You Guys Need To Relax

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I understand to a certain extent the comparisons of to Christina Aguilera. They are similar, yet each have their individual talents and die hard fans which can occasionally make for an interesting discussion, or argument. I also understand the ever present fan rivalries between rap stars. From 2Pac and Biggie to Ja Rule and 50 Cent, they too have things to say, real messages and real talent.

But what the hell is up with the comparisons and fierce arguments between boy band fans. Sure some songs from the or can be quite entertaining and fun to dance to, but how could anyone care about one boy band enough to actually get so aggressive towards fans of another. I mean they rarely write their own songs, they sing about little else than songs of love or sex, they do not have the best voices in the world; they are essentially just products to be marketed. The only real requirements to be in a boy band is that you have an individual look and style and that you are willing to be the record company’s puppet. How can you take fairies like Justin or Nick seriously?

And if you do then why compare them? It’s not like they have ever initiated a rivalry, it’s all in their teenybopper obsessed fans heads. Are you too blind to see that they are essentially the same person?

You guys need to relax and just enjoy the music.

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