Xtina Vs. Britney Vs. J.Lo Vs. Mariah Vs. Paris Hilton

Contributed anonymously:

Since everybody seems to love essays so much, I decided to write an essay to compare all these artists to one another.

Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears: First of all, when it comes to talent, it all comes down to J.Lo. When it comes down to simply entertainment, it all comes down to Britney. Even though I think Britney is an okay dancer, I wouldn’t go so far to say that she’s talented at it. It’s not like she dances like Jennifer Lopez, that woman knows how to dance for real, while Britney just does robotic dance moves along with the same typical Backstreet Boys / *NSYNC, or boy band, arm movements that look more like she’s trying to workout than dance. And all she does is show some stomach and shakes her hips, now how is that really dancing when it’s so robotic? And second of all, she’s taught how to do them. What point is it to call Britney a talented dancer over somebody who actually dances without being trained for years and years of how to do it just right. Dancing is supposed to be free and natural, not robotic and boring. And J.Lo, she’s a great actress, but I think her music is nothing to brag about either. How many songs does she need to sing about how real she is? If she’s real she doesn’t need to sing about it. The more she does that the more it seems as if she’s trying to convince herself that she’s real. And as for her singing, well, it’s great for dance tracks, but her vocal range is very limited. But all in all, even though I think both Britney and J.Lo are overrated, I think J.Lo is far more talented than Britney. J.Lo seems to be more down to earth, while Britney just seems way too fake and seems to always want to prove something about her image. Why can’t she just be herself and stop griping about it? But I think Britney will make a good mother, better than J.Lo.

Christina Aguilera vs. Mariah Carey: not much to say, they both have spectacular voices. Both of their voices have different ranges, but all in all, those women can sing!

vs. J.Lo: Paris seems to have more going on than J.Lo. Paris has a clothing line, panties line, purse line, and doggy clothes line. And she’s also going to be an actress, and she’s an author and TV show star too. J.Lo is the better actress though. But J.Lo is kind of boring next to Paris. J.Lo tries too hard to prove how real she is, while Paris just shows it without talking about it so much. So yeah, I think Paris is just better than J.Lo.

Britney vs. Christina: I am sick of talking about this, but yeah, all I all, when it comes to entertainment and album sales, Britney is better (because she released more albums) while Christina is better at singing. Enough said, can we please move on from them?

Britney vs. Mariah: No competition.

Christina vs. J.Lo: Christina can sing way better than J.Lo. And Christina is just more raw and edgy, where J.Lo seems to act fake sometimes, and seems to always act as if she should be the victim when she has hurt people more than they have hurt them.

So who do you think is better in comparisons? Christina vs. Mariah? J.Lo vs. Paris? Christina vs. J.Lo? Britney vs. Mariah?

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2 thoughts on “Xtina Vs. Britney Vs. J.Lo Vs. Mariah Vs. Paris Hilton

  1. gg says:

    well I very agree that Britney was better mom than j.lo but it hurt to get to know that you think brit.. robot…u kiding me.for me, if we compare at look BRITNEY have baby face n so natural beauty.PARIS is ugly n diva..MARIAH hmm..sometime hot but doesn’t have natural look.J.LO look sexy,XTINA…ok1!!paris was bad ACTOR!!!look at “house of wax”…well sound already know that I love Britney better than any one

  2. bs says:

    i think in terms of vocal talent britney WINS, brit can project her voice in diffrent ways, i mean not autotune, but britney can really sing differently by techniques, e.g. Break The Ice. you can barely hear jlo sings this way, jlo’s vocal range is absolutely limited, listen to her recent hits, you can know how similar the pitch/tone of her records are.

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