Young Engaged Singer Has Lesbian Lover On The Side

A blind item in The New York Daily News asks, “Which young singer has a lesbian lover in Miami she shows no sign of giving up now that she’s engaged to be married?”

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9 thoughts on “Young Engaged Singer Has Lesbian Lover On The Side

  1. astrange1 says:

    Pink or Christina? Pink or Christina? Pink or Christina? How about both and they’re each other’s secret lesbo love!! I love happy endings.

  2. lilbrookiie says:

    Christina definitely. shes always going lesbian clubs

  3. joshy420 says:

    I thought Christina right away, but it could VERY easily be pink. awww how sweet :)

  4. Stacee says:

    It says young singer, I immediately thought Avril…’, ‘But would Pink and Christina still be considered young in the New York Daily News? I guess it could be all three of them together.

  5. popstar says:

    yea, nothing sweeter than cheating on the one you love *sarcasm*

  6. melikkab says:

    Christina was the first name that popped in my head after I read this post.

  7. ihatehilary says:

    I’d say Hilary, but I didn’t see any Joel and Hilary stories today, least of all any engagement stories. did he propose to her at the VMA’s afterall, astrange1?

  8. RPL10991 says:

    Floptina has been out at gay bars for months making out with woman and *****ing Madonna. Hope monkey boy doesn’t find out.

  9. lilbrookiie says:

    yes it does. it makes her more of a suspicion than anyone else

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