Young Singer Will Do Anything For A Freebie

A blind item in the Sunday Mirror asks, “Which young singer might be worth millions but she and her hanger-on boyfriend will do anything to blag a freebie. The lady in question has driven one poor designer potty. She gets her minions to call the designer up most days demanding free clothes. Buy your own, love!”

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4 thoughts on “Young Singer Will Do Anything For A Freebie

  1. ballersfantasy says:


  2. tanyatb says:

    I guessed Pink too.

  3. nomorebrit says:

    Both Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez like their freebies but BS doesn’t have a boyfriend and J.Lo isn’t young. Got me?

  4. Julie816 says:

    It’s Christina because she has a “hanger-on” boyfriend who isn’t a celeb. I know it’s not Pink because he doesn’t hang on her every second like Christina’s bf. Also, Christina is always on the worst dress list and going to even like Playstation to get freebie. I guess Christina is a free loader like her wh8re of a mother.

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