’s a big joke I mean come on

  24. idva says:

    well, if he wants to then why not?! And she is now 17! Besides did he ask you if they should date or not?! He just said he had a crush on her! I am a HUGE fan of both of them!! (and they would look cute together!)

  25. loula says:

    No way who the hell Miley think herself e ha and Jesse is so much batter Miley why you don’t go and date some one in your age like Nick he is so in love with you and Jesse what are you thinking about dude

  26. Tyler says:

    Wow never knew that Jesse had feelings for Miley Cyrus.But wait isn’t that like CHILD ABUSE. 21 year old Jesse and 15 year old Miley. gag gag gag throw up

  27. Tyler says:

    Ohhh and ps none of you guys can spell than isn’t spelled like that look it up

  28. c'my says:

    ahmmmm..i love them both….hehehehe——

  29. joshua says:

    I wonder if Jesse McCartney had ever sex.

  30. leden says:

    will,,,definitely, I like them both. If they like each other why not,,, just go for it Jess and Miles,,, nobody can dictate both of you, whom you will gonna be dating for,,, you are both awesome,,,,,love both of you forever,,,,,

  31. Clarissa says:

    I think they both will look so cute…
    but,I think it’s better if Jesse chooses the best way for him..
    because..ya it’s the best way..we can’t judge like this…

  32. Nessa Boo says:

    I’m a 100% Jesse Macartney Fan & If Jesse Decided to he Could, It’s his life & Fan;s should e their no matter what, Who cares who he Dates, It’s his Love Life. Get Ova Itt. [; And Stop the Hatee. I honestly think that Miley and Jesse would be okaii, But Jesse has a Big Career ahead of him and just see where it goes. And thank to Gawdd It never Happened, <3
    Vanessa Marie B. Luhhv Chu Jesse(:

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