Yes, Another Britney Spears Vs. Christina Aguilera Argument

Contributed anonymously:

Hey guys, I understand that you are tired of these useless essays, but I feel I should express my opinion. I am Christina Aguilera fan; I don’t really care about Britney Spears. But we got to give her some credit at least for dancing. Not all of us even with a lot of practice could dance like she does. Dancing is also a talent. I mean, I would never be able to dance like Britney does. I tried. On the other hand Britney lip-synchs when she shouldn’t; I think that she should focus more on her singing than her dancing because after all, she is considered to be a SINGER not a DANCER. But let’s give her credit at least for excellent dancing. And her shows are also amazing. She’s a good entertainer. Who else dances as good as her? I can name a few like Janet Jackson, and of *NSYNC. And all of them lack strong vocals, I guess that’s why they rely on their dancing this much. I am not sure if Janet lip-synchs though.

Christina is a diva; her voice is just a gift from god. And she is respected for that. For those of you who say that she doesn’t dance while singing -check your vision. I’ve been on her concert and she definitely dances and sings live. Maybe not as good as Britney. But people don’t expect her to dance, they want her to sing and her voice is the main reason why people go to her concerts.

I think they both deserve a credit for different things, and props to them both for staying in show business for so long. It’s not that easy to put up with all media crap and be on the spotlight every day. And I am sure Britney and Christina will stay with us for a long time.

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2 thoughts on “Yes, Another Britney Spears Vs. Christina Aguilera Argument

  1. KW says:

    Britney deserves credit for her singing. And she DOESN’T get that. She could sing live and dance at her shows, but then she’d sound horrible because you can dance hard like she does and then not sing bad. I wish she would sing in her true, strong voice and let all the haters have it.

  2. irene taylor says:

    i would love for someone to give me a point of reference to justify anyone with 20/20 vision claiming that Britney can dance as well as Janet Jackson or Justin Timberlake. to call that an insult would be a downplay of the biggest degree. I’ve never even seen a performance where her dancing comes close to even Christina’s. check out Christina’s dancing in the ‘Dirrty’ or ‘Candyman’ videos. I’ve seen some of Britney’s ‘circus’ concert footage & all I see is her climbing in & out of stage contraptions, flipping her hair & clopping around the stage in a daze. I give credit where it’s due. her singing is so-so but she gets NO CREDIT from me as a dancer.

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