Wouldn’t It Be Great?

Contributed Anonymously:

Wouldn’t it be great if the fans and haters of different artists tolerate each others different tastes in music, and respect each others opinions even though they many not necessarily agree with them? Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case here at popdirt.com. When looking at the majority of comments on stories for all these pop singers, especially for and Britney Spears, they are just verbal tennis matches people have with one another, defending/condemning the pop singers. Britney fans who pay out Christina and her fans are just as bad Christina fans who pay out Britney and her fans. People who write essays supportive of Britney and condemning Christina are just as biased as people who write essays supportive of Christina and condemning Britney. And this is the same case for die-hard fans of other singers, who hold nothing but contempt for their so-called “rivals”.

Yes, wouldn’t it be great if fans/haters of all singers realize that there is no point in trying to convince a Britney fan that Britney is manufactured, or Christina acts like a porn star, because, they won’t change their minds. It would be great if people can tolerate and respect one another in terms of their taste in music and their favorite singers. It would be great if people stopped composing heavily biased essays full of hatred for one singer or another, or attempting to write a peace-keeper essay and at the end, doing the exact opposite they say. It would be great if this would be the essay to stop all essays, but alas, it would only be so in a perfect world.

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